A banca ride to Pagsanjan Falls

Pagsanjan Falls is believed to be the best water falls in the Philippines, or so I thought. About 2 hours drive to the south in Laguna via the South Super Highway (SSH), you’ll just have to turn right at the end of the Calamba junction. Go straight until you reach Bo. Pinagsanhan in Sta. Cruz, then turn right until you find some of the nearby lodges where you can stay overnight.

Pagsanjan River

The boat ride to Pagsanjan Falls is about 1 hour upstream rowed by two men on a banca. A trip costs Php650 per person and a boat can carry up to 3 passengers. You’ll also need Php90/each as toll fee on your way there.

Majayjay Falls

Depending on the season, the ride could get really wet and rough as the banca men with wade they way thru strong currents, huges rocks and monkey’s throwing objects at you. You can bring a camera with you but be careful it might get wet. Better bring a zip lock plastic wrap to protect your belongings. You will be passing several likely stop-overs where you can have a picnic, buy a quick meal or some drinks.

Pagsanjan Falls

When you get to the falls, you can ride a raft (or balsa) to go directly below the very strong falls. That’s another Php90 per head. During the rainy season, the river could get really high and newer falls could appear at the ravine halfway. The current may also be too strong that the banca can only get to the first stop.

The beauty that once was Pagsanjan seemed to have faded already.

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  • Cath

    Controlled ng municipal tourism ang rate s mag boatriding going to the falls..Wala magawa hotel owners, 135pesos Lang napupunta sa hotel. Centralized pati boatmen 500 bayad bawat isa . Ung mastitis na 615 me share ditto cavinti at mas malaki at sa pagsanjan municipal tourism…mas favorable nag ung dating rate n 660 dahil Hindi centralized mas may kita hotels,dapat Lang dahil guest contact naman nila.gumagastos din s promotion at follow up.favorable pa s guest dahil mas Mura. Ewan kna mayora at gov, hawak kc nila tourism Wala magawa hotel owners…
    LAki investments owners lugi talaga,bayad staff,etc…

  • Bakit yata masyadong mahal naman po ang 1250 per head.kasi if you want to promote the place at madagdagan ang mga tourist sana mas mababa.kasi mas natutuwa sila kung mura.mas kuripot pa sila sa mga pinoy.sa villa escudero may tulugan ka na-may food pa may free rafting at iba pa.may show pa sila pero 2500 lang-kaya mas gusto ng mga guest namin na pumunta dun.sana maibalik ang 650 per head para mas marami tourist pumunta-maglagay n lang ng ibang rate kung hnd peak season d po ba?

  • how much na ang banca ride going to pagsanjan falls ride per person,,,,

  • how much na po ang boat ride per person,,,tnx

  • TamedTongue

    With standard banca ride at P1,250 head, a P100 tip per boat man would be fine. Give tip direct to boat man and not to middlemen. Take banca ride in reputable establishments only, preferably in a hotel or at La Vista.

  • jazz

    we been there today we pay 1688 per head and no reciept damn guy he cheated us i was disappointed to them coz they ask for too high prices although my husband is foreigner they fool us and the boatman they r asking too much tips, i gues costumer can decide how much tips they want to give and the other embrassing we pay 1688 per head,, so be carefull when u go there the right price is 1250 one guy tell to us after been at the tour many cheaters useless u cant trust them fake. The paradise.. something operator is cheaters beware!

  • TamedTongue

    Wala naman po nahuhulog. May salba bida ang bawat pasahero. Puede po ang bata below 5 feet. Dalawa tao lang ang laman ng isang banca, magaan para sa mga bangkero. Of course, puwede po ang 54 years old, bata pa po iyon. Kayang kaya po.

  • fatima

    wala bang nahuhulog sa bangka? pwde b un bata below 5 feet and kaya b ng matandang babae at age 54?

  • TamedTongue

    Been to Pagsanjan Falls yesterday.

    Finding a hotel for an over night stay was difficult since most of the listed hotels are either already closed (La Corona, Rapids Hotel, etc), contact numbers are not updated and no photos at all to show. Some hotel rooms can easily pass for “motels”. I decided to go to the Tourism Office (fronting the church) and Mr. Zosimo E. Felonia (049 501 3544, 0929 819 8512)gladly led me to La Vista Hotel, a cozy yellow 3 story building just near the Church and opposite the only bank in the area, BDO. It has rooms with double beds for P2,500 per night. Their “penthouse”/upper deck room has a terrace where you can see the river and the city. It has a bathroom and extra toilet for bigger groups. La Vista also offers small rooms with a bed for only P350 in the adjacent building which they also own. They have ample parking for guests in another lot nearby which they also own. You can call Beth (049 501 1229 or 0912 9471 843) for inquiries.

    The accommodation fee does not include breakfast. Meals can be taken from nearby Andok’s and several other eateries along the road. There is also a bakery and a 7-11. For breakfast, you can get a hot drink at 7-11 and buy some bread or bring it to the nearby Andoks for your usual tapisilog.

    The boat ride costs P1,250 at La Vista for adults and children alike. Children get the same boat fee. It includes all the cost of taking the ride. At the end of the ride, the boat men expects a tip. A boat takes a maximum of 2 passengers.

    The boat fee of P1,250 is quite hefty. But this is the new fee imposed by the city government. Boatmen complain that since this was raised from P635 years back, the number of visitors declined, and all 987 boatmen have to wait for their turn. It takes 10 days before a boatman gets his turn on a regular cycle. A small portion of the fee goes to boat men and they believe a bigger portion is given to the city government, which they do little to promote the place, even update website, or check on the quality of hotels. The route ride aside from its natural fauna could have been better and cleaner (grafitti on river banks). At least the boatmen have uniforms and there is a printed “route” of the entire ride which can be found on boat stations or hotels.

    Though initially the fee is quite cumbersome for a local tourist, the amount of effort and experience the boatmen do to make the trip possible and memorable was just impressive.

  • TamedTongue

    I have recently been to Pagsanjan Falls and would like to submit photos for the benefit of those wanting to visit, may send it thru your website? HOw

  • anna

    san pwede mag park ng car?

  • jo

    hi, ask qlang guys magkano boat fare ng bata?

  • moe

    Hi, kakatapos lang ng Pagsanjan falls experience namen, the current rate is 1,200 per person plus tip to the boat men. Its a nice experience since its only in laguna .

    SULIT yung init and tagal ng boat ride pagdating mismo sa falls. Priceless experience.

    You can go here friday night and go home saturday afternoon.

  • calle

    at ano pa ba ang mga attractions malapit sa pagsanjan para maikotan namin?

  • ari

    @mak may i ask, ung 1350 was that per person?oh and does anyone here knws any cheap hotel or stay para overnight somwhere in that area?my husbnd and i are planning to go there kc this week.reply please

  • angela

    @mak sino yung boat ride provider niyo? :)

  • mak

    been here last 10 april 10, its a good timing na el niño, malinaw ang water at hindi muddy murky hehe, un nga lng d ganun ka rapid ung rapids dahil kulang sa sipa ng tubig haha, as for the rate of our commisioned boat ride provider, PhP 1,350 plus tip (kaw bahala kung magkano) inclusive here are: dressing room, safe keeping of personal belongings,round trip ng banca, toll fees, insurances, life vest, the raft going directly under the falls, shower room, it took us almost three hours lng nakabihis narin kmi nun, after that ikot ikot na laguna haha

  • jashelane

    so what’s the current rates for the boat ride?

  • jashelane

    so what’s the current rates for boat the ride?

  • hello. galing kami dito. hehe

  • annalyn

    how much it will cost riding in a banca? and is there a motel to accommodate us? im from mand city how we can get there in pagsanjan?

  • maricris

    masaya ba dyan?

  • mi-shel

    pede ba buntis dyan???at ang mga bata ba may bayad din sa boatride?ano ano pa ba babayaran?

  • Kathy

    the best talaga ang experience at pagsanjan falls boatride and rafting! it was a big day to remember specially if you’re with your cool and funny and bubbly loveones! yup! masayang tour yan lalo na pag buong pamilya kayo! you can be yourself and feeling mo isa kang serena! hahaha… nakakatawa talaga mga tito at tita ko who portrayed “dugong” and “marina” characters…super saya namin! C’mon kapwa ko Pinoy! this is NOT for the elite alone! mas maeenjoy ito ng mga kapwa ko simpol tao…actually,nakapunta kami dito nang lible lang kaya you can imagine na talagang di kami rich family…i wish mangyari sa mga kagaya ko ang experience na ito…alam ko mahirap ang buhay pero keep holding on to your dreams and wishes. God hears and knows our hearts’ desires…at panawagan ko na sana magkaron ng pribelehiyo mismo ang mga kapwa ko pinoy na maranasan at makaulayaw ang kalikasang ganda ng Pilipinas!

  • chris

    hello! san po bang area nagsisimula ang boatride? saka pag may car ako san pwede magpark? tnx!

  • jokiz

    i have just been to pagsanjan falls, too bad your picture was taken on a rainy day, brownish waters

  • Philippines is full of such waterfall, and this is one of them, really grt to see that

  • magkano na ba ang boat ride ngayon?