Paradizoo, a Farm Ranch Zoo in Tagaytay


Paradizoo is a farm theme park in Tagaytay which we learned is the property of owners of Zoobic in Zambales. The 10 hectares property is the home of various farm animals, such as goats (there’s hundreds of them), one-humped camels, miniature horses (perfect for toddler who wants to experience their first horse-back riding, some ostriches (though not as pretty as those found in Zoobic and Avilon Zoo, native carabaos, wild pigs, bees, ducks, and one-colored peacocks.

To get around Paradizoo, you may opt to take the golf cart. But if you’re looking for a little exercise, touring the property by foot is also a breeze. Just make sure it did not rain the previous night since the road may get muddy when it rained.

One attraction of Paradizoo is the Infinity Pond of Positivism where a mini-pavilion lies on the center. I didn’t get to take a good shot of the pond because during that time, there were two guests who were having fun fishing. (duh!)


Another attraction of Paradizoo is the miniature horses (not ponies), where toddlers can enjoy a ride for P25. If your kids are scared you may pay P10 to have their pictures taken.

Over all, Paradizoo is a good and more accessible alternative to Zoobic. But if you don’t mind traveling to Zoobic, I would suggest you visit Zoobic instead. It’s a good thing Paradizoo is just near Metro Manila, so you can check anytime during weekends.


To get to Paradizoo, just take the main road from Tagaytay Rotonda going to Batangas. After passing Mendez market, watch out for the Paradiso sign on the right. From that corner, it’s a 10 minute drive on a dirt road which will lead you all the way to Paradizoo.

Entrance Fee to Paradizoo is P199/person. Golf Cart rental is P100, horse back riding cost P25.

By the way, before reaching the street that leads to Paradizoo, you might want to check out a coffee shop and bakery called Bag of Beans, just right after the market. I highly recommend taking your breakfast there. Find out why at Pinoy Urban Blog.

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  • Michelle

    Wounded cow

  • Michelle

    I don’t think they have
    enough funding to feed or take care of the animals PROPERLY. It’s an
    AWFUL place for the students having a tour in the zoo and they will see
    the animals that are very emaciated and wounded, this is not a good
    example for the children. Here’s some of photos of the
    badly hurt animals to prove that they’re not taking care of the them
    in a natural way. I hope you can take action on this matter!

    • thewogking

      I was there in August. What a filthy place. Animal shit everywhere. Fucking Bakla as a tourguide……he/she told us to be careful and not to step in shit… My daughter started puking her guts out when she smelled the goats and the goat shit….. do yourself a favor and go to to the Tagatay Zoo…..they have a tiger on a chain……just pray he doesn’t get mad because I think he could easily break that chain and bite your ass……hahhahaha

  • thewogking

    stay away from this shit hole. Smells bad…..animal shit everywhere. Nothing but a camel (far away), some goats, a 5 legged cow……and did I forget…shit!!! Total waste of time

  • ful

    to Mr. Robert L. Yupangco, with all due respect but i suggest or better yet insist to kick out Marlina Taparo out of your business reasonably for her being such an ASSHOLE to your prized guests, I request your immediate action.

  • ful

    to Mr. Robert L. Yupangco, with all due respect but i suggest or better yet insist to kick out Marlina Taparo out of your business reasonably for her being such an ASSHOLE to your prized guests, I request your immediate action.

  • Which is better? Residence Inn or Paradizoo? I can’t decide where to bring my daughter 🙂

  • Marlon

    I have visited this site 3 times…but in my last visit, this October 15, 2011, a “Lakbay Aral” of my son Day Care Center of DSWD Taguig City…I had a bad day…visiting the zoo again…it was 1pm and all of us in trip did not take lunch…upon entering the premises…a employee of PARADIZOO barking that we can take our meal at one of their quarters…look like a canteen…at the middle of our meal, almost 5 minutes to end the meal, an employee again barking that a fee will be charge using their facilities, table and chair…all of us stop doing our meal and shock with the announcement…looks like we had been trick…hope that the employee and staff of the said zoo will be honest to their visitors…a posting of charge in every facilities you will used in the gate and the facilities with charge…the tagaytay picnic grove and other facilities in tagaytay has posted that their facilities has charge for using it…

  • Vhia

    We went to Paradizoo because we thought it was the Residence inn MiniZoo…
    Ang layo nia pala than what we expected. But we still hope we would enjoy, unfortunately, di kami nasiyahan.
    Ang laki ng place and wala kami guide, although we are old enough, nakakapagod magikot ng walang direction.
    I like the camels, kaya lang sabi ng bantay kelangan daw namin bayaran yung damo na pinapakain namin sa mga camel, and those grasses where there na for camels talga, P5.00 per strands daw? ano ba yun? Then I also enjoyed milking the goat, educational kasi xa and very well explained sa amin ng assistant yungagawin na pag milk. Then we saw din the 5 leg cow, cool, one of a kind. Then we walk again, ang lawak ng theme park na yun, sobra, may mga plants ( flowers and vegetables) sana lang lahat ng plants my names tag. When we got tired we sat sa gitna ng park may table and chair naman sobrang sarap magpahinga dun kasi may lilim ng mga puno. after resting we proceed na ulet sa paglalakad, we went to the butterflies, kaso napaka konti lng sayang yung lugar, then to the bees, madami kami natutunan dun sa bees area, ang galing mag explain ni kuya, we enjoy the bees knowing for what they exist for.
    Then we proceed ulet kaso pabalik na, we pass thru the fat belly wild boars, xempre mabaho and ang kukulet nila. after we bought shirts at pasalubong store. Then pahinga ulet, sobrang init nun and nakakapagod ang paglakad. Later that afternoon we are invited to watch greyhound raising, so lakad nanaman ulet kami paakyat, grabe nakakapagod pero ok lng kasi nakapanood naman kmi ng bago… greyhounds na nagkakarera… hehehe! Then we went home na.

  • GINA

    do you hv a family package grp of 7 pax, how much po if both in residence inn at paradizoo? pwede po bang magdala ng food sa loob? thanks

  • patrol17

    can you give us directions how to get to paradizoo Theme Park?( commute lng po kami- from lrt po sana) we are planning to go there this thurs. thank you very much

  • sa lahat po ng nadisappoint at na hurt ng dahil sa pg bisita nila sa paradizoo, kmi po mga taga paradizoo ay humihingi ng paumanhin we are very sorry na di po nmin kayo napasaya at di nmin na met ung expectation nyo at di po nmin kayo na satisfied. again im sorry po lahat po ng naka post nyo ay pinapasalamatan nmin at we take them as a complement and suggestion para po mas lalo pa nmin maimprove at ma correct ang lahat ng aming pgkakamali again maraming maraming salamat po.. sana po mabigyan nyo po ulit kmi ng pgkakataon para po mapasaya kayo… at thank u din po sa mga naging happy at nag enjoy here in paradizoo once again thank u po.


  • to the office of municipal agriculturist ito po ang contact number namin 0922-891-8478.

    thank u po


  • Hi! gusto ko lang po malaman kung paano mag inquire sa inyo, kasi nagbabalak ang amin opisina na mag study tour… pano ba mag inquire sa paradizoo farm?
    salamat sa inyong pag response

  • queenie hidaka

    We’ve been to Paradizoo Theme Farm just this afternoon…
    We we’re really upset. OMG!!! I thought we’ll enjoy this place but we went home angry and so…so…so… very disappointed. We traveled from Quezon City all the way to Tagaytay, just to experience NOTHING!!!! We just wasted our time and our money also….
    We paid an entrance fee to experience NOTHING, nobody accomodated us…
    After paying our entrance fee, they told us to follow the pathway to see the butterfly and bee farm. When we get there, it’s closed but the cashier told us to pay for it. So, we just explored the place. We just saw carabao,cows, ponies, 2 camels, wild boars and plenty of goats…hahaha…guess what? we are exploring the place without guide. HAhaha…We’re just wondering, where are the caretakers?
    We went to the administrator (Ms. Marlina Taparo)to tell our complaint…Gosh!!! She was so offensive/impolite…. Instead of saying sorry, she argued with us. We are the guests!!! even if we’re annoying she must answered politely. It was our reaction to be angry because we saw them chatting with each other rather than entertaining us (FYI: We are the only guests so they are not busy AT ALL).
    She told us that the one who’s in-charge of the butterfly and bee farm was absent. In the first place, she was there when we availed the bees & butterfly pass so it’s her obligation to tell us ahead of time that the person in-charge was absent. We should have moved to another place. She wanted us to go back to the bees & butterfly farm, but we were already tired coz it was distant from the entrance. I am with my 2 kids and I am pregnant so we decided to go home. I just asked her name. She arrogantly told me “Marlina Taparo!!!!”. What an impolite, arrogant and rude administrator you have?????!!!! I was thinking that she’s angry because we interrupted their chitchat. Or maybe she was not afraid to lose her job. Or maybe she grew up to have an attitude like that….A bad one!!!!

    I was really upset and it cannot be tolerated. What if we’re not the only one who experienced this?

    Thank you very much to Ms. Mafel of Paradizoo in Residence Inn, she entertained our complaints. She is very accomodating unlike Ms. Taparo…She even toured us at Residence INN….Thak you so much Ms. Mafel….

    I’m sorry for my negative comment but I’m so upset….
    I wish that you take necessary action to Ms. Tapalla…
    Looking forward for your reply….

  • melanie nogueras

    please post the contact number para po hindi hirap mga tao mag inquire sa inyo. tnx

  • peter dizon

    looking for alpaca male and how much?

  • eric bansil

    gusto kopo sana idonate ang alaga kong ungoy kasi po kawawanaman po hindi kopo maasikaso pano po?

  • joy tumbaga

    how much po kpag weekend.wat time ang opening

  • arnel tinte

    please give us your contact number for field trip purpose. send to 09087680568

  • gd day!!!i would like to ask an exact location of your beautiful zoo, i want my husband to see what we have here in the philippines,after 3 weeks he’s coming home,will set a date for us to go there,hope you can help me.
    elvira hindle

  • <3

  • jenny

    nyeek!ang gnda kya..di lng kau mrunong umappreciate ng nature..peo, dti mas mganda tlga..hehe!peace

  • Rowelyn

    We wish to visit to tagaytay this month, i’ve been in paradizoo and residence inn before,but that was 3 years ago w/a tour guide. I’m searching website wherein i can be instructed how to get to residence inn and paradizoo and other great destinations in tagaytay. Hope you could help me guyz, thank you in advance.

  • irish

    hello i just want to ask about your land line no. i wanted to inquire, we planning to go there next week thanks. hope to heard your answer asap


  • angel

    ask ko lng po kung 199 pdin po ba ung rate? o my package po ba kung sakali? mga 4 lng kmi pupunta… ngpplan kc kmi pmnta by sept, suprise bday gift ko kc 2ng pag visit nmin dyan… ask ko lng din kung my mga live butterflies po ba, un kc favorite nung my bday eh, pls pasend nmn ng contact no. para po matawagan ko… tnx po


    I went to paradizoo one week later….here’s my comment!!!

    paradizoo is a nice place for relaxing!! and i agree with that…but their animals are not so healthy…i think the word “malnourished” is a good term…sori for the word but you should take good care of the animals,,especially the ostriches, they have no feathers at all and i felt pity to saw them..

    and your butterfly garden?? where’s the butterfly?? lolz!! i thought they’re hiding…haha!! peace evryone…

    but the staff are so attentive!! thanks to them..keep up the good work guys!!

  • Good thing I was able to find this article. My family is planning to go there this coming June 18,2010. Safari Animals in EDSA

  • Thanks for the info. My family is planning to go there this June 18,2010. Safari Animals in EDSA

  • Joselito U. Aquino

    I wish to purchase a pair of pot-bellied piglets. How much do they cost ?

  • apples

    please send details or map how to get there. include landmarks like the rotonda please.

  • jhelz

    im very disappointed in paradizoo .. the picture that ive seen before in the email is not as like when you go there …para xang napag iwanan n zoo grbee…

  • I just want to ask how to get in touch with you regarding fieldtrip & your complete address. Thank you

    Jenny T. Cabotage

  • Ooh-oh-la-la-la

    consequence?? haha

  • grace

    hi! i would like to know your land line so i can inquire for our educational trip on feb 4, 2010.


  • leizie

    ng field trip kmi jan no ay inggit cla

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  • rosally alano

    whats their contac number and the rates per person? adult? or child? thanks

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  • narciso

    may i know if you are open this coming wednesday

    can i call you now pls.

    what is is phone nos. pls

  • maggie

    I just want to let you know that we visited Paradizoo last 18 Oct but we were very disappointed because the staff did not honor the rates shown on their website. We were a group of 10 plus kids. They want us to buy Php199 package instead of the P99 since it is a weekend. They said that the Php99 is only applicable on weekdays. But that is not the info shown in the website. There is no such distinction that weekend rate is different from weekdays. They are saying the Php 199 will entitle us to visit Residence Inn but we don’t want to go to Residence Inn. I told them to ask any superior and see if our request can be granted but the staff just insisted on the Php 199.

    Anyway, we ended up not visiting the farm. It is just so disheartening, especially for the kids who woke up early and was expecting a good time with the animals.

    If the rates have indeed changed, I would suggest that they update their website.

  • I-Charity

    Hi! I’m a student of Signal National High School Annex or we say Pres. Diosdado Macapagal High School. I’m a fist year student and we have been there for an educational trip last sept. 26, 2008. We really liked the place especially the animals we can really try to get milk from a goat. And the employees are very kind to us even if we are very noisy…

  • nelson

    hi,, im from tagaytay,,, my home is walkng distance from paradizoo.. qng nd pa kyo nkrrting ng tagaytay,,, u miz d half of ur lyf….. wt r u wtting 4r go 2 tagaytay,,, and c wt good view is all about,,,,,

  • lanie

    helo,gud day…on saturday wer planning 2 go in2 tagaytay with whole family..can u pls send 2 my email the details how 2 get there? many tnx

  • jessica

    i just wanna ask,the contact no.para makapag inquire..thanks alot..

  • regine ilano

    gud day!!

    Tanong ko po kung ano tel # dyan. mag inquire kmi sa Paradise Zoo (mini zoo). Para po sa CFC FFL (Kids for Family & Life).Tnx GOD BLESS PO.

  • this farm, it’s not that good. i swear… it’s only my opinion.

    we went there 2 weeks ago and we did not enjoy the place…

    i hope you don’t mind the link..

  • carmela


    Kindly fill up the details below for we are looking for a place to spend our company outing for 2008. Thank you.

    Place: Exact location
    Distance from Manila: Travel time
    Cost: Per head Charge

    * We are approximately 216 employees. If we will be coming by 7 batches, 30-35 persons per batch, how much would it Paradizoo?

    Thank you.

  • nemi

    here’s my mobile no 09212635044, thanks alot!

  • nemi

    i just wonder if you have an air-conditoned facility which can be stayed for an overnight & an area for team building for my clients. its a todlers & elementary level. i hope for an urgent reply plus a mobile no of the concerned person for fast querry. thanks alot!

  • stephanie

    it was certainly an interesting place. the rain ruined it all though. and after taking a look at the website http://www.paradizoo.com i realized we missed the perpetual park. i wonder why they did not show it. i feel like i missed a lot. blame it all on the rain.

  • Darlyn

    Hi. Does anyone knows about the staff who runs this farm?

  • faithlove

    We’ve been to Tagaytay before and the last place we went to was the Residence Inn but we didn’t know that there is a place called Paradizoo until we saw it on tv. Based on what we saw its a nice place and can’t wait to go there.

  • bianca

    it’s a beautiful place, although muddy place……

    thanks for touring us around..

    1st year student of MPC

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  • what a consequence! i have been here in tagaytay for several years and just this week i am planning to go there this weekend! good preview!