Oh My Gulay! Art Gallery and Vegetarian Resto in Baguio

“Most people think the attraction is the food. Actually, it’s an art gallery that happens to serve vegetarian food. ” This is how gallery-owner Kidlat Tahimik explained to me what Oh My Gulay is all about.

Oh My Gulay Art Gallery and Vegetarian Resto in Baguio

Oh My Gulay is one attraction in Baguio that had eluded my attention for around 5 years now. I heard about Oh My Gulay from so many other friends, but got to visit it just this month. Oh My Gulay was featured in various TV shows too, including Mel and Joey just last month.

First second I walked in, I said to myself “This is an extension of Kidlat’s house! It’s a playground!”

It’s exhillirating being in the midst of the artworks, the twists and turns, the eclectic, the absence of structure, the patch-art-work, the journey, the ever-changing. Some parts of the gallery look like a scene from a Dr. Seuss book with un-straight lines and un-perpendicular corners. Take a tour around the place, view the artworks, arouse your curiousity and find out what surprises await you around the next corner, stride across the shaky plank leading out of the boat (there’s a boat in the restaurant — can you find it?).

As for food, Chef Marlon Caranto quickly serves up his individually cooked dishes. They have generous servings of vegetarian pasta dishes. He reminds me that they don’t use MSG (monosodium glutamate or “ajinomoto”). I say, you’ll just need to “tak-tak” the salt and pepper shaker – vegetarians will want to have control of how much salt they have in their food. Try also the Dayap tea, highland coffee and other local drinks.

Lastly, right next to Oh My Gulay under the same roof and space is a performance stage called “Vocas”. You can catch some good bands playing there in the evenings, and if you’re lucky you just might catch a night of drums, gongs and dancing. The crowd could get huge especially when the girls hear that the KKK brothers will be there 😀 .

Oh My Gulay is on the top floor of La Azotea Building along Session Road. Contact 0918-6676025 for inquiries (no textmates please 🙂 ).

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