Balay Indang, Bed & Breakfast in Cavite

Balay Indang is a quiet and secluded bed and breakfast inn as well as a regular retreat house inconspicuously located in Indang, Cavite. The best way to get there is to follow the Tagaytay route, straight thru the town of Mendez and into Indang. Most people will miss it as there are no signs outside the gate except for the numbers 88.

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The place is like a garden in a farm with several small houses peppered across a hectare of lot. There are several cabanas and cottages within pockets of garden as well as a swimming pool with a recreation or yoga area.

The rooms are spacious — some with air conditioning while others have ceiling fans. You won’t be needing them anyway as it’s always chilly there and the breeze just creeps right thru the window. An old and rustic design with Bali and Chinese influence completes the entire package.

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Meal are served 5 times a day — breakfast, morning snacks, lunch, afternoon snacks and dinner. That, plus the accommodations and facilities will set you back Php2,000 per head each night. Not bad for some real peace and quite.

chicken adobo vegetable salad
stuffed chicken fish lumpia
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Meals usually starts with a green salad or soup, with fresh ingredient from their own garden. That’s usually followed by the main dish of either fish, a stuffed roast chicken, adobo or their special embutido which is to die for.

At night, it really gets cold and between 5pm to 7pm, tons of mosquitoes would go out and try to take a sip off of you. You can stay indoors or hang out at the cabana beside the pool for some recreation after dinner. In contrast to city living, people here sleep very early in the evening; sometimes as early 9PM.

Note: You can call Marge Tan of Balay Indang at 09178665825 if you want to book a week-end. Discounts for children available.

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