Who to complain to against erring Davao Taxi Drivers.

A while back I was complaining about unscrupulous taxi drivers in the Davao Airport who would charge you an exorbitantly high fixed rate once you got in their cab. Then they were also in cahoots with the other taxi drivers there so that everybody was charging the same thing. Well that is a thing of the past already.

I just arrived in Davao from a Manila flight and as I headed to the taxi area a very friendly TMC cop clad in their green uniform politely asked me if I was looking for a cab. I said yes and he then gave me a slip of paper and directed me to where the cab’s were neatly lined up. It was a complaint form against taxi drivers addressed to the Mayor’s Office with a number to call.

Another fine example of how Mayor Rodrigo Duterte cares so much for his constituents well being. I remember one time when he invited an erring taxi driver to his office and gave him a severe dressing down after a pregnant woman complained that he didn’t want to bring her to her destination because of the distance and the rain.

So for complaints against erring taxi drivers (meaning those who don’t want to run their meter or don’t want to take you on as a passenger) call:

Office of the Mayor (Hon. Rodrigo R. Duterte) : (082) 224-5878, 0918-9368054, 0919-4165815

Be sure to take down the name of the driver (if you can) the plate no, type of vehicle, the name of the taxi company (on the side of the doors) and the date and time that it occurred.

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  • Den

    I recently went on a short trip to Bohol and upon arrival in Davao City, I took a taxi from the airport to Buhangin (where Jollibee is located) and ended up paying almost 160 php – his meter said 106 and then he charged me an extra 50 because he said he had to pay a “terminal fee” at the airport. I’m half Swedish and he was probably trying to one-up me but I can speak the local language and told him off. He insisted however, saying that there was a sign at the airport. Granted, I didn’t really pay attention to any signs, I was pretty sure that wasn’t the case but I gave him the money anyway because I was in a hurry (and frankly, a bit shocked) – I did give him the evil eye, some prophetic comment about karma and slammed his door. And I did jot down his plates – LWV 499 Elder Taxi. I’m not even convinced that his meter was working as it should be (it seemed a bit too much for such a short drive) and I was very annoyed about the extra 50 because I always tell everyone that Davao taxi drivers are the most honest ones I’ve ever encountered in the Philippines and his actions gravely disappointed me – especially after having been cheated black and blue in Bohol 🙁

  • pissed off

    STC TAXI – Not friendly and unprofessional drivers

    nangyari ito banda ng Southern Motors and nccc mall davao city. nag u-turn ako sa designated U-turn spot. Knowing na may mga sasakyan na parating, nag Utuen parin ako kasi alam ko hindi kami masasabit or mababangga. pero etong STC taxi#78 na ito humarurot pa ng husto! Naka u turn naman ako ng maayos then out of nowhere yung taxi na yun, sinadyang nilapit ng driver yung minamaneho nyang taxi sa kotse ko! muntik na kami magbanggaan! hindi ko naman naririnig yung mga sinasabi nya pero kitang kita ko na nagmumura siya! walang modo!

    i have encountered many STC drivers na kulang na lang ipalipad nila ang mga taxi! pero eto is first time na nangyari sa akin. gigitgitin ang ibang kotse?! kasi ang lakas ng loob niyong gawin yun kasi hindi naman sa inyo yung mga unit na yun!

  • Jonalie Dela Peña

    hi. Nangyari po ito December 22, 2010 11:58am. Tumatawid po ako at pamilya ko sa kalsada ng PAG-ASA ST BUHANGIN DAVAO CITY dala namin ang 3 year old son at 9 month old baby namin. bago tumawid, sumenyas muna kami sa mga sasakyan ng stop dahil dadaan kami. huminto ang lahat pero hindi ang taxi na KRIXIA with plate number LWZ 400. muntik na kami masagasaan! mabilis ang takbo niya at nasa slow lane pa naman xa! nainis kami sa kanya at sinigawan siya! Umakto na baba ng taxi at susugurin ang husband ko pero dahil may pasahero xa, bumalik siya sa taxi. ang ganitong klase ng ugali ay hindi dapat tinotolerate dahil buhay ng inosente ang madadale. Nagseminar naman sila diba? panawagan din po ito sa mga operator na desiplinahin ang mga driver nla lalo na yung parang daredevil magpatakbo! kung magpapakamatay kayo wag nyo dadamayin ang iba! Sana maaksyunan ang reklamo ko. thank you!

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  • grace

    dear ding,
    i read your message regarding davao taxi situation. i think this time their is a new operator who put up plenty of brand new taxi units and environmental friendly. they use diesel rather than lpg. if i am not mistaken the company name is STC. i tried to ride several times with stc taxi and i can proudly say that stc company is a professional company. the drivers were trained and develop by the corporate human resources team. drivers are courteous,kind and with integrity. i hope you would also try to ride stc taxi. and give me your comment. thanks

  • hadj Car

    To Ding,

    im sorry that davao dilapidated taxi offended your social level and their petroleum consumption from “your company” which by the way, profits your company.

    Davao City have filtered most of the non-airconditioned taxi already, right now majority of the units are airconditioned. this was due to the very simple and basic fact that some taxi drivers cannot afford to “boundary” rent of the aircondidtion taxi. The city was compassionate enough to consider their financial capabilities hence they took it on account. try to understand those drivers financial capacity and their status. to immediately strike their franchise will result to deprivation of property and their right to venture into profession. the LGU cannot afford to strike their money making venture for the simple expedient that their unit is non air,dilapidated or whatsoever.

    :”Tourist Attraction”, yes i agree that taxi is one attribute that can prosper tourism, but it plays a very minimal consideration. safety demand tourism most. we dont claim that we are the safest in the philippines, but we are relatively safe compared to any big cities in the philippines, i.e., cebu, manila even cagayan. currently our tourism rocketed high and investors are coming in, contrary to what your saying.. perhaps it will not offend your senses to read articles in the papers.

    i’ve been to many cities here in the philippines, yes their taxi are fully airconditioned and well maintained but they got my pockets empty. kulang na lang sabihin nila na hold up to.. and they dont have the system here to catch the driver, buti na lng may 911.. sooo behind?? hahahaha!!!

  • ian

    the same thing happened to me the last time i went to Davao, it nice that the airport police gave me the same slip. when i boarded the taxi, i already noticed that the cab driver didn’t turned the meter on, i just pretended that i did not noticed it. when we reached our destination, i just gave him 100 which i know already covered the fare. its not my first time in Davao and i know how much it cost to ride a taxi from the airport to ecoland bus terminal. when the cabbie tried to complain i raised my voice and showed him the slip the airport police gave me, then he apologized. i told him it’s not my first time in Mindanao(i’m from GENSAN) particularly also in Davao which probably what he think since I am speaking in Tagalog. I also told him that that though I don’t speak their dialect (Cebuano) I can understand it enough to go by. Most of the time they only go after the tourist or first time travelers. Its a good thing the good Mayor of Davao City made something to ensure the safety of those to who visit his city.

  • danny boy

    i as a westerner have been going to davao for the last 25 years and have used taxies on a daily basis. there are two types air con and non air con. the old plu’s are being replaced over time. there was a problem with some taxi drivers at the airport my last visit but Mayor Duterty gave a public warning in the press to these drivers. if you go to the city now and you have a problem with the taxi drivers do not get into a fight or argument with them. just calmly take down their cab number and plate number then send a letter of complaint with the details to the mayors office and i am sure he will deal with the matter to the extent that that driver will not overcharge anyone ever again

  • Juan

    I find that Davao taxi drivers are mostly kind. However, try getting a taxi at sundown or during wet weather and many refuse to stop. If they stop, they ask if you’re going the direction they are planning on heading to. My wife and I had to wait almost half an hour for a taxi just accross the street from SM City Davo. It’s much easier to find a taxi at NCCC Mall

  • nga eh… The least these taxi companies can do is provide phone numbers and suggestion boxes in their taxis like most restaurants do. Para naman maevaluate naman nila ang performance ng mga taxi drivers… at kahit naman i train lang nila ng basic customer service tong mga mokong na to… ang babastos eh…

    Meron pa ngang incidents na binastos talaga ang mga babaeng passengers. I had a friend who was traumatized dahil nag masturbate sa harap niya ang driver.

    Kung ako lang, pwede ako mag impose ng surveilance cameras sa lahaaaat ng taxi sa buong pilipinas so their bosses can closely monitor them.

  • dingb guevara

    the city govt of davao is not serious in getting city a good image by getting rid of dilapidated taxis and very abusive taxi drivers, no wonder the city is not growing and lags behind the cities of cagayan de oro and butuan.. tama ka ms galinato.. maybe we could shout more to be heard.. i work for a petroleum company based in the city and i pity those drivers driving around unsanitary environs yet guzzling more of our product.. puro pangako land ang mga opisyal dito!!!! they should hire me clean-up the city like mr. fernando.

  • ma. luisa andrea galinato

    for the past 23 years i lived in davao city, never have been this irked until that Saturday night. I rode an Aaliyah taxi on October 7 at around 9 pm to Davao Doctors college to meet up with my college friends. aba, pagsabi ko pa lang ng destination ko, pagalit pa xang tinanong ulit dahil ndi niya narinig. upon arriving near merco across DDH, he asked if diretso lang ba or if liliko papuntang DDC. I just told him to go straight, however, of course, tao lang… we do have moments when medyo nakalimutan natin kung saan. Aba, at sinigawan ako na “Gipangutana taka kung muliko ta didto!! Wala kay klaro!!” aba, hindi pwede yan… and the worst part? Hindi ako makareklamo dahil wala sa directory ang number Aaliya taxi. IT’s a good thing that i found this website.

  • i am proud of the taxi drivers of davao city! they are far more courteous than the taxi drivers in manila. i do not mind if the taxis in davao are not air-conditioned. wala naman kasing pollution sa davao city, unlike manila na maliligo ka sa usok.

  • ding guevara

    recently i was in davao city, i noticed that the taxis plying the streets are mostly dilapidated and many are not airconditioned. A big city like davao should have updated their public utility service if it wants to attract tourists, like me for instance, i dont want to ride in a dilapidated taxi and very hot when i visit my clients that when i arrive there, am already haggard and very smelly.