Waterfun at Lake Caliraya, Laguna

Lake Caliraya is a man made lake, I think originally made by the Americans as a water reservoir to create electric power. Now it is a recreation area with couple of private homes around the lake and a resort: Caliraya Recreation Center Resort. We went there three years ago with some speed boat riding, masaya.

To go to the resort you have to park your car along the shore and then the resort is a short boat ride from the shore [the parking area]. When we got to the other side of the lake at the resort side. It’s a nice walk to the garden, a well manicured lawn then you pass by some of the recreation facilities like the basketball court, some cottages and then there’s some horseback riding at the resort.

Lake Caliraya
(photo courtesy of Karla)

Up at the resort good facilities for a group, team building or some conferences. A variety of rooms; some for families, some dorm-like rooms and then the recreation activities.

Of course they have swimming pools and I think basketball, volleyball and the feature would be the water sports available at Caliraya. They have the speedboats, we have the jet ski, some wind surfing and then kayaking, what else?…the swimming pool.

You can go fishing and there’s also a new wall climbing … wall 🙂 . They say it’s the highest outdoor fiberglass wall in the Philippines, you have to check that out for yourselves.

We went on a speed boat ride there. On the speed boat ride went around the lake for one hour. I think it cost us about Php1200 for a one hour speed boat ride and then we took our turns driving the speed boat, that was exciting, that was fun…that was fun!

Contact Caliraya Recreation Center call these numbers:

Manila: +63(2) 632-1010
mobile phone: 09285010480
Telefax: +63 (2) 637-7027
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.asbgroup.com.ph

Have fun at Caliraya. Enjoy the ride!

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10 August 2007

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