Boracay by boat

What are the general details of your boat trip to Boracay?

We rode the Negros Navigation ferry from the Manila Pier to Caticlan on our way to Boracay and the WG&A Super Ferry on our way home. There were four of us going there and three going home.

How long was the trip?

The actual boat ride itself averages 12 hours. Going there we arrived the port at around 3 p.m., boarded the boat around 5:30. We were actually the last ones to board. There were problems with people who booked online. We finally got off the boat around 8:30 a.m. the next day. There’s a lot of waiting involved.

How much did you save?

As opposed to riding a plane I saved Php 1,700.00 total. Our tickets cost around Php 800.00.

How was the ferry?

It was ok. It looked like an old Japanese boat; there were Japanese writings all over. I was actually surprised at how big it was. It had four floors. We stayed at the economy air-conditioned section. Double-decked bunk beds all over with only around a meter between beds. But there was actually a section that was open air. Something like a super-economy section. ‘Nung umaga nga, tumitilaok na yung mga manok ‘eh.

What did you do during the trip?

Played poker. Tried to sleep. Ate dinner. Checked out the people who partied at the roof deck. There was a DJ and people were actually dancing. Some of the girls were even sort of ledge-dancing. And this was all on the rooftop, open-air, really, really strong sea breeze.

Do you think the savings from riding the ferry was worth it?

No. It’s a very, very long trip. You waste almost 30 hours. You could have been a lot more productive than the Php 1,700.00 that you saved in 30 hours. By the way, this is if you are going on vacation.

Would you do it again?

If all of us were to ride the boat, I’d do it again. If not, I’d probably just do it one way. Definitely to go there, and ride the plane to go home.

Any last words to describe this experience?

It was really exhausting. It’s not for people who lack patience. Don’t do it if some of your friends are riding the plane. You wouldn’t want to be with the group who chose the boat. On our way home, I was part of those who rode the ferry. Our trip was scheduled for 5:45 p.m., their flight was scheduled for six. They were already in Manila and we were still waiting in line to board the ferry. Finally, I got sick after. Must have been the airborne germs from the loads of people in the sleeping quarters, it was like a hospital ward there.


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  • It really doesn’t make sense to use the boat. Zest Air has some super cheap flight prices if you book in advance and even cebu pacific has some decent deals.

  • big

    it’s not worth it..really..if u r going for a vacation..make way for savings prior to the tour itself..do not deprived yourself just to get to ur destination..if you feel you do not have money to spent..then take places near you so u will not spend much on ur trip..next time u travel..consider your pleasure..and that means spending..well a good vacation will really cost u much..but then again..ur enjoyment is priceless.. ;p

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  • Hi,

    is there also a WG&A travel from Bacolod to Caticlan?


  • @ MT

    I was too tired to even look around the WG&A on the way home. Although it was cheaper. So I’d have to say WG&A.

  • biboy

    There are other beaches in the Philippines which is a lot better than Boracay. I have been bitten by the travel bug and has been doing a lot of traveling. There is a website which has helped me a lot – http://www.hoparound.net. It gives you an excellent listing of fiestas, where and when it is held. What’s great is that you will also see a list of micro tourism service providers per location. So you can plan your trip to the fiesta you want to visit and arrange for the services you would need during your stay even before your leave your place by using the internet.

  • MT

    u rode different ships going to bora and going back to manila, right? what’s the difference? which ship would u prefer riding?

  • What an irony for “Funship”!