Costa Marina, Samal Island Garden

Just off the east coast of Davao is a quaint beach resort called Costa Marina located at Caliclic, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal. For about 15 minutes of boat ride at less than Php10 per head, you’re off to the beach with a great view of the city.

Samal Island, Davao

The place is just one of the resorts along the strip of the Samal Island Garden but according to the locals, it is one of the two most frequented beaches by The Davaoeños. Forgot how much the entrance fee was but I think it was around Php20 only.

Costa Marina

Costa Marina Beach Resort

The expansive gray-sand beach is shaded by trees stretching from end to end. You can practically go there, take a quick dip, have lunch and go back home in less than two hours. How’s that for a noon-time office break?

Costa Marina Beach Resort

Oh, and did I mention that the food is also great? Yes, tons of fresh sea foods.

Davao Native Foods

More pictures here at the gallery.

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  • cliff

    i went to Davao twice as a sailor. shop close to Tefasco aws fabulous. full of fun. seafood malls girls remind me good times. the past that I cannot forget..

  • costamarinashit

    stupid place alot of fees! even your camera has a corkage 2,000php every move you make there are limited and alot of fees! i hate this place because of there management with no education approach in short professionalism very bad place..if they see you bring beer or RHUM they will charge you again 450php…I will not recommend this one because even the owner has no consideration on the place! I will not back this place forever!

  • The case of the P2,000 photoshoot fee
    The Maniniyot Community is a young group of photography hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals in Davao City. We decided to hold our summer get-together in the Island Garden City of Samal and among the many resorts, we chose Costa Marina resort since… it would be less crowded than its popular neighbor thereby conducive to holding our group activity which included a photoshoot. When we got there, our bags and items were frisked by the security guard which is SOP. When the guard opened one of my bags containing my light stands and tripod he asked us if we were going for a photoshoot and then told us about the resort policy of paying P2,000 for a photoshoot. We reasoned out that its not a professional photoshoot, we were just an amateur photography group holding our activity. And normally we would bring our gears. (I usually bring my light stands and tripod with me.) The attendant/receptionist then reiterated the policy- pay P2,000 for a photoshoot. They told us that since we brought the cameras, it is tantamount to a photoshoot . We asked for consideration, we decided to compromise by scrapping our photoshoot, instead we will just be taking pictures (picture-taking) to document the get-together, as normally we would do if we bring our cameras, we promised them that there will be no more model photoshoot. (we had brought a model and a make-up artist for the occasion). However the management was adamant, no photoshoots of whatsoever even taking of pictures unless we cough up P2,000. The group then protested that we were not informed by the marketing office when we called up to inquire about the resort. There was no prior information whatsoever that there will be a photoshoot fee, a f*cking P2,000 photoshoot fee. We then asked for another consideration. however they denied our request. Since we were 20 in the group we just decided to collect P100 from each member to raise the amount needed for the shoot and after paying we were able to conduct our activity and the photoshoot with very heavy hearts. I remember that I covered this Visit Samal program by the Department of Tourism and wrote stories about this tourism program for Samal and Talicud Island. but this stupid photoshoot fee or what I will call DSLR camera Corkage fee of Costa Marina (which is also said to be practiced by some resorts) will be a big blot to this tourism project. Although it is a private resort and it is the management prerogative, I couldn’t just understand why on earth would that resort charge us for taking pictures at an unreasonable fee of P2,000?? They should have informed us, they should have posted their rules and not when we are already lining up to pay for entrance fee. They should also define what a PHOTOSHOOT is since even a simple picture-taking is not allowed unless you pay P2,000. Why make money out of people taking pictures?? Dont these people know that picture takers/photographers are the best marketing people out there. A single picture could have the power of enticing a thousand visitors. Digital cameras particularly DSLRs are becoming common nowadays I just hope no DSLR toting tourist would stray into Costa Marina premises unaware of this picture-taking fee rule. I also hope the DOT and our tourism stakeholders could perhaps rein in some stupid policies such as this Costa Marina photoshoot fee or if not post this weird stupid policies in their Visit Samal booths so people (potential tourists) would be well- informed. See More
    By: Rudolph Ian Alama

  • Thanks! You made some good points there. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog

  • Jace

    A friend and I stayed October 2 and it was a bit disappointing.

    Plus side – there were very few guests so it was quiet, compared to neighboring paradise.

    Down side –
    no flexibility / notion of customer service at all

    we made a last minute booking via their davao office and found out that their davao office didn’t give a heads up to the resort that we were coming over.

    we would only be allowed to check in early for P500. there was no guest ahead of us, the cottage was empty. we were given an outright 10% discount, but we weren’t allowed to check in early without charge.

    we forgot our goggles and asked if they had any to rent out. they did not. the neighboring resort, paradise island, might have goggles for sale and we requested that they ask. the supervisor we were speaking with, not only did not give us feedback but we never saw him again either!

    food was disappointing.
    they only had 2 choices for the fish although they listed like 4 on their menu. we ordered sinigang na bangus and received a very small fish. we asked if they can get a fisherman to procure fish for us and they’ll cook to our liking. hello it was an island, wouldn’t you know a fisherman or two. so they said they can procure fish for us, even if we make our own procurement they are not allowed to cook it for us, even if we are willing to pay extra.

    take note of their published rates above. they had to cable tv, their shower was not working and you had to pay more for a cottage that had hot and cold shower. in my experience with resorts in palawan and batangas, they had free flowing coffee, tea and water. this place had none.

  • Mansterrr

    @upset costumer, You’re a cheap ass that is why you keep whining. Next time why don’t you swim across from CoaCo ? Or rather stay in the other side so that you can scratch all the itches of being a cheap fuck.

  • Check out http://www.samalbeaches.com
    you can find list of Samal Island resorts that list all their ammenities and room rates.Also you may want to go on your own ways of travelling, like taking the bus at Santa Ana pier and then ask the locals or better yet ask the motor bike driver where they can recommend a better place for you.Locals knows best!!
    My question is; does this place even have a tourist info office if not then they should.

  • I keep hearing about crazy corkage happening inmost places in Samal Island beaches.There are not dozens of places you can find where such craziness don’t exist.Too bad some resorts are now taking advantage to this boomtown Island ;(

  • Upset costumer

    Costa was one of our favorite resorts to visit. The accommodation was good and they had a very friendly and polite manager. When my family came to visit, I was thinking of bringing them there but to our disappointment it was a total rip off when they started to have corkages in everything that you bring there including rice, meat, fishes and even fruits. It was understandable that they had corkages for soft drinks but having corkages on food was a total “opportunista”, in short its REALLY NOT WORTH it.

    They even asked boat fare for my 5 months old nephew. What the freak!?

    And the workers are not polite anymore. They should have been more accommodating.

    For sure, I am never going back there. EVER!!!!!

    Take my advice, better go to Paradise or even pearl farm. Even if you are going to pay more, at least its really worth the price.

    Costa Marina is a suuuucccckkkaaaaa!!!!!

    Rip off!!!!!




  • Marinette

    i want to know the package tour…were only 2,my close fren and want to visit samal island and get a tour…..email me pls….thanks

  • fate

    costa marina such a nice place.. it so relaxing.. even though they dont have this “””fun fun fun””” amenities you will enjoy chatting with friends…

  • isauros b. gravador

    planning to spend overnight with my family on a weekend.room rates pls

  • mae

    i would like to know the room rates, and how to go there?

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  • marbe

    may i know your rates for january ? room / packages etc?

  • chrys

    i like samal island hooping……
    what a nyc place…

  • Lani Bowles

    will be there i love the food on the table i miss philippine food yummy i feel hungry now

  • As of May 2008 its Php130/head.
    I love costa marina so much.Always go there for day tours.
    Just watch your things specially if u leave them inside ur room. =)

  • Lani Bowles

    how much the entrance fee per head,i want to check the place next vacation

  • jj

    In terms of value for money, Costa Marina is much better than its cousin Paradise Island. It’s less crowded, thus you have a more relaxing atmosphere. Last time I was in CM was April 2007 and I already forgot how much I spent for our stay there. You can however check on their website at http://www.freewebs.com/costamarina/information.html for their rates and contact details.

  • malou

    Hi,were planning to visit costa marina this end of december may i know the contact number of costa marina

  • fairy

    Hi, i’ve been to Davao, unfortunately it was raining that time and I had second thoughts on the boat transfer to the island as We brought our 1 year old son with us, we’re planning to visit this December. Kindly advise the rates at costa marina. Many Thanks.

  • malou

    may i know the room rates of costa marinaÉ

  • Suzette

    is it okay to bring my kids, at costa marina…i mean safety and security…tenks

  • mabs

    i plan to bring my friends to costa marina coz they’re so much into beach and seafoods. where can i book a cottage or is it okay to directly go there without reservations?

  • luv

    hello! the place looks enchanting. can you send me contact details? do they have packages for overnight stay, and would you know the rates?

  • Costa Marina is one of the best yet low cost beaches I’ve been to. My friends and I during college days stayed there using tents and it was fun fun fun! We even caught a little octopus. Sadly it died on us. Despite that tragic even, the place is beautiful. It’s a must go place.

  • brigette

    I lived in Talikud Island and to all my kababayans, you need to see this precious little island and I assure you have the best time in your life. Tranquility and friendly people.

  • I’ve been there in Davao. It’s like a paradise in Samal Island. Abe you should visit Isla Reta as well on your next davao trip.

  • argh, this post makes me miss davao so much.