Cebu Pacific’s 1++ fare promo


Like the previous years 1 peso promo, Cebu Pacific Air is once again coming out with a 1++ promo.

cebu pacific promo

This time international flights will be included as well as a total 300,000 seats will be available. This is a marked increase compared to the previous years 50,000 seats offered. List of flight destinations can be found here.

Reservation will be open from March 2 to March 8 only. Flight schedules will be between Jun 1 to Dec 15, 2007, again this is an improvement as the flight schedules are longer than the previous years offer.

Reservations can be made at the CebuPacific website. Because of the popularity of this promo however I’ve noticed that the site has become unavailable, so I’d recommend munching on huge bag of “Patience” when booking *snicker* Or you could always just go to the nearest Cebu Pacific ticket center to avail of the promo.

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