@ LB Square: Crib Tea and Coffee Bar

Outside the gates of University of The Philippines Los Baños is a place called Grove that winds down to Lopez Avenue all the way to Crossing where the Manila-Sta. Cruz (Laguna) crossroad is.

Ten to 15 years ago, Grove is a line of old residential establishments whose ground floors have been converted into a student’s eatery or restaurant, bookstore and boutiques.

Now, UPLB Grove is  buzzing with it’s new night life. The new buzz word for gimmicks and the place to be: LB Square.

LB square is much like a landscaped sunken garden surrounded by food and bar stools. The cuisine is international, catering to the melting pot of culture that is UPLB, from good old Pinoy, Thai, Japanese, Vietnamese and western cuisines to satisfy the varied palate.

While the bars…the bars never run out of anything with alcohol. 😉

Tea and Coffee Bar (1)

If you are like me, I’d rather sit in a quiet place, put my feet up (or curl them under my legs), have a coffee or two while waiting for my friends to arrive, preferably in front of a computer, surfing the net or checking my emails. The last time I was in LB square, Crib Tea and Coffee Bar allowed me to do all of the above. Cool eh.

After making the rounds at LB square and you’re full and tipsy, then nothing like good coffee or tea to perk you up for more chika into the middle of the night at the Crib.

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  • Tubong Elbi

    I was born and raised in Los Banos, and it has really changed a lot those past years. LB Square should not be compared to Plaza Agapita. People blame the violence on LB Square, but remember Allan Gomez and Aileen Sarmienta? There was no LB Square then. Violence, even fraternity wars, has been there decades before LB Square. Sex, drugs? I hate to dissapoint, but that too has been ever since. You are right to say that Los Banos is now being known for its drinking hubs. But remember, before these drinking hubs, there was nothing. Students drank on the streets! If you do not know this, then you are not from Los Banos. If you live in one of the Subdivisions there, better move. Change is coming. Even your head is changing: most of the hair is gone. Loser.

  • eLBi nights

    I think that Drine’s nook was the Ihaw Express that had been closed for almost 4 years now. If I’m right, it was located at the corner of F.O Santos and Ruby St (Street starting from Raymundo gate)?

  • if you happen to go up north, there is this interesting coffee shop in Rosario, La Union that I think is worth giving a try. I made a short entry in my blog about Soul cafe, please check my blog entry about it at:


    let me know what you think of the cafe. I think they deserve an entry here on your site. Thanks! — Chris

  • Pissed Offf

    Relax, don’t be a prude? Here’s news for you. Two instances in the past year where people have been hurt, even killed (1 dead) at your beloved LB Square, gunned down no less.
    Funny how prophetic I sometimes can be, as the Mayor has taken over the place. By pure happenstance, the stupid owners failed to pay taxes. The local gov’t took this opportunity to step in and has taken over the whole thing. It can either change for the better or worse now.
    One thing’s for sure, take a gander at your LB square today, it looks even worse. Dirtier, grimier, more disorganized. UPLB students now avoid the place 100%. Only good thing about this is there aren’t enough people going there anymore for anyone to hold those damn noisy concerts anymore.
    I’ll give this shithole maybe 1 to 2 years. Bye bye. : )

  • frank

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  • kerby

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  • kerby

    “In my recent trip to Clark Freeport, I chanced upon an amazing restaurant inside Mimosa. It’s just past the Holiday Inn. It was better than the high-end restaurants in 5-star hotels in Manila! I think the name is YATS Restaurant. It is not that expensive but the food is great and they have an incredible wine cellar too.”

    “I have to share this with you – the lamb rack at YATS Restaurant is out of this world. Aside from the fact the lamb is cooked to perfection, the sidings are even more exciting. This is real fine-dining stuff, best I have seen in this country, and second to none that I have seen in other cities including Singapore and Tokyo.”

  • Funtimes

    Relax, have some fun in your life and stop being a prude.

  • Pissed Off

    Well, first of all LB Square is an eye sore. An ugly, grotesque addition to a once peaceful, thriving residential/commercial area. As of today, it now resembles a market place. No planning, just a mish mash of tables, chairs, stalls, a squatter like maze of poorly constructed shanties. If the owners do not take heed, it will someday, maybe in the near future, turn into the original LB square, the Plaza Agapita which is just a few meters further from the UPLB gate, was once a fev hangout as well! Now a hotbed for drug abuse, prostitution, gang wars and host of other unmentionables. Aside from being noisy till the wee hours of the morning, it has caused traffic congestion in the area, for how is it that such an establishment did not provide for the possible number of customers the proper and adequate parking facilities. People park just anywhere. Clogging traffic on the main road and adjacent subdivisions. Worse, I haven’t even gone into the fact that this place, simply a place where students delve into debauchery, contributes to the delinquence of our beloved iskolar ng Bayan. Here is where free sex reigns supreme, alcohol and drug abuse run rampant. Non-UP students, people from questionable backgrounds have already started to infest the area. This a major security threat. The source of on site violent clashes, drugs and prostitutes. I feel sorry for the parents of these kids. So sad. Not to worry for our dear ever efficient mayor is trying hard to secure these kids with police presence. And he is working hard to find a way to suspend the licenses of these establishments and just simply shut them down. Good riddance. The requirement by law is for establishments serving alcoholic beverages is to be 500 meters from schools, churches. LB square is just 27 meters from the UPLB gate. Goodbye.

  • ^^ i haven’t heard of drine’s nook yet. will try that next time.

    gawds, that’s why i heart elbi (hometown baby) cheap food, plenty of liquor and laidback atmosphere

  • petunia415

    We love bringing our kids to the Crib during their twice a month outing at LB Square while we adults socialize in one of the bars in the square. Very quite and safe to let kids use the computers of playstation, catch a nap or just lounge on one of their bean bags. The staff are also very kind and accommodating. Coffee’s good too.

  • kiray

    LB square is a welcome addition to what was then a limited choice of place to dine out say 5 or so years ago. There is another cool place at LB called Drine’s Nook just a few meters walk from LB square going to F.O. Santos. Their bar-b-que spareribs, pork humba and chicken terriyaki really delights your taste and is affordable. They play bossa and classic jaz and comes with an exotic ambiance at nightime. Great for dating too!!!

  • biboy

    You’re telling me. Being a UPLB alumnus myself (Ag. Eng’g, 1979), i remember the time that Grove used to be all turo-turo restaurants (cely’s being the more preferred) and the tiny mall right beside the gate. Life was a lot simpler then.