Touring Ilocos Without a Car Part 5: South of Laoag

We decided to visit places south of Laoag on our 3rd day there. This includes the Mausoleum of Marcos in Batac, Paoay Church, Malacañang of the North and Paoay Lake.

We departed at around 9 AM after having breakfast at Balay da Blas. We boarded a jeep at the Paoay Jeep Terminal in Laoag and asked to be dropped at the Batac intersection. Fare going to Batac is Php 21.00 each and takes around 15 minutes.


When you get off the jeep, you have to walk for about two blocks going to the mausoleum. It is on the left side past Chowking (which is on the opposite side) and just before the wide bridge.

First you will see an old house where the parents of the late Pres. Marcos lived. You can see their family tree posted there. You can also see the house/mansion where the Pres. Marcos lived just ahead of his parent’s house.

House of Marcos’ parents near his mausoleum

Near the place is a mini-museum where you will see news clippings, photos, articles related to Marcos and a presidential desk as well.

In front of the museum, is the mausoleum itself where you can see the preserved body of Marcos. No picture taking is allowed inside.

After spending around 20 minutes taking pictures, we went back to the road where the Paoay jeeps are passing. We boarded a jeep and head to Paoay Church. Fare is Php 7.00 each and takes around 10 minutes to get there.


This is a very beautiful and impressive church with a bell tower right beside it. The areas around it are well-kept with no modern establishments obstructing the view. You just have to time it right so that there would be no tourists looming in your photo. There’s a man here who we think is the caretaker who would approach and can assist you in taking pictures. You can also ask him questions on other places to visit in Paoay.

Paoay Church is already in UNESCO’s World Heritage List

In front of the church, don’t forget to eat at Herencia Cafe and try their interestingly flavored pizza (Dinuguan, Pinakbet, etc.). This resto is co-owned by Sammy of Balay da Blas and has already been featured in various travel tv programs such as Trip na Trip.


We asked the friendly waitress of Herencia Cafe to help us look for a nice tricycle driver to take us to the Malacañang of the North and back to Laoag Jeep Terminal in Paoay. The agreed fare is Php 160 which is about right according to the friendly church caretaker.

TIP: Our officemate went there a few weeks after us and they said they hired a tricycle for Php 200 from Paoay to Malacañang of the North then back to Laoag. So you can use that as an option to save time and money.

After having an early lunch in Herencia Cafe and a few more picture taking, we went on our way. The trip from Paoay Church going to Malacañang of the North takes around 15-20 minutes.

Tia posing in front of Malacañang of the North

We arrived at around 12:30 PM and found out that the place takes a break at 11 AM – 1 PM so we just hanged around outside along with other would-be visitors. There is an entrance fee of Php20.00 to go inside the place. It is quite big with lots of rooms and also has a very nice view of Paoay Lake on its veranda.

A view of the lake from the terrace

After spending around 30 minutes taking pictures, we decided to head back to Paoay and boarded a jeep going back to Laoag.

We arrived back at Laoag at around 4 PM so we spent the rest of the afternoon touring the marketplace looking for souvenir items. In the evening, we had dinner at La Preciosa which is a very cozy and romantic place to eat and surprisingly, not so expensive as well.


  • Jeep to Batac – Php 21.00 per head
  • Jeep from Batac to Paoay – Php 7.00 per head
  • Trike from Paoay to Paoay Lake and back – Php 160 – 200
  • Jeep from Paoay to Laoag – Php 26.00 per head

Next day will be our Vigan tour and will be covered on the next part of this series.

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If you have any questions/suggestions/corrections, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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  • rowil

    hi,, you may stay to Laoag Renzo Hotel if you want to visit Laoag.. employees are so accomodating and approachable.

    stay na sa RENZO.. promise this is the most relaxing place i ever stayed..

  • frances

    hey there!

    2 of my friends and I are going to laoag this september, im gonna try your itinerary.


  • Jen

    hi,is it possible to visit the places of Laoag and South Laoag on the same day? what if we bring our own car, do you think its easier? Im afraid we might get lost. where can we find tour guides aside from the tricycle driver? thanks.

  • melinda

    do you have an idea where can we ride a bus going to vigan from batac? i read that from batac, we can ride a bus going to vigan. we plan to visit laoag first and then go to vigan to stay for a night there. help me please.