Kite Surfing in Boracay

There are so many activities that you can do while on a vacation in Boracay. Of the tons of water sports available, from scuba diving to motor bike rides, the one that sparked my interest was kite surfing. Also called kite-skiing or fly-surfing, this sport basically uses a parachute-type kite and 4 lines hooking up the surfer and his surfboard.

Kite surfing

The gear, a wipika/flysurfer or the kiteski, are specialized equipment which can be bought between $600 to $1,500 or can be rented for around $90 in Boracay.

Boracay Kite Surfing

However, it seems like this kite-surfing is a little regulated like scuba-diving so you will need to take a 3 and a half day course which costs about $350. A little on the expensive side but it looks too exciting to pass up.

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  • boracay is a nice place also..many tourist love to visit that place..kiteboard barcelona is a great game..its one of the fastest growing water sport in the world..

  • Im really hoping to go to boracay next year. Looks awesome for kitesurfing!

  • Ohh.. i wish i could go there and learn… i have been dreaming of kiting for so long now…maybe ill get a course this fall, and bring my gear over new year 😀


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  • hi abe!
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    your article is nice, thanks. some more info:
    the courses are 325$, rentals are 100$ a day or 370$ a week.
    the gear you find is only f-one, north, slingshot,and naish.
    one thing is tru, once starting it, you get adicted.

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