Kuang Kong Temple, Binondo, Metro Manila.

In the middle of Chinatown you can find a small Buddhist temple on the second floor of an ordinary looking building. The temple is along Kipuja Street.


The temple is dedicated to Kuang Kong. Known as the God of War, Kuang Kong is favored by Chinese businessmen. He is the patron of Martial Arts and Patron of Scholars (when seated/reading). He is protector of the innocent, the loyal, the compassionate and the kind. He is the powerful and honorable general who stood by the kingdom, though it cost him his life. Kuang Kung is also protector of Quan Yin, Goddess of Mercy.

Kuang Kong is depicted here with an open book and is behind glass.

The temple is open to the public. Tell the security guard that you want to visit the temple. Once inside the temple you can take three incense sticks and put them in the big vase you find at the entrance of the temple. Don’t forget to give a small donation!

Where: in the heart of Binondo. The temple is hidden on the second-floor of an ordinary building on Kipuja Street.
Ongpin Street turn left into Fernandez Street then left again into Kipuja Street)

My rating: 7/10
Small hidden temple dedicated to Kuang Kong the God of War.

Info from: My Sarisari Store

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