Touring Ilocos Without a Car Part 2: Going to Pagudpud

This is Part 2 of Touring Ilocos Without a Car series


Pagudpud lies on the north of Laoag. It’s pretty cold out there during the “ber” months pretty much like Baguio. From Laoag, it is a 2 hour bus ride. There are two good beaches in Pagudpud, one is Saud and the other is Blue Lagoon or what they call “Maira-ira“.

The airport is located in a town outside Laoag so when you leave the terminal, you will see some jeeps, tricycles and the Fort Ilocandia bus waiting at the parking lot. It’s up to you if you want to ride the jeep or the small tricycles (I mean really small compared to Manila trikes) going to Laoag since the fare is the same, Php40 – Php50 per head depending on how good you are at haggling.

TIP: Take the trike if you wanna go directly to your hotel. Take the jeep if you’re headed for the bus terminals at Laoag.

So after some haggling with the jeepney driver, we agreed to the Php 40 fare. If you’re accommodation is in Saud, buses going to Pagudpud will do, but if you’re staying at Kapuluan Vista Resort (like we did) which is nearer Blue Lagoon, ask the driver to drop you off the bus terminal with buses going to Cagayan or Claveria.

We took the St. Joseph bus, but there are other nicer buses out there. The fare for ordinary bus going to Pagupud is Php60 each. We didn’t mind riding an ordinary bus since the weather is already cool. Keep in mind that the last bus leaves at 6 PM. The ride going to Pagudpud takes around 2 hours, but it seems like 4 hours to me because I forgot to pee before we left. Since our flight was delayed, we didn’t have time to eat lunch so all I had was some peanuts that we bought inside the bus.

TIP: There’s a Jollibee within walking distance from the bus terminal where you can relieve yourself and grab something to eat.

Whether you’re headed for Saud beach resorts or Kapuluan Vista Resort, the bus will drop you off the highway and you have to take a 10-15 minutes tricycle ride going to your destination. The fare is around Php 40 per tricycle (not per head).

Finally, at around 5 PM we arrived at Kapuluan Vista Resort hungry and weary. Mike, the owner, was there to greet us. It’s getting dark outside so we just grab an early dinner of their fine bagnet and headed straight to our room to get some rest.


  • Jeep/Trike going to Laoag – Php40-50 per head
  • Ordinary bus going to Pagudpud – Php60 per head
  • Trike going to resort – Php40 per group

I’ll talk more about the place on the next part.

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If you have any questions/suggestions/corrections, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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  • leona

    hi, went to pagudpud last holy week and met a great travel guide, posting his number here, contact him if you need to go around pagudpud — RUBEN Taboy 09289917253.
    He’s awesome, kuya Ruben really helped us when we were there, the tour are divided in two days North (which includes the Bangi Windmills, lighthouse, etc) and South (includes Kaibigan falls, Viaduct, etc) for 600 per tour (you can take one destination OR both), he tours you via his comfortable tricycle so it’s only good for 2-3 persons, also you can’t have both in just 1day ’cause it’s really far from each other…anyway, he’s super nice and will really go out of his way to help you, tipping is of course optional but we did give him extra for all his efforts and local inputs.

    Hope this helps.

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  • izooz

    hi its also our first time to travel to vigan/laoag/pagudpud via bus. would it be best to get a tour package or just go there?!? we’ll be going der on dec 19 and leave on dec 22 nyt..

    hope you can help us…

    we will appreciate it.. thanxs

  • Annecy

    hello. it is also our first time to travel to vigan/laoag/pagudpud (without car). would it be best to get a tour package or just go there?!?

    hope you can help me on this one…

    i got a hard time to look for very good package deals

  • Allan Roy Uy

    Hi! A mate and I are travelling to Pagudpud come 24-27 April.

    On the wee hours of 24 April, I will be arriving in Manila from Sagada/Banaue and my mate is arriving from Thailand.

    Since we don’t want to wait until night time to travel to Pagudpud, we are taking PARTAS BUS (de luxe) to LAOAG at 6:30 AM for 12 hrs. Then ride a BUS from LAOAG to PAGUDPUD for 2 hours.

    Now, the problem is if we leave at 6:30 AM from Manila to Laoag (12 hours), that means we are arriving at 6:30pm at Laoag. What’s more, if Cebu Pacific flight from Thailand is delayed and my mate’s arriving at around 6:30AM then we are taking the 7:30AM bus, which means we will arrive in Laoag at 7:300pm.

    We are staying at Polaris in Saud. You mentioned the last bus from LAOAG to PAGUDPUD is 6pm. Is this for real? LOL!!! Our early travel would be such a failure after all! hihi Are you 100% sure about this?

    Maybe there are other buses heading for CAGAYAN that would travel at a time of our arrival? Within 6:30-8pm, that is.