Water fun at Leisure Coast Resort

Leisure Coast Resort Bonuan Pangasinan Big BucketSummer is here and with the weather heating up, it would be perfect cooling down with some fun in the water.

Up north at Bonuan, Pangasinan we’ll find the Leisure Coast Resort which is perfect place to cool down for summer. Leisure Coast has three slides (all three-storey high), a wave pool, nice water-playground for kids.

Expect lots of people this summer. Avoid the weekends when there’ll be more people sharing the pool and making longer queues at the slides. Book in advance if you want to stay overnight in their cozy cabanas (keep the doors closed, keep the insects out).

Have fun, stay kewl!

Visit the Leisure Coast Resort website.

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  • there are a lot of resorts here in pangasinan you must visit the other resorts too.But its soo fun there in LCR, i enjoy the place!

  • David Clacy

    We loved this place so much we got married at resort, little did we know that while we were exchanging vows our rooms were being robbed, which put a real sour note on our special day… But at least we werent alone as another couple getting married at same time also got rooms robbed. While we were paranoid enough to take most valuables with us, the thought of some creepy person rifling through our clothes stealing any gadgets or perfumes they find… Disturbing! Hotel security was an absolute joke, as pointing out that chances of so many rooms leaving windows unlocked was virtually impossible and must be inside job…. Returned nothing but blank stares. Not even an offer to compensate our rooms… Didnt feel safe staying there after that and left along with other wedding party.

  • Great place to stay in Dagupan, it’s located out of the town proper but to me its very much worth the extra effort. The rooms & amenities are top notch – seems like no expense was spared in considering guests’ comfort. Very friendly hotel staff. The waterpark is also quite an attraction and great for a family getaway

  • try checkin out cove landia if your plannin to go to the west. its located before the town of sual pangasinan. you can also go island hoppin like the virgin island which is almost white sand on its shores.

  • Al
  • I’m more interested in prices, accomodation can you help me?

  • nero

    Historical Sites and Tourist Attractions

    Bolinao Museum Germinal (Pob.) w/in the town proper
    Cape Bolinao Lighthouse Patar 19 kms.
    UPMSI (Marine Laborarotory) Luciente 2.5 kms
    Pacific Farms Inc. Zaragoza 16.5 kms.
    Bolinao Falls Samang Norte 15.5 kms
    Balingasay River Balingasay 5.5 kms.
    Patar Beach Patar 19.0 kms
    St. Claire Monastery Luna 6.5 kms
    Bolinao Parish Church Germinal w/in the town proper
    Cindy’s Cave Patar 17 kms.

    Tourism Facilities

    El Piscador Village Inn Germinal (075) 554 25 59
    Celeste Seabreeze Inn & Rest. Germinal (075) 554 20 35
    A & E Garden Germinal (075) 554 27 80
    Stefania Beach Resort Luciente (075) 554 20 03
    Rock Garden Resort & Rest. Arnedo
    Lady Irish Beach Resort Balingasay
    Verling Beach Resort Estanza
    Ramos Villareal Beach Resort Estanza
    Chiling And Balmer Beach Resort Estanza
    Villa Soledad Beach Resort Estanza (075) 734 52 93
    Coco Beach Resort Estanza
    Villa Vicente Leisure & Beach Resort Ilog-Malino 0912 880 86 92
    Garden Paradise Resort Ilog-Malino
    Kuroshark Beach Resort Patar
    Dutch Beach Resort Patar 0912 311 65 40
    Arguero Beach Resort Patar
    Polly’s Beach Resort Patar
    Tropical Hut Beach Resort Patar
    Patar White Beach Resort Patar
    Bing’s Beach Resort Patar 0917 697 79 65
    Bolinao Treasures Beach Resort Patar 0916 380 44 51

    Trasport Facilities

    Five Star Bus 12 Bolinao-Pasay City vice versa
    Dagupan Bus 6 Bolinao-Quezon City vice versa
    Victory Liner 5 Bolinao-Quezon City vice versa
    Philippine Rabbit 2 Bolinao-Manila
    Bolinao Transit Express 5 Bolinao-Dagupan vice versa

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  • nero

    We went to this resort a few months ago. We enjoyed the place. Excited ang mga anak ko sa swimming pool lalo na yong artifical waves created by machines . “Cool!” sabi ng bunso kong anak. I think, only one itong “articial wave making machines” sa Pangasinan.

  • water is the life in summer…

  • i checked the website.. seems fun and ok yung place 🙂 medyo malayo nga lang from my location