Touring Ilocos Without a Car Part 3: Pagudpud

This is Part 3 of Touring Ilocos Without a Car series.

As I mentioned in my previous post, there are 2 gorgeous beaches in Pagudpud, Saud and Blue Lagoon or what is known by the locals as “Maira-ira”. Both offers nice, soft, white sand and surfing waves (at the right time of the year). The two beaches are about 20 minutes apart from each other so choosing where to stay will be based on what beach you prefer.


You can compare Saud Beach to Puerto Galera wherein the resorts are all lined up for you to choose from. Since there are plenty of resorts along Saud Beach, expect many people and activities around. Also, there are many places to eat in Saud. If you like crowds when you go to a beach, choose Saud.

Saud Beach, not crowded in December

If you want privacy, then Blue Lagoon is for you. It is practically off the beaten path. The nearest and only resort there is Kapuluan Vista Resort. There are no resorts in Blue Lagoon but you can rent nipa huts at the parking area. From Kapuluan, it’s about 7-10 minutes walk going there.

Blue Lagoon, the water is calmer during the summer

TIP: If you’re planning to go during the Holy Week, I would suggest Kapuluan Vista Resort so that you’ll be near Blue Lagoon where it’s not too crowded. They get fully-booked by February so plan your reservations early.

We decided to check-in at Kapuluan Vista Resort because it’s nearer Blue Lagoon. Not to mention that it’s cheaper than the nice resorts at Saud.


Welcome to Kapuluan Vista Resort

Mike and his wife Alma owns the beautiful place. It is situated far from the shore so you don’t have to worry about storm surges unlike in Saud. The beach in front of the resort is not swimmable but very surfable with the nice reef breaks. They offer surf lessons and surfboard rentals by the way.

TIP: Mike, the owner of the resort, told us that the best time to visit them is around July – September when the weather is not too hot, the water not to cold and the breeze is just right.

Our room is simple but with a zen-inspired theme, we even have a bonsai on our bathroom. With the wind blowing and the waves crashing, sometimes you don’t wanna leave your bed. The food is very great that some people go there just to eat. It’s a bit pricey though for the budget-conscious but their package already includes free breakfast.


The following day, we decided to take the Pagudpud tour after lunch.

Ask the locals or the resort employees to get you a tricycle to tour you around Pagudpud. It will cost you around Php 500-600 for a whole day tour. Here are the places that you can visit:

  1. Blue Lagoon / Saud (depends on where you are staying)
  2. Patapat Bridge and Viaduct
  3. Agua Grande

  4. Paraiso ni Anton
  5. Kabigan Falls

Manuel was our tricycle driver / tour guide / photographer. He charged us Php 500 for the tour which did not include the Kabigan Falls because aside from a 30-minute hike to the falls, the ground is a bit slippery.

It took us less than 3 hours to do the entire tour since we only planned to see the sights and take pictures. But I think for the Php 500 we paid, we could stay for a while at the beach if we decided to swim. Better ask the driver first before you commit.

The winding Patapat Bridge

Patapat Viaduct

Agua Grande Mini Hydro Power Plant

Paraiso ni Anton, there’s also a grotto here but that’s it

Afterwards, we spent the rest of the day sleeping, eating, chatting with Mike and her wife, telling sweet nothings to each other and preparing for our trip back to Laoag the following day.


What about the Lighthouse and Windmills? We did not visit those two since it’s hard without a car. They are located in between Laoag and Pagudpud and it’s too far for tricycles from Pagudpud.

For the Lighthouse, ask the bus conductor to drop you off Burgos and take a trike from there. For the Bangui Windmills, ask to be dropped at Bangui and take a trike from there.

Mike told us that they offer a van transport from the airport to their resort for Php3000. They can stop at the lighthouse and windmills on the way.

I’ll write about Laoag on the next part.

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If you have any questions/suggestions/corrections, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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  • The tricycle tour is by far the best means to go around Pagudpud – fast and very affordable. I particularly love the Kapurppurawan Rock Formation in Burgos. It’s an awesome sight that’s definitely worth coming back for.

    All the best in your blog. Cheers! – Phoenix Pathfinder


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  • Gemma

    I am also planning to go to ilocos.Just want to ask how much is your total expense at this trip??tnx! 🙂

  • Cdel2006

    Yes, me too. I need a driver/tour guide w/ an AC van for entre Ilocos region. We’re going to Ilocos either by plane or bus but needs someone to drive us around….if we could have the contact no. po sana…

  • mye

    hi! would like to ask for the numbers ng driver/tour guide nyo for pagudpud.


  • maldita

    EXCUSES! I was in hannahs beach resort last holy week too. together with 4 buddies. you know what? to our dismay, i was transacting with the manager when a not mid- 40’s to 50’s woman came asking the manager some persons, my thinking was baka friends nya… so the manager answered…maam pinaakyat ko na po sila siguro po namamasyal lang sa taas….the woman got out and medyo… luminga linga then balik sa info room…can you imagine, may kausap na client yong tao ( manager ) pinipilit nyang hanapin daw ni manager yong mga bisita niya?!!!!!!!!! GgggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRRR!!!
    Wala ba siyang mautusang iba, ang daming nakikita ng mata ko na pupuwede niyang utusan!!! My goodness, mukhang may kaya, may education or ganun talaga mag-utos ang boss???? mukha kasing matapobre… walang pakialam kahit nakakabastos na siya ng tao,walang breeding, bilang respeto sa kanya maam kung sino man po kayo, hindi po kayo nararapat magpatakbo ng negosyo gaya ng dinadayo ng mga tao kasi di kayo marunong makitungo at tumanggap ng tao sa resort niyo, infairness to the manager..apologetic siya… marunong makipagkapwa at agad naman nya kami nabigyan ng room to stay… next time maam na walang breeding, ( i forgot to ask the manager kung sino yon.) hire your own alalay para hindi na kayo nakakaistorbo sa mga kliente.

  • jolina

    hi. i was just at pagudpud last holy week and i noticed there are a lot of resorts already at blue lagoon. my family and i stayed at Hannah’s. there were a lot of people since it was holy week but i hope the beauty of the place would be preserved.

  • kit flores

    we are planning to go there this coming may and i find your blog very helpful. thanks and have a nice day.

  • kristin j.

    looking forward to visit this wonderful place and be with a friend who is according to him a G.I … (genuine ilocano)hehehe

  • Rosemary

    Apo Idon is practically the best in Pagudpud. Don’t just take my word for it, visit them, see their rooms,and facilities, Oh so niceee! Got very good service din. :). Great and fun! Expensive during peak season though. Kaya lang, huwag mukhang kawawa ngayong summer,hehe, if you can shell out a little extra cost, Apo Idon is IT!

  • hi irish, visit their website. it’s there. kapuluanvistaresort.com

    ariann, sorry late na. hehehe i don’t check this often eh. sa site ko ikaw magcomment if you can. sa saud part ng pagudpud marami doon. apo idon yung pinaka kilala. sa blue lagoon area naman kapuluan vista resort lang. dun kami nag-stay and 1,600 yung room per night off-peak. pagpeak it’s around 2,400 per night tapos pang 2 tao lang yun although you can ask for an extra bed para pwede tatlo.

  • irish

    hi! can i ask if you have an idea about the rates of the kapuluan beach? thanks!

  • ariann

    Hi. My friends and I are planning a trip to Pagudpud. we are actually looking for an affordable but decent place to stay in for 3 days and 2 nights. I would greatly appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

    Please feel free to send me an email at my office email account. thanks so much!