A 25-minute Flight to the City of Smiles

I’ve been a jetseater for almost 20 years now. I was only a few weeks old when I first rode an airplane bound for Cebu from Manila. I’m used to jetlags and delays at the airport. Been to the worst weather and the best flights. Last month, I’ve experienced the shortest flight that I had so far. The route: Cebu to Bacolod. Duration: 25 minutes!

Since CebuPacific Air was having its P99 seat sale for Cebu-Bacolod (which by that time Cebu-Iloilo is already P1200 one way) after relaunching the seat to accommodate the entrepreneurs and Bacolodnon-Negrense market of a quicker way for Cebu and vice-versa or for rather than taking an 8 hour bus and ro-ro ride.

The flight to Bacolod was so short, that I spent most of my time in Mactan International Airport than at the plane itself (which by the way, the flights for Iloilo and Bacolod got delayed due to a delayed connecting flight from Davao). Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Taking off was comfortable. Crossing the low mountains of Cebu, then Tañon Strait then the vegetable patches and the soaring Mount Canlaon.

The usual ice tea drinks were not served since the flight was too short to serve food anyway. Better eat first before taking the flight or else (bleeeh).

Immediately, we can feel the plane slowing down drastically. We were maybe to fast or maybe to high that speedbrakes were applied 10 minutes before landing. There were a lot of low lying clouds that day, and it was a thrilling ride as we decend towards Bacolod airport. It was thrilling because the thought of overshooting the runway lingers in my mind (after what happened to Philippine Airlines’ A320 that overshot the runway a few years ago in Bacolod).

After 25 minutes, we safely landed in the City of Smiles and boy the flight was so short yet I was surprised that the language shifted so quickly.

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  • psepheroth

    If you go to Cebu or anywhere in the Philippines, you got to know this fact:

  • Lou

    Hi. I don’t know anywhere to go to in Cebu, but I’d want to go to a beach. Is there a beach that you could recommend me for my honeymoon (that my future husband and I would definitely enjoy)? That will be in either May or June… Thanks