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Paradise Philippines is a new search engine contest which aims to promote and spread the beauty of the Philippine Islands thru internet marketing. Pinoy.Travel.Blog has been advocating local tourism by blogging about the rich and beautiful places of the Philippine archipelago.

If you wish to support our cause in spreading Philippine tourism, do help us by linking to our blog with the word “Paradise Philippines”.

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  • Menchu Almonte

    How can we promote Manila when most of the restrooms in most of the malls don’t even have toilet papers? SM Corp.You are one of the richest companies in the Philippines and yet you can not provide bathroom tissues? The best place so far is the Ilocos region, even a small restaurant called Cindy’s in a small town called Narvacan has toilet paper inside their stalls and paper towels to WIPE your HANDS AFTER YOU WASH THEM AFTER USING THE RESTROOMS!!!!!