Barcelona Church (St. Joseph’s Church), Barcelona, Sorsogon, Bicol.

Bicol’s oldest church built in 1874 by a Spanish friar from the Franciscan order.


It is a huge Baroque-style dome-like structure. The thick stone walls of the church including its bell tower are original. The walls are made of coral rocks without the use of cement or steel bars. The windows are built high and wide for the purpose of giving light and ventilation to the parishioners.
Alas the recent inside renovation is too modern looking and the stained glass windows were added in 2003.


Fronting the church, facing the sea, are the ruins of a stone structure that was then known as the casa tribunal and baluarte. During the Spanish period the construction of stone structures used beaten egg whites mixed with tuba, the native coconut wine, and lime as binder. The huge slabs of stones were taken from the sea and arranged on top of each other to create a wall.

According to legend the place was called Barcelona by homesick Spaniards because the place reminded them of Barcelona in Spain.

Where: Near Sorsogon City. Barcelona is in between the villages of Gubat and Layog.

My rating: 7/10. Beautiful old church. Not far from Rizal Beach (one of the best beaches in the neighbourhood) and on the way to Bulusan Lake and Volcano.

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  • i’m from barcelona, i would say that is a nice place and bauityful nature nice air but kung may umutot ay tiyak na ma3tay sa amoy nito..

  • arwin

    I`m from barcelona, I would say that it is a nice place to visit.. I have a lot of memories there when I was at high school, it also serve as our meeting place with my friends, the air was very refreshing if you were in seawall in front of the church. Its really a nice place,,hope everyone would visit this place, you will enjoy the story behind it… I miss my hometown…

  • Great post! This is absolutely beautiful. I can’t believe it was built in 1874, it is in excellent condition.

  • Kentot

    I’m from sorsogon city, but i never been there.. it’s quite such a very nice place. Hope one of this days i would visit all the church in sorsogon including this one 🙂

  • stephanie samson

    wow!..it is indeed a very nice place…i’m proud to say that i’ve seen this place for a long time because i grew up in pinarec and i also had the chance to bring my bf with me and attended the wedding of my cousin here in this church last April…

  • Louie E.

    Wow…….Im proud to say dyan ang tribe ko walang hihigit pa very peacefull, dayn ang hangout namin especially sunset and sunrise…kay tnx sa nag post nito andbest regards sa lahat ng tropa at barcelonian…

  • i love my hometown ,,viva barcelona

  • i love barcelona

  • wow,,i love barcelona,,its really a nice place for me

  • jino***

    i was a “dayo” when i reached that place but the moment i saw it, i don’t know but i fell in love with it…to see and pray inside that church with a very speial friend…hmmmm….it all seem like a dream…someday i’ll return in that place..XD!!

  • Barcelona is one of the most famous and popular cities in Spain. This is a bohemian town on the west coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Perhaps best known for his eccentric modernist architecture, especially stand out buildings the architect of the famous Gaudi. This is beautiful city.

  • rusky evasco

    hey,, joe thank you for exploring our home town barcelona… i hope it will serve as anice memory…. its a nice place ever… i’m also form barcelona….. thnkz a lot.. may the Godbless us always…have a good day

  • esperajean

    nice architecture huh!….I was baptized at this church. When I was a kid..the church reminds me of my younger years and my high school life n BCNHS..i realy miss this place i hope to come back soon, hello to all my batchmate (batch2001) and to all my relatives in luneta specially espera and rosales family….

  • the church is truly breathtakingly beautiful……. hope all barcelonians would appreciate that, it is one of a kind that we shoud be proud of where ever we are…

  • ayvee123

    This is my mom’s hometown. Though she was a U.S. citizen, she died here and was buried here. It’s funny the common theme of the comments are essentially the same: peaceful, enchanting, charming, etc.. I can’t agree more.
    We still have a house just down the street from that church. It’s been years since I had the pleasure of being there. I really, really miss this place, and hope to come back soon.
    Thanx for posting this up.

  • jongs

    my girl friend lives in that town.. i used to go back there everytime we have time she taught me everything in that place we also go on that church every sunday we both planned that were goin to married on that church.. i really love this place shes from tagdon barcelona. thats place place was so beautiful and im goin to back there.. i love that place like my girlfriend loves her home town.

  • I must admire the architecture and beauty of this old church. Images are very beautiful.

  • esther

    I am really excited to go home to Barcelona,Sorsogon.
    I remember, we used to sit on the sea wall while watching the tide go higher and higher and just feel the cool breeze of sea air. Ay naku! you should also feel the enchanting charisma of this place. I miss you all! Hello to Entac and Rimando family! Bea,Ariesza see you soon girls!

  • estela laila pastor escobedo

    Seeing this beautiful church reminds me of those were the days that i spent in Barcelona. I met lots of good friends Milet galarosa, Tony ?, my cousins Escandor family Kuya Sam Hello!!! Will see u soon after more than 20 years. I will bring my children to show them the beautiful places like Gubat, Bulusan, Casiguran etc.God bless see uuuuu.

  • Wow, all of you guys you have such a beautiful memories in bicol even in this church, hope to see this church personally, soon” actually marami akong namis sa bicol like a lot of memories, kc sa zambales ako lumaki mula (kinder to High School) but my parents are still here in bicol until now.
    Guys if you have a lot memories on bicol share me about your memories if you want, sabi ko nga marami akong namis sa bayan natin bicol, here’s my freindster or E-mail add, if you want to share your memories to me you guys thanks, god our beloved place. BICOL..

  • esther

    my family is still there and i must admit, that place is really lovely. i used to walk through the gates of that church. i love the serenity, very relaxing.

  • barcelona is not “between the villages of gubat and layog”. barcelona is a separate town or municipality from gubat. and layog is one among the 25 barangays of barcelona. so there’s no way that barcelona is “between the villages of gubat and layog”.

    to my fellow barcelonians, as one among your public officials, i am encouraging you to visit our town and enjoy what it has to offer. there’s no place like home.

  • rowena casulla

    kung memories lang naman ang pag uusapan,marami kami jan ng mga kaibigan,my hometown…POB. CENTRAL BARCELONA,SORSOGON…jan ako bininyagan at inaakyat namin ang kampanaryo…

  • carol

    sidney it’s unbelievable how beautiful the church look’s i was born in paghaluban barcelona & baptise in that church i visited my mom every year everytime we visit our relatives in paghaluban we always droppedbye & say prayer thank’s for showing .

  • camille

    i’ved been there last May for vacation and i saw this church personally and my…its really wonderful, very solemn and relaxing..more power to bicolanos..hi to erlano & sta ana family..godbless.

  • carmen

    so nice pics..congrats sidney.it reminds me of my younger years.put some more..mga “Uragons” talaga ang bicolanos.

  • kristine

    i have a lot of memories in this place..every inch of my stage were witnessed by this lovely structure!..

  • kristine

    my beloved hometown..i was also baptized in this church..the tower”kampanaryo” used to be my hangout before..it was such a nice place!. This church will witness my wedding in the future! i’ll go back there..hehehe

  • kenneth

    wow! a very big thing to be proud of, being a bicolano. I hope to see this personally soon.. Padangat ko kamong mga bicolno…

  • kulisap24

    amazing labor of love…you’ll be amazed by the coral walls

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  • win826

    nice pic..both my parents grew up in that village..i have seen that church and was able to climb the tower ..i must say that the view from the tower was breath taking..the ruins across the church is also nice (ruins of an old school)..

  • Gerry

    Nice shot Sidney. Like Joe I was also baptized here. Nice memory. Now i’m leaving in London.

  • my grandparents just live in the block behind/beside that church. i used to ignore that big structure there but i did quite find it to be breathtaking as i turned older.

  • Joe

    It is certainly a beautiful structure. I was baptized at this church. When I was a kid, I used to climb all the way to the bell tower and watch the ships sail on by…

  • Such a lovely old structure.. I bet there is a ton of history here! Love the entire thing .

  • Beautiful. It somehow reminds me of something I’d find in Corregidor. Cheers! =)