Nayong Filipino at Clark Field, Pampanga

What should have been a boring visit to Clark Field Pampanga, turned into an educational tour of the Nayong Filipino in Clark.


It was an accidental trip to the Nayong Filipino at Clark Expo Center in Pampanga. My family and I were planning to visit a new ranch/farm called Paradise Farm but we couldn’t find it, until we saw a sign pointing to the direction of Nayong Filipino. At first we thought it was already a bygone place. No cars parked outside, no festivities whatsoever. But still we went inside the Nayong Filipino compound and was greeted by a nice looking place with lots of native Filipino houses and a grand old house that reminds us of the Spanish houses owned by famous Filipinos in Cavite, Ilocos and other historic places in the Philippines.

The Nayong Filipino in Clark is a cluster of replicas of houses, churches, Spanish type “plaza” with a grand old church at the center. As the place is not yet fully finished, a few more accessories and other historic artifacts would make it look more authentic and intesting sight to visit.

But on the adjacent area lies the good part about Nayong Filipino in Clark. Its a small community of Ifugao huts which are authentically constructed complete with traditional Ifugao furnishings. The place is surrounded by luscious greeneries that emits a cool and soothing environment. There was even a tree house where you can rest for awhile. While roaming around, we saw some groups having their packed lunch, it was your traditional picnic scene right in the heart of Nayong Filipino in Clark.

Googling for Nayong Filipino, I found a write up about it at the WowPinoy.net site. So, Nayong Filipino in Clark is set to open in November this year. Gives them more time to improve on the place.

Nayong Filipino in Clark is a potential crowd drawer as soon as it fully opens. One of the receptionists told me that they would soon host conventions, and other events as soon as they are formally open.

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