Dangwa Flower Market, Sampaloc, Metro Manila.

Dangwa is a fresh flower market in Sampaloc. It is located in the Dos Castillas Street and spread its wings in the side streets ( Lacson Ave, Maria Clara Str., Dimasalang Rd.).


There are more than hundred stores to choose from and the prices are exceptionally low. You should haggle your way around and find your dream flowers at affordable prices.



The market gets its name from the bus terminal of Dangwa, a company that transports flowers from Baguio to Manila.
The market blossomed to meet Manila’s demand for flowers. Peak hours are from 2 am till 6am but the market is open 24 hours.
While 70% of the cut flowers are coming from the Northern region (mountains surrounding Baguio), the Dangwa market now sells asters from Laguna, pineapple blossoms from Tagaytay, Gold Malaysia from Cotabato and orchids from Davao and Bangkok.

Even if you don’t need flowers it is a nice place to room around and imbibe in the sight and scent of roses, lilies and orchids.



The market gets exceptionally busy for Christmas, Valentines and All Saint’s Day.

Where: Dangwa Flower Market in Sampaloc. Dos Castillas Street. Center of the market is located at the Dangwa Bus Terminal. You can find many other flower shops in the neighboring streets.

When: Any time. Open 24 hours every day of the week.

My rate: 8/10. It is a beautiful flower market and a feast for the senses. It is probably the cheapest place in Manila to buy your flowers. There is a huge variety of flowers and vendors to choose from.


Source: My Sarisari Store.

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