How to Get to the New Iloilo Airport

With its inauguration last June 13, 2007, the old Mandurriao airport of Iloilo was finally decommissioned by the Air Transportation Office and moved to its new facility in the town of Cabatuan, some 20 kilometers away from the old airport.

Iloilo Sign

With the promise of economic growth that will bring upon this region, the new Iloilo Airport can take 1 million passengers per year and can accommodate wide-bodied aircraft and currently the 4th busiest airport in the Philippines as according to ATO.

And because of its distance and new location, for the benefit of the travelers, here are some tips on how to get in or out of the new airport:

  • The usuall thing you do in when you arrive at the airport, hail a taxi. The fare (flagdown is PhP30) from the airport to the city on average is from PhP150-200 depending on what location in Iloilo City will you be. This is the most expensive way to get in or out of the airport to the city.
  • Shuttle services by Suzie Star Tours are being offered to cash-strapped travelers. PhP50 is the fare to the city and you’ll be dropped at strategic sites such as SM City, Molo Plaza and Jaro Plaza.
  • The longer and the cheapest alternative. Multicabs from Bangga Dama (Dama Junction) shuttles passengers to the airport for PhP10. From Bangga Dama in Santa Barbara town, take a jeepney to the city (Highway if you’ll be going straight to Mandurriao District, City Proper, Molo or SM City or LaPaz if your heading to Boracay/North Panay Bus Terminal or Jaro and LaPaz Districts) and it’ll cost you approximately P15.

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  • fungi

    kung gusto nyong mgshuttle..dun kayo sumakAy sa travellers louge sa meriam transport.siraulo me ari ng susie star na yan bakla ang puta wag kayo sumakay jan mang gagancho ng mga trabahador/tauhan nya.

  • Jan

    How/where will I find these shuttle vans that will take me to the city when i arrive at the iloilo airport?

  • dabawenyo

    good thing that cebu pacific has direct flights from davao now. cant wait to visit this place in april. kudos!!!

  • International flights to/from Hong Kong and South Korea will soon make their way to the new Iloilo airport.

    shuttle van fares FROM the airport to certain parts of the city is PhP50 while vans TO the airport from the city is Php75

  • steve

    Great news indeed. This wil be good for iloilo’s development.

  • ayy.. davao is far better than iloilo’s. di pa rin kasya ang 747 jan since the runway length is only 2.5 km..

    at least mas maganda ang airport ngayon kesa dati.

  • JOlly

    Wow! ILOILO Airport of International Standard looks awesome. I am excited to come home this January of ’08, to see the New Airpot and to watch Dinagyang ’08. Hala bira!!! Cheers! 😉

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  • Adrian

    I took a look at the new airport last Oct 2006. I was visiting friends in the Jaro district having flown from Cebu. I really liked the look of it and I wish it every success.

    Living in Scotland UK what I would like to see is an increase in frequency of flights between Manila and Iloilo together with International arrivals/departures to and from Singapore and Hong Kong.

    Regards to all

  • J

    The old airport was conveniently situated within the city so it took only a few minutes to get there if your coming from one of the hotels in the city. As to the new one, how long is the travel time to the new airport if you’re coming from or going to iloilo city’s downtown area? Are there other routes if you want to go to municipalities north of iloilo city?

  • M

    Is the new Iloilo airport as congested as the old one? I love the looks of the new one. I also like the idea of no- porters! All the international aiports I have been to, you use a cart and pick up your own luggage from the carousel. I love the idea of the new airport. Will see on Monday…will post again after I personally experience it myself. Great blog by the way. More power to you, man.

  • habagatcentral

    ^^ They said that the money for the bidding of the old airport would pay the loan partially for the new airport. As much as the authorities wanted to expand the old airport but rapid urbanization surrounding the airport hinders its growth and therefore have to move out of the current location towards a new area that can be expandable when the time air traffic increases.

  • Bruce in Iloilo

    It’s 50 pesos to and from SM City to the new airport and there are a few companies that offer the van service, not just one. Look for the vans to the right of SM, behind where the jeepneys drop off passengers.

    By the way, there are no porters at the new airport. When the old airport closed, all the porters lost their jobs. There are free carts. You will have to lug your bags and boxes onto and off the carts yourself.

    I still have my doubts about the need to spend billions of pesos on a new airport so far out of town. Why couldn’t they re-do the old airport? There is enough space. It borders rice patties. We will see who gets the old airport’s land, and what happens to the money. Will they use the money to help pay off the loan that was needed to built the new airport?

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  • Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! jugjxzfyxhjq

  • Suzie Star Tours – PhP (???) is the fare to the city and you’ll be dropped at strategic sites such as SM City, Molo Plaza and Jaro Plaza.

  • Great news! Now that Iloilo’s open, when will the in Manila be?