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Flower Festival na! Tips for a great Panagbenga Experience in Baguio!

Panagbenga Flower Festival Baguio 2008Here are some tips for a great Panagbenga 2008 experience in Baguio!

Update: Flower Festival photos 2009 – ka edong

1.) Know the schedules of the parades. There are two highlight parades at the Panagbenga.
The first is the grand parade of street dancing where schools compete on best marching band and street dancing performance.
The second is the parade of floats where different groups and commercial establishments flaunt their floats decorated with thousands of flowers.

The two parades happen on different days. Best to catch both of these parades. Here’s the schedule for Panagbenga 2008

2.) Find accommodations as close to the city center as possible. On parade days, traffic rolls to a halt. You don’t want to spend an hour in a car stuck in traffic trying to catch the parade at Session Road. Best to walk to the parade area, and easiest to do that if you’re staying near the city center. You can choose from the many hotels in Baguio, or you can try your luck finding a transient house close to the city center.

3.) Be mobile. Travel light so that you can walk around to see the parades from different vantage points. Wear comfortable shoes. Get used to walking, it’s a good way to see the beauty of the city center.

4.) Bring your camera and feast in the beautiful sights! Take close up shots (if you can) of the street dancers. Fill the frame with colors of flowers and costumes. Smile at the street dancers so that they will smile back at you for a great photo!

5.) Leave the babies behind. It’s not the best time to bring babies and very young kids. The babies won’t enjoy the parade, anyway. Do yourself a favor and excuse the kids from the hassle of the very thick crowd during the parade.

6.) Catch the parades at the culmination area – usually Melvin Jones field for the parade of floats and the athletic bowl for the grand parade and street dancing. The culmination area is a good place to have photos with the floats and the street dancers.

7.) Don’t pick the flowers! The floats are for everybody to appreciate and for nobody to take home. (Just take home the photos). Don’t pick the flowers, leave them there for everybody else to enjoy.

8.) Eat local food. Try Oh My Gulay restaurant at the top floor of La Azotea at Session road. Try Baguo’s strawberries, strawberry flavored taho, binatog, afternoon street food (the exotic isaw and the likes) and the plethora of other kakanins in Baguio.

9.) Don’t forget to book your return bus tickets. Although Victory Liner has mastered the art of transporting a huge number of tourists during events like this, it’s still best to book your return tickets in advance.

10.) Smile, let your hair down and enjoy! Life is good, God is good!

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