Davao City Golf Club

One of the problems of living in a city where everything can be reached within 15 minutes is that you eventually run out of places to entertain visiting friends, because you can practically accomplish the whole tour of the city within the span of a day.
Then I found Davao City Golf Club. That is, for my golf aficionado friends.

It is one of the oldest golf courses in Davao that is located smack dab in the heart of the city. The area comprises 9 holes worth of fairway bliss. If you want 18, then play it twice *snicker*

For the business traveller, you could squeeze in an early morning game of golf by paying P300.00. If you’re a member (P2,600 lifetime membership fee and subject to approval of committee), you just pay the P 650 monthly fee and you can whack away anytime to your hearts delight.

One downside of the course though, because of it’s compactness, is that it doesn’t have a regular driving range. They said that their unofficial driving range is hole no. 1. There you can practice your drives, they won’t allow you to do that however during peak days (especially the weekend) when there are a lot of golfers playing.

For Inquiries, Call Davao City Golf Club : (6382) – 2962290

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  • james

    i’ve played there in march. nice course and the caddies are great and help you to read the greens. it is a hilly type of course. nice and challenging. make sure you bring your sand and lob wedges. very friendly members. a must to visit.

  • I’m going to be visiting the golf club in the near future. Thanks for the update and especially the overhead pictures. Cheers, Richard

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  • dingb guevara

    pardon me, but golf is the stupidiest game ever invented.. exercise kuno while doing business deals.. mas mabuti mag-mahjong na lang kaayo.. stupid

  • Nice travel website. Thanks for blogging about Davao.

  • zra