Horror bus ride on Christmas weekend

After a hectic two weeks leading to Christmas, my brother and I took a Victory Liner bus to Baguio one quiet Sunday morn, the day before Christmas eve. It was a pleasant early morning trip and we dozed off after all the puyat of the Christmas parties.

At the Tarlac stop-over, the bus kundoktor plugged in a DVD. The bus was filled with piped-in music from the movie (sing with me…): “Santa Baby, hurry down the chimney tonight.”

I smiled and had pleasant thoughts: “Ah, so nice! A Christmas movie to ease me into the cool air of Baguio on Christmas weekend.” NOT!

The movie turned dark and gruesome! The movie was a loud, horror/thriller flick about a stalker security guard kidnapping a lone lady yuppie on Christmas eve, tying her down with a chain with a drooling pit bull on guard. In one scene, the stalker strapped an office worker to an ergo chair, tied him to the fender of a car and repeatedly rammed the poor guy unto the …

Well, you get the idea.

It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t funny. Just the thing to kill the Christmas spirit on a Christmas weekend. My brother and I started sending SMS messages to Victory Liner’s hotline: 0917-Vicline (0917-8425463). I made a call and spoke to a certain Sol Laxa of Victory Liner, Cubao.

I think Santa was listening, and my wish was answered – a wish for world peace on this Christmas weekend journey. Ten minutes after our call to the Victory Liner hotline, the bus conductor turned off the movie without saying a word.

Ah, the silence was sweet relief!

I know that passengers have different preferences for movies. That is precisely the reason to be very selective of movies. Obviously, its the driver/conductor who chooses the movies they show on buses. I’ve been on bus rides in the past where the movie was offensive to minors or to women (or to the public in general); movies with excessive violence, with nudity or even porn. Tsk tsk tsk. Somebody’s not thinking here….

I sent my Christmas greetings to the Victory Liner hotline and included a challenge which I re-iterate here.

To Victory Liner Management:
Victory Liner Management must choose appropriate General Patronage movies suited for public viewing on bus trips.
It will be a good service improvement to ensure that your patrons — a wide variety of travellers including minors — are not subjected to inappropriate media.

With that, I went back to dreamland and woke up to a cool noontime Christmas breeze of Baguio. Sarap!

ka edong
my cellphone, a weapon

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  • jeana

    ang selan mo naman….ang OA mo!!……pano kung natanggal sa trabaho ung kundoktor na un?…..pano na ang pamilya nya….hindi ka na naawa…sana kinausap mo na lang ng ayos……isipin mo na lang kung natanggal sya ….walang kakainin ang mga anak nya….Ang nagawa nya ay isang napakaliit na pagkakamali para isumbong mo agad….siguro sasabihin ng iba na madrama ako pero maawain lang talaga ako

  • Good Call Ka Edong!

    Horror Movies shouldn’t be shown in 7 hour bus rides… especially when there are kids around