Yacon: The Healing Rootcrop

yacon_senor enrique

These are not yams or sweet potatoes (kamote). These are yacon.

It can be eaten raw. Its crunchiness resembles that of sinkamas; however, Yacon is sweet with a slight tinge of a gingerly taste to it. And although sweet, it doesn’t affect one’s sugar level. No wonder it is popular among those with diabetes and those on a diet. The reason for this is that supposedly, yacon store carbohydrates in the form of insulin and not starch. Its high fiber content is also effective against constipation. There are those who claim that yacon also purifies the blood.

It costs P30 per kilo at the Baguio market. From what I understand, about ten years ago, one could get them in Metro Manila at the weekend markets of Cubao in Quezon City and Magallanes in Makati only. The price then was about a hundred pesos per kilo. Nonetheless, many people purchased yacon for its healing properties.

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