Baguio Itinerary for First-timers and some

A friend wrote me, asking for travel tips for baguio:

Hello Edwin,
My parents are visiting next month and we are planning a 3D/2N trip to Baguio. We are looking for places to stay, preferably yung mga house for rent since there will be 6 of us. In case may alam ka na reasonably priced, please inform us. Tsaka proposed itinerary na rin, hehe. Ang dami kse ng parks and we want to narrow it down to the must-sees. Thanks!

Here’s sharing an itinerary from the top of my head. Hope this works for others visiting Baguio! Do add your own tips. 😉

Tam-Awan Village, Baguio

The Basics:
City Center:
* Burnham Park – go boating, ride a bike, stroll, buy souvenirs from street vendors; See the orchidarium with the pretty flowers/plants
* Session Road – walk, feel the city vibe; Try some of the local restaurants (Oh my Gulay)
* Baguio Cathedral – At the heart of the city
* SM Baguio – Go to the view deck, see the city in afternoon or evening – nice view.
* Market – buy your pasalubongs on the last day
* Ukay-ukay! – nuf said

Off-center (1-3 kms out)
* Lourdes Grotto – A classic. See your grandparent’s old “ekskarsyon” photos in Baguio and you’ll see the Lourdes Grotto. Drive up the hill, say a prayer at the grotto, then walk down and count the hundreds of steps. (btw, it’s a ten minute drive to Tam-Awan Village)
* Cafe by the Ruins – quaint cafe across the Baguio City Hall
* O Mai Khan – mongolian barbecue, mix your own dinner; Sizzling plate – steaks, sizzling dishes

Mines View Area:
* Mines View – the classic “view”, lots of photo opportunities with the view, the horses, the manangs/manongs, the dressed up flower booths. Souvenir shopping galore.
* Good Shepherd – buy some of the most sought-after ube jam and other food products
* The Mansion – Official Presidential Residence in Baguio; Photo ops only, no sleeping over.
* Wright Park – Horse Back-riding
* Botanical Garden – pose with the manongs/manangs, see the flowers abloom (sometimes)
* Pink Sisters – Quaint church; Get their delicious angel wing cookies, guess what they’re made of. Catch the Pink Sisters singing their prayers.

The Posh Greens of Baguio:
* John Hay – picnic grounds, food stalls, paintball, zipline, rapelling, skating, biking, hiking, butterfly farm. Visit the Manor, if only to see the garden beyond the hotel lobby.
* PMA – For a good chance of seeing cadets marching in formation, go there by 11am before the cadets march to their mess hall for lunch. Photos with military relics, photos with the cadets, a visitor’s center.

Artist’s hub:
* Tam-awan Village – Genuine Ifugao huts brought to the city. An artist’s haven, visit their galleries. Get a caricature or portrait at a very good price. Drink some coffee. Catch the dance troupe on saturdays (Cordillera Dances at Tam-Awan Village, Baguio)
* Arko ni Apo – Right across Tam-awan Village, find a metal-works/wood-works art gallery by Benhur and Boom Villanueva. If you’re lucky, you might catch the artists at work, chat with them.

Advanced (a full-day!):
La Trinidad and more
* Strawberry Farms of La Trinidad — take a 30-45 minute ride to La Trinidad, go to the strawberry farms, pick strawberries for a fee. Try the strawberry wine
* Narda’s — a world-renowned exporter of woven textiles, their main branch is in Trinidad; (They have a branch near Victory Liner Bus station at the city center).
* Bell Tower – Buddhist temple, manicured garden, fountain. So zen.

* Easter School weaving – traditional cordilleran weaving. go straight to their weaving showroom where there are more than a dozen weavers at work. Chat with them, see how ingenious (and meticulous) weaving is! Once you’ve seen how they weave, THEN you come back up to see the end products — you’ll appreciate the end products more.
* (Tam-awan village is ten-minutes from Easter School by taxi or private vehicle)

Night life:
* Session road – various folk/R&B live music and bars, Videoke; Jazz bar between Session and UB; Various bars at La Azotea, maybe even a concert at Vocas.
* Legarda – Kaffe klatch for great acoustic music! Gilligans, 18BC and other bars
* Nevada Square – clubbing, rockers, lounging, alcohol

Tips on using the above destination ideas:
a.) For first timers, cover the basics first.
Morning: Tour the Mines view area.
Afternoon, go around the city center. End with coffee or dinner at Ruins, O Mai Khan, Session or nearby restos
b.) For second timers or for the second day of a first timer, Visit the Posh Greens.
Start in the morning with PMA which is farther from the city. Ordinary lunch at the cafeteria (or make your way back to John Hay for lunch).
Afternoon, come back towards the city to John Hay (30 mins drive between PMA-John Hay). Spend the afternoon in John Hay, have some light snacks or coffee at the commissary or the filling station.
c.) Third day:
Do the Advanced itinerary (Start with farthest = strawberry farm) + the artist’s hub.
From Artist’s hub, you could proceed to Lourdes Grotto + Off-center (Cafe by the Ruins) to wind down the afternoon.

* This itinerary is light for a small group who’ll just go for picture taking without the activities.
* It’s a packed itinerary for a big group (a big group is slower going through the itinerary) or a group that will do the many activities available.
* Mix and match according to available time or preferred activities.
* The destination groups are within the same vicinity or route.
* Except for the city-center destination group, the destinations are arranged from farthest from city center going back towards the city center.

* Don’t bother driving around and wasting time searching for parking. Park then walk the city center, all within a 1.5km radius. If tired, get a taxi, city center is all within Php40 (de-metro).
* Off-center and MinesView area can be managed by taxi hired from point-to-point.
* For Posh Greens and Advanced (La Trinidad and more), it’s best to take private vehicle or day-hired-taxi. Commuting will add 15-45 mins each time you have to wait for a jeep/taxi.

* Baguio Hotels
* Book ahead, you don’t want to worry about accommodations. (sorry, I don’t have referrals in this department).
* If getting a transient house, ask how long it takes to drive to session road. If it’s more than 15 minutes, you’re far outside the city center.

Last tip: Lighten up! You’re with family and/or friends. Enjoy the travel time!

Enjoy your summer trip!

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bagyo boy
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  • been to baguio…love it……

  • Daisy

    Hi there!!!

    I really need your advices…
    Me and me friends are planning to go to Manila and Baguio…
    Can u help me fix an iterinary where we can save time and convenient for us to travel…My problem here, going to Baguio takes much of our time. We will arrive in Manila by July 21, 2011 and will go back to Cebu at July 24th noon.We want to go to Enchanted Kingdom and hopefully can tour around Manila…
    Can u help me think where should we go first place?next?last?
    If u can recommend cheaper and nice places to stay in Manila and Baguio, it would be very helpful…Hope to hear from you soon guys…


  • magkanu na po rate sa Benguet Pine Tourist Inn ngayun??

  • I just blogged about our lovely trip to Baguio today. You can read it here:


  • jaz


    Just a simple correction regarding La Trinidad Bell tower. It’s actually called Bell Church and it is a Taoist temple not buddhist. fyi 🙂

  • Jay

    Hello! Do you happen to know the best time to see strawberries and flowers in La Trinidad? Thanks.

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  • Baguio, Benguet, Pangasinan and Tarlac Tour
    April 25 to April 27, 2008

    Organized by Philippine Orchid Society, This trip will cover the four provinces north of Manila. The participants will be immense with anthropological, architectural, artistic, botanical, culinary, educational, entrepreneurial, farm production, photography, spiritual and wellness experiences that will surely be much anticipated for!


    25 April (Friday) -4 :00 am to 5 am Assembly point (MSBF)
    – 5 :00 am leave for Baguio
    – 6: 00 am breakfast at Mc Donald,
    Capas (KKB)
    – 7:00 am leave Capas to Baguio
    – 12 00 nn (ETA)-Arrive & Check–in
    Benguet Pine
    Lunch – hosted by POS
    1:00PM -Maryknoll Ecological Sanctuary /BurnhamPark /Botanical Garden/ Mines View Park, Orchidarium
    6:00 PM -Dinner (SM City Baguio) KKB
    8:00 PM -Back to Hotel

    26 April (Sat.) 6:00 AM -Breakfast at the
    7:00 AM -Benguet State University
    – Food Processing Center
    – Benguet Orchidarium Greenhouse
    – Strawberry farm
    – Camp Dangwa (optional, if time allows)
    – Bahung (optional, if time allows)

    12:00 NN -Lunch at Tam- Awan Village (POS)

    1:00 PM – Tam-Awan Village Tour

    3:00 PM – King Louis Flowers & Plants

    6:00 pm – Dinner (Barbecue area – Burnham Park)
    Kanya Kanya Bayad (KKB)

    27 April (Sun) 6:00 AM- Breakfast and check-out
    7:00 Am Visit Baguio Cathedral
    8 :00 Am Baguio City Market
    10:30 AM Pink Sisters
    11:30-Lunch at 50’s Diners (KKB)
    1:00 PM Leave for Pangasinan
    2:30 PM – Villasis Market, Pangasinan
    3:30 PM – Leave for Tacsiyapo , Tarlac
    6 :00 PM – Dinner at Tacsiyapo (KKB)
    8: 00 PM – ETA in Manila

    • Aircon bus from pick-up points (MSBF) to Baguio and back to Manila (3 days)
    • Accommodation: Room: (4 pax in a room & eight pax in room) with cable TV & Bath.
    . 2 days/2nights at Benguet Pine Tourist Inn
    • Daily breakfast
    • Lectures and Demonstrations in King Louis Flower Farm
    • 2 Lunch (Arrival & Tam-Awan Village)
    • Tour guide in Tam-Awan Village and other places
    • Entrance Fees

    Package rate:
    Member: Php4, 200.00 – a discount of Php200.00 before April 12, 2008.
    Non-member: Php4, 700.00 – a discount of Php200.00 before April 12, 2008.

    Deadline of full payment: April 12, 2008
    *Note: All prices are subject to change after April 12, 2008.

    o Single occupancy – additional Php2,000.00
    o Twin/Double occupancy – additional Php1,000.00

    For more details please contact telephone number 929.4424 or 9265061 or mobile phone number 09178485458 or email [email protected]

  • Baguio, Benguet, Pangasinan and Tarlac Tour
    April 25 to April 27, 2008

    Organized by Philippine Orchid Society, This trip will cover the four provinces north of Manila. The participants will be immense with anthropological, architectural, artistic, botanical, culinary, educational, entrepreneurial, farm production, photography, spiritual and wellness experiences that will surely be much anticipated for!

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