Balay Negrense

This mansion belong to Victor F. Gaston, the son of Yves Leopold Germain Gaston. The Gaston clan hailed from Republique de France and are considered as the pioneers of the Negrense Sugar Industry.

Balay Negrense

balay negrense

This house has already been declared by the National Historical Institute as one of the thirty Heritage Houses in Silay City Negros Occidental.

balay negrense

This cultural treasure has already been converted into a museum for everyone to appreciate its beauty and be able to get a glimpse on the lifestyle of the wealthy sugar barons.

balay negrense

The Balay Museum houses priceless heirlooms like the famille Gaston’s telephone, bicycle, old books, dolls, gowns, and furnitures made of hard wood.

Here, you will get to feel how the Negreses of the past lived. You will get to imagine how lavish their lifestlye was during its golden era.

balay negrense

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  • http://facebook&yahoo mary joy perez hamto

    Hi!…first of all, i want to introduce myself ..i am the grand daughter of the late Enriqueta Teodoro Perez , wife of Geronimo mom’s name is Josephine Perez Hamto and i am very happy to be part of this clan…
    By the way my deepest thanks to the hospitality u showed to our family during the cremation of my grandmother last January year 2010…
    Regards to everyone and thank you for acknowledging us…..

  • http://none Balin Roig

    Hello, si Balin ini. When I am homesick I google “Silay City” and look at the old house. I miss Tito Mon Hofilena and if anyone reads this, please let him know that. Ti, kamusta lang sa tanan – palanga ko kid kamo tanan. Balin

  • Sue Gunning

    I had the pleasure of being treated to some wonderful hospitality from the Gaston family in 1971 when I stayed in this beautiful homestead. I remember sleeping with mosquitoe nets around me, dining at the long table and sitting on the veranda and visting the chapel.

  • mary jemelyn azarias

    hi! i am one of the family member of gaston clan. i am the granddaughter of Mary Linda Perez Gaston. Her father is the son of Yves Leopold Germaine Gaston. I am proud to be a part of this clan.