Manila Chinese Cemetery

Just a few weeks ago, I played the male version of Lara Croft as the Tomb Raider. No, I wasn’t shooting another movie version. But I was doing the real thing. We scoured all the nook and cranny of the Manila Chinese Cemetery for a treasure trove of unsual facts and some more lessons in Architecture 101. There are actually a lot of unusual tombs and mausoleums there. Full of unique storypieces. Remember that each and every tomb and mausoleum has its own story to tell. We might run out of space if we will enumerate it here. Anyway, here are some of the structures that really caught my fancy:

A Chinese Pagoda. It’s not really a mausoleum, but more of a waiting shed or something.
Manila Chinese Cemetery

AStone Angel stading right in front of the oldest mausoleum in Manila Chinese Cemetery. It dates back to 1890’s
Manila Chinese Cemetery

A Cathedral-Shaped mausoleum. If you think that this is a marvel already, go and look inside and you’ll see for yourself how the tomb was designed.
Manila Chinese Cemetery

And who says that the dead can’t enjoy the beauty of Art Deco? This is a fine example of an Art Deco design which was made popular between the 20’s and the 40’s Notice the geometric patterns, one of the highlights of Art Deco.
Manila Chinese Cemetery

Another fine example of Art Deco, utilizing the smooth curves and lines.
Manila Chinese Cemetery

Imitation is a form of flattery, right? Are you familiar with this mausoleum’s design? You bet it right. It’s patterned after the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Main Theater.
Manila Chinese Cemetery

And this one? Somewhat similar to University of the Philippines (UP Diliman) chapel
Manila Chinese Cemetery

And the king of all the dead… A 3-storey mausoleum complete with a wide parking lot. This is approximately 500 square meters. A 500 square meter-mausoleum is very wide already! It is surrounded by some trees to provide shade.
Manila Chinese Cemetery

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  • Maria

    Very interesting pictures of the Chinese Cemetery. Thanks for posting these.

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  • Mila

    I usually go to the chinese cemetary once a year with my dad. Love your photos, and I always enjoyed the architecture of the place. Even more fun when being told about all the gossip of those families (who married who, who jilted who, had affairs with, embezzled from, etc). Tragedy, comedy. Life and death.

  • dee

    I forgot how the cemetery looked like since haven’t gone there for the longest time..nice pics..!

  • kegler747

    Very good pictures. I once visited the Manila Chinese Cemetery and I failed to notice of its beautiful sides which you revealed in this post.

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