The Joy of Travelling Alone

It has always been in our culture as Filipinos that traveling is always declared as a group activity. Most or shall I say, many of us would often go out of town together with friends or family members.

But, how many has actually traveled alone? I doubt if anyone will raise hands here.

Unknown to many, traveling solo has its perks too. It was through journeying alone that I was able to develop my skills in communicating with the strangers. I get to know a lot of people. I was able to appreciate local history more.

Traveling alone is a very liberating experience for me. Imagine, I don’t have to wait for friends at the airport for an extra minute before queuing at the check in counter. I dont have to worry extra budget in case my friends would ask to dine in an upscale restaurant, or take a taxi instead of the usual jeepney ride. I can go to any place that I want. What if my friends love to go to the park, while I want to visit a local museum? Hard, isn’t it? Traveling with friends always limit your choices of itinerary. Not to mention limiting the foods that your going to binge in. I love seafoods, but my friend is allergic to crustaceans. While my other friend is a vegetarian???

The pace of your traveling activity is not a problem when you are alone. You can set your pace if you want to tour quick, or walk slowly, just like in the park.

I myself love traveling alone. It gives me the freedom to explore a city without the need to tow friends who are not interested in what I’m doing. I really enjoyed my self so much when I traveled all alone last July 2006, from Manila to Baguio, Baguio to Vigan, and Vigan to Manila. December 2006, I saw my self flying alone to the Asia’s Latin City of Zamboanga, then swim at the white sand beaches of Basilan. I also traveled alone for the Dinagyang Festival 2006 in Iloilo City.

So if I were to choose between traveling with a group or traveling alone, I’d still prefer the latter. The adventures are limitless. Who knows what happens next.

Upcoming Festivals to watch out for!

Sinulog 2010
Ati-atihan 2010
Dinagyang 2010
Panagbenga Festival 2010
Philippine International hot Air Balloon fiesta 2009 Clark Pampanga

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  • anji

    i will travel alone to palawan this october. i know i like it, i have been traveling alone in some places in the philippines but only for a day or two. Now my worries are – can i be alone for four days? (im sure i’ll visit a lot of sites) or what if others in the group tour have companions and i’m alone? how will i belong?

    • Hi Anji, sama mo kami! Haha. 🙂 Enjoy!

  • anji

    i will travel alone to palawan this october. i know i like it, i have been traveling alone in some places in the philippines but only for a day or two. Now my worries are – can i be alone for four days? (im sure i’ll visit a lot of sites) or what if others in the group tour have companions and i’m alone? how will i belong?

    • spidermanph

      Hi Anji, sama mo kami! Haha. 🙂 Enjoy!

  • Wow this stuff are really great. Im a female myself and i can say i feel comfortable being alone on my own city, however i have never tried travelling alone. Things that are written here not only encouraged me but also made me look forward on travelling alone.

  • nene

    traveling alone is fulfilling, freedom, opening ur soul to a lot of other things w/c u did not consider when with a group of friends or relatives.

  • annecy

    we have a close-knit family and we enjoy traveling together. but sometimes i don’t enjoy it because they go to places i don’t want to go. so i have always wanted to try to travel ALONE.

    as i searched here in the ‘net, Batanes is always the suggested place (i don’t know why). actually i’m planning to go up North, say, Sagada or Vigan/La Union.

    since you’ve long been traveling on your own, any suggestions or tips for first time solo female traveler like me? thank you.

  • Nice

    hi. i found this site while searching for places i can visit next year, and i’m glad for the encouragement in the article. i haven’t traveled much in the past… only started just this year, and with friends.

    i want to try traveling alone next year, but i’m not sure which place i should start with (one that will best suit a first-time female traveler like me). can you recommend any place? my planned travel would be around february or march… and then around october or november.

    will appreciate any help and tips. thanks 🙂

  • Rachel

    Totally agree! I love seeing new countries and learning about them. I find traveling solo extremely liberating and much less constrained. I’m free to decide where I want to go, what I want to see, and what activities I want to do. I currently live in Canada and have traveled to 20 countries so far. The Philipines is next on my itinerary! 🙂

  • That’s the reward you got from traveling alone. I’m happy to hear that you enjoy it. However, don’t think it’s hard to ask help if you are alone? I mean two heads are better than one. Why be alone if you can have someone to be with you.

  • ken


    I’d been travellin mostly with friends. Think it’s about time to travel alone come June 10 of 2009 in SAGADA. Booked already in Residential lodge for a 2 days and 2 nights stay. I hope something good comes out of this trip…

  • princessfiony

    Hi!I’m inspired with your thoughts about travelling alone. I plan to go to Baguio next weekend. I liked your itinerary, I know it could be useful for my trip.

    Thanks for your sharing your insight.

  • Tam

    I’ve been planning to go to Cambodia alone over the 4th of July holidays, to be honest, not because i’d prefer it that way, but because i couldn’t drag anyone with me. I’m glad i read your posts – they made me feel that this is actually a much better choice. This is my first time out of the country so i had to take a tour package, but maybe next time i’d be brave enough to backpack through Asia alone. 🙂

    I guess the only problem is, who’s supposed to take my picture standing on top of the angkor wat towers??? hehe

  • Solo traveling is a conversation between you and the destination. I’m planning a trip on my own to Banaue-Batad-Bontoc-Sagada… My other chronicles, as seen through experimental analog photography, can be found at my travel lomoblog: http://eazytraveler.blogspot.com Cheers!

  • Hey Corinne, I also traveled alone in Sagada last dec 13-15. Sagada and places up north is a pretty safe place to travel eventhrough your alone. Anyways, before I went there in Sagada, I went trekking in BAtad Village, BAnaue. ANd spend a night there. Pretty cheap accomdations too.. Next stop is Vigan…

    Travelling alone is just a thrill. Its being comfortable and enjopying the place by yourself. Being alone doesnt mean we’re lonely. Its means where happy enough to actually veture somewhere else.

  • Well I already did that travelling alone going to Sagada just lass dec 3-5, 2007. And I really had fun… 🙂

  • Nice blog! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on solo traveling. I have also enjoyed solo travel, and prefer it more over group travel. It gets complicated for me being a woman solo traveler because people always give you strange looks when checking into hotels, or taking boat rides alone. That doesn’t stop me 🙂 But there is a real exhiliration of being on the road and just being free. Happy traveling!

  • i always travel alone, if i can help it. the freedom is limitless. :).

  • …it actually gives one a chance to linger on a certain moment or anything that captures your attention without having to think of companions or any possible inconvenience one can cause.. a very welcome opportunity be in touch with one’s self and make use of a very valuable and free gift – time….

  • While I enjoy travelling with friends more than travelling alone (I love having people around to share the experience with and discuss things), I would not mind travelling alone and have done it a few times because of work. What I don’t like about it is sleeping alone in the hotel room – I’m a scaredy cat!

  • biboy

    Of course, traveling alone has its advantages. I prefer to travel with my family so that you can spend quality time with them. Bonding is the more appropriate term. I have been bitten by the travel bug and has been doing a lot of traveling with the family. Enjoy!!! There is a website which has helped me a lot – http://www.hoparound.net. It gives you an excellent listing of interesting destinations. What’s great is that you will also see a list of micro tourism service providers per location. So you can plan your trip to the fiesta you want to visit and arrange for the services you would need during your stay even before your leave your place by using the internet.

  • I had hesitations travelling by myself, but like what everyone above me had posted, it can be very exciting and fulfilling. Its typical for American college students to either study abroad or go backpacking. I did the latter. I decided to explore Italy and loved every minute of it. Except for a dinner in Venice (where I was surrounded by lovers), I never felt lonely because theres always someone new you can meet (especially I stayed at several hostels). Anyway, I highly recommend travelling alone, it gives you a great opportunity to learn about yourself.

  • As daunting as it may sound, travelling solo is thrilling and rewarding at the same time. Besides, you won’t be “alone” for that long as you are bound to meet like-minded people anyway. I’ve met some of the most wonderful people thru my travels.

  • seems fun pero for a female parang nakakatakot din, considering some situations are not really good… but i like the idea.. and you’re lucky kasi you could travel alone and i agree with your points 🙂

    but i don’t think i could travel alone.. siguro kahit 1 friend lang kasama koo ok na ako dun 🙂

  • + : I enjoy travelling alone. Having your own pace, your own decisions, your own direction (or lack of 😀 ).

    – : There is an ache inside me, when there is no one there to share the experience

  • Elmo

    I have been travelling alone for a long time. Either for business or pleasure. And nothing is more irritating than to be asked, “Where is your partner?” or “Are you travelling alone?”. And the expression on the inquirer face says it all when I answer, “Yes”.. as if I am some kind of a charity case .. nakakaawa naman, mag-isa lang..
    Fortunately, this does not affect me anymore.

    Sometimes, it is good to have a travel buddy, if only
    to have someone to take your picture, to chat with during meals, and to enjoy a beautiful breathtaking scenery with.

    One big disadvantage of travelling alone is the price of accomodations and tours. Might as welll have some travel with you dahil parang pang dalawang tao na rin ang binabayan

    But there are trips you

  • “So if I were to choose between traveling with a group or traveling alone, I’d still prefer the latter. The adventures are limitless. Who knows what happens next.” — i totally agree! going solo beats travelling with a bunch of people, and is almost as exciting as travelling with someone you love. naks!