Touring Ilocos Without a Car Part 6: Going to Vigan from Laoag

On our third day in Laoag, we took a trip south to Vigan City, the capital of Ilocos Sur. We only planned to visit Calle Crisologo and Baluarte to save time.

After a quick breakfast at Balay da Blas, we took a trike and left for the Bus Terminal going to Vigan. I forgot the name of the bus but it’s only an ordinary one (non-airconditioned) and the fare was Php100 each. The ride lasted for 2 and 1/2 hours with some short stops picking up passengers by the road.

TIP: If you could spare Php20 more for your fare, I would suggest riding an air-conditioned bus like PARTAS. The seats are more comfy, they don’t stop to wait for passengers, and you don’t have to take in the scent of burning leaves by the roadside every few minutes.

We got off at the Vigan City Hall and asked directions from the traffic cops on how to get to Calle Crisologo. From the city hall, Calle Crisologo is about 3 blocks away so we just traveled there by foot.

First thing we saw is Plaza Burgos which is some sort of mini Rizal Park complete with a little statue of Jose Rizal in the middle. You can also see a lot of calesas for hire parked here. We did not hire one since we don’t plan on seeing the whole of Vigan and the ride is expensive for our budget.

Plaza Burgos

Beside the park is St. Paul’s Cathedral or what is commonly known as Vigan Cathedral. Just like St. William’s Cathedral in Laoag, this church is old but you wouldn’t recognize it since it is regularly maintained giving it a freshly painted look.

Vigan Cathedral with locals included

On one side of Plaza Burgos is the street leading to Calle Crisologo. You could easily see the statue of Leona Florentino, the famous Ilocana poet, satirist and playright during the Spanish Period, in front of the first Max’s Restaurant.

Tourist info center on the left, Cafe Leona on the right

TIP: If you are new to Vigan, you could head straight to the Ilocos Sur Tourist Information center and ask for a brochure as well as directions and other things. It is situated at the start of Crisologo St. besides Cafe Leona.

You can also see the Ilocos Sur Tourist Information center near the statue. We went there first to grab a brochure of Ilocos Sur and ask questions regarding other places to visit and transportation fares as well. The information guy is friendly and very helpful. Besides the information center is Cafe Leona which is a very nice place to eat. They serve huge servings of Filipino and Italian food at a decent price. Make sure to try their iced tea!


Calle Crisologo or Crisologo St. is a 4-block street with cobblestone pavement lined with souvenirs and antique shops. No vehicles are allowed (only calesas) on the street except for the intersections. So if you’re going to take a nice photo of the street, make sure there are no cars, scooters, motorcycles passing through the intersections. We spent a great deal of time here to buy souvenirs for our friends and family.

Afterwards, it’s time to go to Baluarte, the home and mini zoo of Chavit Singson. We took a trike for Php40 after haggling it down from Php60 and it took us around 20 minutes to get there and there’s no entrance fee.

Calle Crisologo


When you first step into Baluarte, you could see ostriches around the lobby and information area. Yup, they’re not fenced! There are also little horses with small carriages on them that you can ride for free to tour you around the place. I won’t be writing about what I saw at the zoo since that will sound like an elementary school paper but one thing’s for sure, the little ponies have huge dongs. Hehehe.

TIP: Do not stay late at Baluarte if you don’t plan on bringing your own vehicle. I don’t think the tricycle drivers waits there all day long.

We finished at around 3pm and luckily there are still lots of tricycles outside Baluarte to take us back to the city. Price is still Php40 but originally the driver’s asking for Php50. Anyway, we asked the driver to drop us off at the PARTAS bus terminal going toback to Laoag.

The bus is air-conditioned and Php20 more expensive but it’s more spacious and the seats are well-cushioned. We arrived at Laoag at around 5 PM and went back to our suite.


  • Ordinary Bus from Laoag to Vigan – Php 100
  • Tricycle travelling to and from Baluarte – Php 40-50
  • Air-conditioned Bus from Vigan to Laoag (PARTAS) – Php 121.00

For dinner, we ate at C&E Pizzeria and tried their Bagnet Pizza. Mmmm. I strongly suggest that you try it yourself. We just packed our things and pasalubongs in the evening for our flight tomorrow noon.

The day after, we arrived at the airport 1 hour before our flight which is 12 noon but found out that it was delayed for 3 hours. Hayyy Cebu Pacific talaga.

This concludes the series of our Ilocos Tour. I hope you find it helpful in planning your trip to Ilocos. It’s a must-visit place here in the Philippines!


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If you have any questions/suggestions/corrections, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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  • lani

    thank you so much for this blog/article, it is TRULY HELPFUL! Godbless

  • lani

    thank you so much for this blog/article, it is TRULY HELPFUL! Godbless

  • @lakadko

    it will be definitely Vigan in my next backpacking trip… Thanks for the blog!

  • Harold

    If I just want to go to vigan does 15k for two person is it enough?

  • mai

    Hi! your blog is truly helpful since we are planning to visit Ilocos this month. I hope you will continue blogging on your visited places. Thanks!!

  • Paula

    I wonder if 3 days is okay to tour around laoag, vigan and pagudpud? Will be there on October 3 8pm via cebu pac.

    • it’s possible but you’ll be on the road most of the time.

  • Michael Tadena

    We have arranged our accommodation with Hotel in Laoag City and they said that they can offer 2500/day car rental with a driver for our Pagudpud tour (excluding gas expense)and 1500/day for Laoag City tour.

    I find the offer very expensive.

    I was thinking if we can just ride a jeep/bus to Pagudpud, have a day tour at a resort then hire a trike to take us around Pagudpud up to Bangui. Then travel again by Jeep/Bus to Burgos Town and trike our way up to the Bojeador lighthouse. Then go back to Hotel by bus en route to Laoag City.

    For Paoay/Batac/Vigan Tour, take the Jeep/Bus and jump from each town and go back to Hotel at the end of the day.

    My question here Calvin, is it more expensive to accept the tour arrangement of our hotel for 4000/day excluding gas (Pagudpud&Laoag) or let ourselves enjoy the adventure of jumping each town by Jeep/Bus??

    I am pressured right now because this is supposed to be a surprise for my loved one and I am not planning to reveal the surprise until the day we’re going to leave. This will be a 3rd anniversary gift.

    I am hoping that you can help us with this and it will be highly appreciated.

  • Hi Calvin! Thank you for a wonderful blog. Quite a few of my guests read it before they decided to visit Ilocos and ended up staying at Balay da Blas. They even printed it and practically followed your itinerary to the letter. On behalf of the whole Ilocos, I’d like to say thanks again. 🙂 /sammy

  • Dimples

    your blog confirmed that i’ve made the right decision to choose Ilocos. my iterinary is only for Vigan because i dont know anything about the North; but you’ve opened my eyes to more places we can visit. Thanks and more power to you.

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    thnx for the infos.. plan to go there on nov.. how mch po ang airfare and bdget na nid? thnx

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    how much do you spend for the whole tour in ilocos…so beuatiful place

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    Thank you manong for the wonderful tips… will try to squeeze in as much places as me and my girlfriend can to our 4-day vacation! Thanks thanks thanks

  • ilocos is definetly a place to check out. 🙂

    if anyone needs assistance around here.. ill be more than happy to help!

    just drop me an email if you have any question or trouble getting around at ilocosonline(at)gmx.com

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    I’m planning an Ilocos tour with my friend this coming month just by commute. I just want to say that of all the sites on Ilocos tour its yours that I found very useful..so Thanks!

    Keep it up!

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    Thanks for the posts on your Ilocos Tour. It’s very helpful. Our family is heading off to Ilocos this coming Holy Week so I’m looking around for some helpful tips to enjoy our getaway 🙂

  • ann

    please correct, it’s not a statue of jose rizal but a statue of jose burgos, hence plaza BURGOS…

  • we’re dying to visit vigan!
    when we went to mountain province last year, we planned on getting there but didnt substantiate because we’re run out of time.
    we’ll get there… someday.

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    i would like to know the schedule of buses from laoag to vigan. what is the last trip in this route? thanks

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    I am restricted to time and budget.

    What itinerary would you suggest if I only plan to stay 1 night in Pagudpud, 1 night in Laoag and 1 night in Vigan? and if I can extend 1 night in my vacation, where would u suggest I extend my stay?

    Thanks in advance.

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    How much did you spent for the whole itinerary..including all..tnx/..

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    how much did you spent throughout the whole tour?

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    how much is the entrance fee at baluarte?

  • JP

    we’re dying to visit vigan!
    when we went to mountain province last year, we planned on getting there but didnt substantiate because we’re run out of time.
    we’ll get there… someday.

  • OMG bagnet pizza! I’m drooling just thinking about it. Ah Vigan, jsut one of the many places I want to visit before I die.