Mount Samat Shrine, Pilar, Bataan.

Bataan Peninsula was the scene of harsh fighting between American-Filipino forces and the invading Japanese forces. On April 9, 1942, the Bataan defenders surrendered to the Japanese. About 70,000 U.S. and Filipino soldiers were captured.


The Shrine of Valor (Dambana ng Kagitingan) atop Mt. Samat in Pilar was built in 1966 in memory of those soldiers of World War II.

It consists of the “Colonnade”, a marble capped structure with an altar, esplanade and a museum. Inside the museum you can learn more about the battle of Bataan and the Death March that followed. The captured US & Filipino soldiers were forced to march more than a hundred kilometers from Bataan to Tarlac.


The Memorial Cross is a towering structure made of concrete, steel and marble. It is 92 meters high and the arms’ length is 15 meter on each side. It is 555 meters above sea level. An elevator goes up to the arms of the cross where the viewing galleries are found. The exterior finish of the cross at the base up to an 11-meter level is capped with “Nabiag Nga Bato” sculptural bas relief’s depicting significant battles and historical events.


The Shrine is visited annually by war veterans from different places on Bataan Day (April 9) to recall and honor the past.

Where: Mt. Samat is only 130 km away from Manila and travel time is about two to three hours by land and an hour by ferry.

My rating: 8/10 Impressive structure. Mount Samat Shrine is an ideal place to brush up your history lessons or learn more about the battle of Bataan & the Death March. It is a nice one day excursion.

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  • Ms. Lily, magandang araw po.
    Ask ko lang po kung pwedeng kumain sa may garden kapag nasa taas na, lunch ganun po? Kapag po ba pababa na may tricycle sa taas na nakaabang para makababa? Maraming salamat po!

  • Michelle

    hello po ms lily. ask ko sana if galing ng subic may route po ba to mt samat? salamat po

  • lily

    to those who are asking about the schedule of mount samat, please be informed that the Shrine is open 7 days a week, from Mondays to Sundays, 8am to 5 pm, even during holidays. This goes to mean that it will be open on the 25th of december and 1st january 2013.

  • lily

    to those who are asking about the schedule of mount samat, please be informed that the Shrine is open 7 days a week, from Mondays to Sundays, 8am to 5 pm, even during holidays. This goes to mean that it will be open on the 25th of december and 1st january 2013.

  • Cecil

    Hi gabriel, i’m Cecil………yap open ang Mt. Samat National Shrine even weekend…..open everyday 8am til 5pm……we meet at the Shrine ,hope u still remember me……..GOD BLESS.

    • heitrid

      Cecil, grabe naman believe nko syo, wala ka pang memory gap… 2 months ago pa ata si gabriel pumunta sa mount samat till now naaalala mo pa??? iba ka tlga!!!!

      • cecile

        ask nia kc bakit di cnasagot.hehehehehe

  • Cecil

    Hi gabriel, i’m Cecil………yap open ang Mt. Samat National Shrine even weekend…..open everyday 8am til 5pm……we meet at the Shrine ,hope u still remember me……..GOD BLESS.

    • heitrid

      Cecil, grabe naman believe nko syo, wala ka pang memory gap… 2 months ago pa ata si gabriel pumunta sa mount samat till now naaalala mo pa??? iba ka tlga!!!!

      • cecile

        ask nia kc bakit di cnasagot.hehehehehe

  • gabriel

    open po ba kapag weekend???

  • gabriel

    open po ba kapag weekend???

  • hi michelle, the entrance fee for Mt. Samat Shrine is P20 for adults and P10 for students. Going there you have to take the NLEX and exit at Sn Fernando. take Gov Roman Hi-way, straight ahead until the junction at Ala-uli in Pilar, Bataan, turn right just follow the road. then turn left at the junction in Bgy Diwa, that road will lead you straight to the shrine.

    I hope your visit to Mt. Samat Shrine will be a memorable one. Enjoy. 🙂

  • hi! we would like to go there for our field trip. how much is the entrance fee? & how to get there via private vehicle? thanks

  • blotter424

    Maam Lily

    Thanks for your your immediate response IAm also enjoying reading comments on this site and your immediate reply to all visitors of this site whether they had a good and unpleasant experience.

    Keep up the good work and more power


  • lily

    Hi Blotter424,

    I am afraid the staircase leading to the arm of the memorial cross is permanently closed for precautionary measures. We use to allow the public to use the staircase before but becasue we have had unpleasant experiences of vandalism and unhygienic practices it was decided not to allow anybody to use the stairs anymore. And besides, this is also to prevent any untoward incident that the public may be faced with like health problems and what not. But for the sake of information, i am told that the cross, from the base up to the arm, is equivalent in height with a 36 storey building and another 4 storey from its arm up to the apex. So all in all the cross stands 40-storey-buidling high.

    I hope you will find time in the future to visit the shrine. Thanks and God bless..

    all the best,

  • blotter424

    after reading some of the comments we are planning to go there with my family on my vacation next year as now presently working in mid east we are not planning to use elevator. May i ask how many steps is the staircase before we reach the viewing window so we can prepare ouselves first not suffer heart attack

  • lily

    hi cygon,

    yes, kung papunta kayo bagac, i think yung byaheng cabog-cabog, same way yun.. hindi ko lang alam kung same transpo rin yun…about the fare…kung genesis bus, 200 pesos daw upto balanga terminal.

  • cygon

    thanks Ms. Lily… ask ko lang how about going to bagac bataan? yun narin po ba ang route? magkano po pamasahe sa bus mula kaloocan going to balanga bus terminal at ano po ang sasakyan namin papuntang bagac bataan? kasi pupunta po kami sa bagac bay beach resort. Thanks po!

  • lily

    hi cygon..here’s some info about going to samat by public transpo:

    try to find a bus na may route na balanga bataan or mariveles..ang alam ko Genesis Bus ang maraming byahe papuntang Bataan..ang Victor Liner din meron. If you’re coming from Valenzuela, i guess, Victory Liner Caloocan ang pinaka malapit sa inyo.

    If you’re taking the Balanga route, baba kayo sa terminal ng bus, then sakay kayo ng byaheng Cabog-Cabog, sabihin nyo ibaba kayo sa Diwa, papuntang Mt. Samat. From there, pwede kayong sumakay ng tricycle. going up, ang charge daw nila is 100 pesos per head. pero kung medyo adventurous type kayo, pwede na rin kayong mag-hike papunta sa shrine. More or less 7 kilometers ang lalakarin nyo.

    another option is to take the Mariveles route. Baba kayo sa Ala-uli crossing, pa-remind nyo nalang sa conductor kung saan kayo bababa para hindi lumampas. From the crossing,pwede kayong sumakay ng tricycle up to Bgy. Diwa only. from there sakay uli ng tricycle like i mentioned above. Ang pamasahe sa tricycle from Ala-uli crossing to Bgy Diwa is 30 pesos.

    I hope nKatulong ang information na ito sa inyo.

    Have a memorable trip to Mt. Samat. 🙂

  • cygon

    itatanong ko lang panu magcommute galing valnzuela city papunta bagac, bataan… san ba sakayan ng bus papunta bagac bataan? thanks…

  • lily

    Hi again Jhay, as far as I know sa Morong ang pinakamalapit na beach after Mt. Samat. Though I am not sure kasi hindi din ako taga Bataan…sa Morong lang kami nag-outing sa office one time kaya alam ko may beach doon..i will try to ask our officemates na taga Bataan…i’ll get back at you pag may info na ako.

  • Jhay Angeles

    Ms. Lily thank you po… Big help po yan samin ng mga kasamahan ko… Another question po…. anu po yung pinakamalapit na beach na pwede po namin puntahan after??? thank you po… so much… God bless you po….. 🙂

  • lily

    Hi Jhay,

    San Fernando to balanga bus terminal daw is 102 pesos ang fare…san fernando to alauli crossing is 112 ang pamasahe..from crossing pwede ka na sumakay ng jip papunta sa bgy diwa…malapit nalang yun…i guess mga minimum na lang pamasahe…then from bgy diwa you can take the tricycles na nagba-byahe papunta sa taas ng mt. samat shrine.. i was told 50 to 75 daw ang fare per head…

  • Jhay Angeles

    ask ko lang po how much po ba ang fare from San Fernando Pamapang to Damabana ng Kagitingan thank you po. Me and my colleagues is planning to visit the site this coming week. Thnanks po 🙂

  • myles

    gusto ko po sanang malaman kung pwede din po ba kaming magtayo ng tent malapit sa dulsulan falls? gusto po kc ng HS friends ko ng adventure kaya naisip ko po ang mt. samat at dulsulan falls. ask ko na din po kung nag ooperate pa din po ba ung zipline??? thank you po.

  • Vince

    I have emailed you already by the way.

  • Vince

    Thank you so much Ms. Lily

    We appreciate your time and support.

  • lily

    Hi Mr. Vince,

    I am not sure about a safe place to park, but let me ask first our co-employees who live in the vicinity. There are stalls where you can buy snacks, as in chichirya, soda and water only…so i guess if you prefer healthy foods, it would be best to bring your own and besides there’s a palce there along the road where you can stop by and maybe take a little of your baon.

    please contact me through my e-mail add so i can give you info regarding the place to park… [email protected] is the e-add

    thanks and i hope you will find Mt. Samat Shrine a worthy place to visit.

  • Vince

    Hi Ms. Lily

    Me & my family are planning to go to Mt. Samat on Maundy Thursday April 5. We have a private vehicle going there but we wanted to experience the walk going up the shrine. Is there somewhere we could SAFELY park at the starting point of the walk uphill? It’s going to be our first time there so we don’t know what to bring just in case there’s no store there where we can buy stuff we need like food, water, etc. In short, we are clueless on this trip and I don’t want to disappoint my family coz I was the one insisting on devoting our Maundy Thursday to this Mt.Samat trip.

    I would greatly appreciate your advise on this one, before we’re forced to suddenly change plans just because of not having to know what to expect and do there. Also, what’s the best time to arrive, early morning or late afternoon?

    Thank you for your help Ms. Lily. You’re doing a great share on this Historical Landmark by being helpful to everyone who’s inquiring.

    God bless.

  • meiren

    ms. lily ask ko lang kung saan ung zipline kasi plan namin magpunta sa mt.samat then sa zipline paano po kaya? thank you

  • jorence

    how about po dun sa mga something like museum po sa taas? and may zip line po ba sa taas something like park po or tourist attraction..may entrance rin po ba? or sa 10pesos..pde mo ng malibot ung buong taas po? tnx mam lily

  • lily

    yes, may entrance fee sa samat, P10 per student, and yes pwedeng lakarin from barangay diwa hanggang taas…7 kilometers yun… c”,

  • jorence

    Hi, i would like to ask po kung may entrance po ba sa mt samat at ibang lugar sa taas nito.? we are planning to go there on april 5 po ksi with my classm8s..and pde po bang lakarin lng paakyat? first time po kasi namin pupunta..tnx..

  • marian buenavista

    kaya nga its more fun in the philippines
    ang saya kaya sa pilipinas try nyo!!!!!!!

  • lily

    hi irish…i will ask my co-employees na nakabase sa bataan tungkol sa nga tanong mo. expect my feedback mga wednesday next week..thanks c”,

  • lily

    hi mr. concepcion, i am sorry for the much delayed response. i did not receive any notification from this site that there are follow up comments. well anyway, i hope i am just on time to anwer your queries…for your first query about tranpo from olongapo to mt. samat, i am not very sure about it but i think there is a jeepney terminal near the vicinity of “bagong palengke”. (i happen to have a relative in sta. rita and that’s where i was told to take the ride when i visited them before going to mt.samat for the preparation for araw ng kagitingan)…i think it was a brown jeep.. i just cant remember the exact route..for the fare, i dont remember how much it was then…I remember taking another ride when the jeepney stopped in the terminal somewhere dinalupihan..the mini bus was bound to balanga so i had to get-off and take another ride again…as it was..i preferred to take a tricycle ride from the hiway up until the foot of mt. samat (bgy diwa). i think this is a rather taxing route to take..but i am not sure now if they have other options aside from the one i took about 5 years ago…but if you wont mind…i can inquire from the tourism office of the bataan governor for any available options…

    2nd query: yes, we collect entrance fee of 10P for students and 20 for adults…the elevator to the memorial cross is usually closed during that date because we are avoiding any untoward incidents in the event the lift malfunctions becasue of overusage. i hope you understand sir.

    for the ttrip to corregidor, i’m afraid i dont have the information right now…but if you wont mind waiting for another day or two…i will contact my co-employees who are based in bataan and refer your concern to them..theymay be able to give more accurate info than me because i am based here in manila.

    may i ask for your e-mail address sir, so i can give you feedback regarding your concern. you mail text me at 09183104435 or email me at [email protected]

    thanks so much for your interest in mt. samat shrine

  • Irish

    Hi po Ms. lily

    Good evening po
    Plan po nameng magtour sa bataan
    meron pa po bang FERRY BOAT from manila to orion bataan?
    if mag bus naman po kami san po yung sakayan sa manila at ganu po katagal yung byahe?how much po?
    Plan po kasi namen pumunta sa Mt. Samat tapos po mag punta sa zipline sa pilar di po namen alam kung panu po makapunta dun pwede po bang mgpatulong?
    Mag stay po kami sa las casas anu po ba yung magandang unahin yung tour sa Mt. samat at pilar before po kami mag check-in sa las casas or vice versa po?

    Hope to hear from you soon po para po maka pagtour na kami kami =)
    samalat po god bless!

    Kung may suggestion pa po kayong maganda pasyalan,masarap kainan at masarap na pasalubong from bataan paki note na din po…=)

  • princess pagcu

    how much is the fare from manila to mt samat and from mt samat to pamarta beach resort in bataan?

  • eric

    january 10,2012


    me and around 16-20 boys, scouts 13years old all from Olongapo City are planning to go to Mt.Samat shrine, up the Dambana ng Kagitingan; then spend an overnight in Corregidor island probably in February or early March.

    How do we get to Mt. Samat Shrine by ordinary commute? Are there fees entering the shrine,how much?

    every year,on Araw ng Kagitingan, April9,we go to Mt. Samat with vehicle sponsored by our City, but we never get to climb the top of the Dambana ng Kagitingan because its always closed to the public on that day.Hopefully now we could,by just avoiding that date.

    In going to Corregidor, i heard that we need to rent a boat in Villacarmen or cabcaben costing 3,000pesos, im not sure if thats back and forth.could you give me contact numbers for boats to rent?hope the rental prices havent gone up.could you please update me?

    are there fees upon entering the island?how much?we intend to camp in the open,we will bring tents. do we need a permit? is there a camping fee?how much?

    where is the designated area for camping?

    i saw on an old website that theres a standard tour for 65 pesos,on a bus.is this still the price?please let me know, we intend to have this historical tour. how long is the tour(hours)?

    could you please send me info? i would greatly appreciate it

    sincerely yours,

    mr. don concepcion

  • sherwin

    Hi mam Lily ask ko lang open na po ba ang shrine ng 7am ng weekend and may place ba dun na pwede mag breakfast kung may dala kaming food?

  • lily

    hello all…for any queries and comments about Mt. Samat Shrine, you may call up our office at (02)9114296, (02) 4013101…or my moblie nr at 09183104435..thanks!!!

  • Bren

    I’ve been in your place, if not mistaken 5 years ago. My first choice for my educational tour of 5 buses and they enjoy a lot. Again planning to bring my friends this Nov.30, 2011. Can we still do light team building (games such as pinoy henyo and tug of war) and picnic?

    Kindly Email the response.

    Many thanks.

  • SeymBr

    Hello po, we are going to visit Mt.Samat this October 30, 2011 (Sunday). Any idea kung open po yung place? TIA po ..

  • narikoh

    elow poh…yung registration fee poh ba iba pa sa entrance fee?? how long will it take poh kya paakyat qng hindi la2karin??

  • martin p marfil

    Good afternoon po! Just want to know – is it possible to bring food up the shrine and if there is a picnic site there where I and my companions – about 16 of us – can eat lunch? We plan to visit tomorrow, Sept. 18. Thanks so much!

  • lily

    hi lito, we hope your visit to mt samat this coming saturday will be a pleasurable and memorable one..thanks for keep coming back…God bless… c”,

  • Lito John Seril

    I’ve been to Mt. Samat several times already. Whenever I visit my brother in Mariveles, I always wanted to go back to the Shrine. Its a nice place to enlighten ourselves, physical, emotionally and spiritually. This coming Saturday, if the weather permits, my group will be coming over.

  • lily

    hi toot, you are most welcome…i hope you will find mt. samat a place worthy of paying another visit…pls dont forget the feedback ha…meron nga rin palang form na pinafi-fillup-an doon para sa feedback…pwede kahit doon nalang kayo magcomment…

    by the way, professional mountain climbers ba kayo?

  • tootoot

    hi lily, thanks so much for the great info… actually we will trek it as a usual trekking (lakad na paakyat) as part of our training before we trek major climbs and our target after Mt. Samat is Mt. Tarak maybe by the first week of July depends on our schedule in our work. 🙂

  • lily

    hi toot, yes, may entrance fee sa shrine..10 pesos sa students and 20 sa adult…im just not sure kung magkano ang charge nila sa elevator but defineitely it will not cost more than the entrance fee. siguro the trekking will take more than an hour..hindi ko lang sure i just based it with the info ng isang kakilala na nag-bike paakyat and he says it took him almost an hour bago nakarating sa taas..c”,..bout the beach, if you mean Bagac, siguro from the junction (foot of the mountain) mga 1 hour pa din bago kayo makarating sa beach area…

    if you have anymore questions please feel free to e-mail me or send me sms thru 09183104435..i’ll be happy to answer your concerns…c”,

    i hope nakatulong ang mga infornation na naibigay ko…

    by the way…after nyo makabisita sa mt. Samat, kindly give us your feedback…tell us how did you find your visit at Mt. Samat…meron ba kaming mga dapat pang i-improve and what other things you expect to see sa shrine considering na malaki ang bahagi nito sa history natin…

    we will appreciate receiving your comments through e-mail or any other means na convenient sa inyo..thanks..

    e-mail add: [email protected]

  • tootoot

    hi, thanks for the info., just want to ask also if there are entrance fees in the place and how much it is? also if what time nakaopen yung elevator sa cross and may bayad po ba? and ilang oras po yung trekking sa pave road from jump-of to shrine? and until what time yung byahe papuntang bataan beach? dun na lang po kasi kami magoovernight ng mga kasama ko….estimated po na 11 kami more or less…..appreciate your response…thanks and regards

  • tootoot

    hi, thanks for the info., just want to ask also if there are entrance fees in the place and how much it is? also if what time nakaopen yung elevator sa cross and may bayad din po ba? and kung ilang oras po yung trekking sa pave road from jump-off to shrine? and until what time po yung byahe papuntang bataan beach? dun na lang po kasi kami magoovernight ng mga kasama ko….estimated po na 11 kami more or less…..appreciate your response…thanks and regards

  • tootoot

    hi, thanks for the info., just want to ask also if there are entrance fees in the place and how much it is? also if what may time nakaopen yung elevator sa cross? and until what time yung byahe papuntang bataan beach? dun na lang po kasi kami magoovernight ng mga kasama ko….estimated po na 11 kami more or less…..appreciate your response…thanks and regards

  • lily

    Hi Juanito, pinaabot ni Mrs. Cuevas ang kanyang pasasalamat din sa iyong pagtupad sa napag-usapan ninyo sa kanyang opisina. Ang nangyari ay isa lamang isolated case at hindi naman kadalasang nagaganap sa loob ng shrine. Pero hindi din naman namin pinagwawalang bahala ang mga ganito issue. Sa katunayan ay pinuntahan pa mismo ni misis cuevas yung shrine para tanungin ang mga tao doon. Sa Kasalukyan, meron kaming directive sa aming mga security guards na paalalahanan ang mga bisita na isecure ang kanilang mga valuables na nasa sasakyan. Dahil sa dami ng volume ng sasakyan din na pumapasok sa shrine ay hindi kakayanin ng mga guards namin na mabantayan lahat ito.

    Muli marami ring salamat sa iyong pagtugon sa usapan.

  • lily

    Hi Aaron, yes, the shrine is open on weekends as well, from 8am to 5pm only. Are you going there as a group? If so, how many? You and your friends are most certainly welcome to visit the shrine…c”,

    Thanks and have a nice time…

  • lily

    Hi tootoot,

    Yes, the 7-kilometer stretch of road to Mt. Samat Shrine is also ideal for trekking. But we advise you not to take any other route other than the paved road. Meron kasing iba na nagsoshort cut, taking the wooded areas…but we really do not advise that for safety reasons…For your other concern..I am sorry but the rooms at the guesthouse are not available for rent…thanks and hope your visit to Mt. Samat will be memorable one.. c”,

  • Arron Perez-Corcolon

    I want to inquire if the Shrine is open on weekends and can accommodate us if we will visit…I’ll wait for your reply. Thanks.

  • tootoot

    hi, we are planning to go to Mt. Samat this month. Just wanna ask if it is also recommented for treking and if it is possible if we can stay over night at the top/summit of Mt. Samat…waiting for your reply…thanks…..

  • serge

    good day…im a tour operator i like to ask if i bring my students for educational tour…how long will it take? it will consume the wholeday? do u have a tour guide there? how much the tour guide fee? what else can we see at mt. samat?

  • juanito

    maraming salamat kay Mam.Teresita Cuevas hepe ng PVAO na kumakatawan sa mt.samat dahil sa maagap na pag tugon nia sa aming hinaing tunkol sa nangyari sa amin sa mt.samat ay naibalik sa amin ng maayos ang nawala sa amin.tunay na maaasahan si mam cuevas at may isang salita na kap sinabi niya na aaksyonan niya ay talagang tinutupad niya.maraming maraming salamat po Miss.Teresita Cuevas sa tulong niyo po sa amin.at humihingi narin po kami nang paumanhin sa PVAO at sa lahat ng nakabasa ng aming sinulat sa site na e2.muli binabawi napo namin ang lahat ng hindi magandang kumento na naisulat po namin tungkol sa mount samat.bagkus ay hinihikayat papo namin ang lahat na patuloy na tangkilikin ang mt.samat dahil sa angkin nitong kagandahan.muli po safe po pumunta sa mt.samat lalo nat alam nating na may isang mataas na opisyal kagaya ni Mam.Teresita Cuevas na tunay na maasahan at mapagkakatiwalaan sa oras ng kagipitan.MULI HUMIHINGI PO KAMI NG TAWAD SA PVAO NAGKAMALI KAMI NG INAAKALA KAYA NAG PA DALOSDALOS KAMI SA AMING NAGAWA.



  • Juanito

    first of all thank you miss lily sa pag sagot sa concern ko.
    taga navotas city ako and then me and my friends including our family visited limay bataan kung saan may kaibigan kaming may ari ng resort.so after namin mag swimming dun napag kasunduan namin na mamasyal sa Mt.Samat.ang gamit naming sasakyan ay isang open jeepney so lahat ng aming gamit ay nakikita lahat.but were so very confident na walang mawawala kc we parked near at the guard house and also we trust the the Mt.Samat that there will be no untowards incidence that will happen because it was a holy place and also nagbayad naman kami ng parking fee so alam namin na hindi kami mawawalan kc nga well secured naman ang place.bago kami umalis sa sasakyan nag checked kami ng gamit and everything is ok and complete including sa isang 2 months old na texas na manok.nakalagay sa karton and then it was sealed by putting a electrical tape on it.so umakyat na kami sa cross nung bumalik kami na pansin namin na yung tabing ng sasakyan sa front sit na iniwan naming naka bukas eh naka sarado na.still hindi parin kami nag duda kc nga tiwala kami na banal na lugar well secured pa ng security and naka park kami malapit sa guard house kaya tumuloy na kami.and all of the sudden may nangyari na hindi maganda sa sasakyan namin na siguro advised narin samin ng mahal na cross na kailangan naming huminto para i checked yung gamit namin kc nga nawalan kami ng preno hindi kalayuan sa shrine so huminto kami sa tabi.at dun kami nag karoon ng pagkakataon na i checked ang gamit namin dun namin nalaman na nawawalan kami yun nga yung texas na manok.nag isip kami na gusto sana naming balikan kc medyo malapit pa naman kaya lang wala kaming masakyan pabalik.kaya napag decisyunan namin na pag balik nalang namin ng maynila at pagdating namin dun na kami gagawa ng decision.nangyari ito dated may 2 2011 between 3:30 to 5 pm in the afternoon so dahil sda sobrang kapaguran sa biyahe kaya nagdecide ako na ipabukas nalang ang pagtawag sa nasabing shrine para mag reklamo.so may 3 2011 around 10am in the morning tinawagan ko yung number na naka register sa google as a contact number ng shrine,naka usap ko ang nag nga ngalang miss cuevas claiming as a chief of the operation sabi niya i imbistigahan niya at ang isa pang sinabi niya na over a thousands of people na bumisita shrine kami lang daw ang naka expirience ng ganito at nag reklamo.siguro nga kami lang ang bukod tanging nag reklamo kc yung ibang naka expierience ay ini ignore nalang nila kaya hindi ito ganung napag tutuunan ng pansin.hindi naman namin hangad na mabawi ang nawala sa amin ang gusto lang naman namin ay hanggat maaga ay magawan nito ng solusyon ng hindi lumala ang nakawan sa mt.samat.so continuation of the story miss cuevas called me back after 10 minutes pagkatapos ko siyang tawagan and ang sabi niya tumawag daw siya sa mt.samat at nag confirm daw dun na na andun yung manok at nakakawala.sino ba namang tanga ang maniniwala sa istorya nila na nakawala ang manok sa kahon kailan pa kinaya ng manok na makakawawa sa isang kahon na naka tape ng electrical tape.so meaning dahil sa sira yung kahon alam namin na isa sa mga staff ng mt samat ang kumuha nun at nag ka interest.pano pa kami babalik at magtitiwalang walang mawawala uli sa amin pag bumalik kami uli dun gayung ngaun palang ay nasira na yung tiwala namin interms of security nang aming mga gamit.pano kami mag ku kwento sa mga kaibigan namin sisimulan ba namin ang kwento sa masayang nangyari samin sa mt.samat o sisimulan namin sa masamang nagyari samin sa shrine.pano pag nalaman ng lahat ng mga kaibigan ko eto at kumalat sa buoong networking site kung ano ang tunay na nangyayari sa looib ng shrine do you think sasadyain pa kayo ng mga bisita specially all the foreigner na bumibisita sa inyo.sana magising kayo sa pangyayaring ito at magawan niyo ng malalim na paghusga para dina lumala pa ang ganitong pangyayari.hindi ako titigil o magsasawang mag complain hanggat alam kong wala kayong ginagawang aksiyon.muli uulitin ko “HINDI KO HINAHANGAD NA MAIBALIK SA AMIN ANG NA NAKAW SA AMIN.ANG HINIHILING KO LNG AY MAGKAROON NG MAAYOS AT MALINAW NA AKSIYON SA PANGYAYARING ITO.maraming salamat.kung ok lng sayo kunin ko number mo para makausap kita tnks.post mo nalang d2 uli.maraming salamat…

  • berry crisp

    Hello, we’re planning to go to Bagac, Bataan this weekend and plan din namen na mag side trip sa Mt. Samat, before going to Bagac. Paano po ba yung way papunta dun. Me dala po kaming sasakyan. Advisable po ba na me dalang sasakyan for I believe bundok na part yung shrine. Thanks very much. More power!!! GOD Bless…

  • berry crisp

    Hello, we’re planning to go to Bagac, Bataan this weekend and plan din namen na mag side trip sa Mt. Samat, before going to Bagac. Paano po ba yung way papunta dun. Me dala po kaming sasakyan. Advisable po ba na me dalang sasakyan for I believe bundok na part yung shrine. Thanks very much. More power!!!

  • lily

    hi Juanito…

    On behalf of the entire PVAO, humihingi ako ng paumanhin sa nangyari sa inyo sa Samat Shrine. Ipinaalam ko na sa aming concerned personnel ang tungkol dito. Pwede mo bang ma-email sa akin yung detalye ng pangyayari, kung kailan at saan nangyari. kailangan namin ito para maaksyunan namin ang inyong concern and at the same time maiwasan itong mangyari uli. Ang aking email address ay: [email protected] com.

    Aasahan ko ang iyong reply. Muli, ang aming paumanhin sa nangyari.

  • Juanito

    Mt. samat is a very nice place,relaxing and it was a great honor to visit the place.masarap, maganda at nakaka ingganyong bumalik. pero base on our experience nag tiwala ka me na hindi kame mawawalan ng gamet dahil nga sa holy place yung pinuntahan namen at isa pa nag bayad kame ng entrance fee and parking fee.they have a security guard para pangalagaan ung gamet namen pero hindi.nagkamali kame dahil sa open jeep ang gamet naming sasakyan eh na nakawan kame.sinira yung karton na pinaglalagyan ng na nakaw samen.it was so very dissapointed on our part dahil nag pa plano pa kame na bumalik sa lugar pero nag dadalawang isip na kame kasi hindi secure ang gamet namin sa mt.samat kahit na holy place pa eto.this incidence is a lesson that no matter holy place or safety place you think you should be careful leaving your things.kc mangyayari at mangyayari ang hindi inaasahan.

    message to the management of the Mt.Samat.

    please do an action as early as possible so that it will be fixed.dahil kung d niyo kayang gawan ng paraan para mahinto yung kalokohan na nangyayari sa Mt. Samat kame nalang po ang gagawa ng paraan para matigil ito.kung kinakailangan humingi kame ng tulong sa office of the president we will do that.kung yun nalang ang last option namen.tnx………………….

    isa lang ang natutunan ko ngayon at ng maga kaibigan ko na nag punta sa Mt.Samat.


  • lily

    dennis…my last sentence should read: coming from roman hi-way, it (the road leading to mt. samat shrine)is on the left side of the road. c”,

  • lily

    hi brendz…i am sorry i wasnt able to give a feed back on time.. i hope you didnt have a hard time finding a way to the dunsalan falls..

  • lily

    hi dennis…
    yes it is possible to make a sidetrip to mt. samat shrine after coming from the las casas. the shrine is at the baranggay diwa. tho i am not very familiar with other landmarks if you are coming from bagac. but if you are coming from governor roman hi-way, the foot of the mountain (baranggay diwa) is about 15 minutes. mt. samat comes ahead of the las casas. if you will visit las casas before going to mt. samat, i suggest you familiarize yourself with the landmarks already…madali naman marecognize yung mt. samat, there is a metal arc with the sign ‘DAMBANA NG KAGITINGAN” or ‘MT. SMAT SHRINE” (i am not so sure which of the two signs is the one installed c”,) and a small buildingh at the approach of the road. rom roman hi-way it is on the left side of the road….

  • Dennis

    Hi Lily,

    We are planning to visit the Las Casas Filipinas de Azucar Heritage Resort, and then do a side trip to Mt. Samat Shrine. Is this possible, and if yes, how do we go about it? We will be bringing our own vehicle. Thank you so much for your assistance.

  • brendZ

    Planning to visit the place again for the 2nd time with my family and friends, but we want also to go to dunsalan falls Bataan. Is it possible? After a brunch picnic at the dambana ng kagitingan, how can we reach the dunsulan falls from mt. samat shrine? (we have our own private transpo)

    Thanks and more power.

  • seym


    Mariveles po ba o Balanga yung route na sasakyan sa Genesis if pupuntang Mt.Samat? saka magkano na po current fare? Open po ba yung shrine this Wednesday April 20, 2011?

  • dg costanilla

    hope to see more pictures from this site

  • lily

    hi meldz..yes..we collect a minimal amount for the entrance fee….10 pesos for students..20 pesos for local visitors and 30 for foreign visitors….

  • kae

    nakapunta din sa wakas sa mount samat and corregidor hehe tenks sa info guys!
    ng magpunta kami ang ginawa namin is sumakay kami ng genesis sa pasay then bumaba kami sa ALA-ULI .(nagpababa na lang kami sa konduktor)
    then may jeep dun na nadaan mejo matagal lang talaga (baba kayo ng Diwa) (note: mas makakamura keo sa jeep than tricycle papuntang diwa kami kasi ay napamahal)

    then from diwa may tricycle terminal dun na maghahatid papuntang mount samat (70php) lang naging tarnspo namin since nitawaran namin ng todo yung tricycle hehe) Pababa is php50 only.
    then ayun na mount samat na sya (ayii i love the place feeling ko nga naiwan ko ehart ko dun hehe may cute kasing sundalo ahaha )

    then from mount samat. tumuloy kami sa mariveles dun na kami nagovernight sa bahay barkada ko.
    then sumakay na lang kami dun sa may karagatan papuntang CABCABEN (aghain nagpababa na lang kami dun sa bus na sinakyan namin papuntang mariveles)
    then nagpahatid na lang ulit kami sa tricycle papuntang cabcaben may mga motor boat dun (3k talaga kalakaran nila daw natawaran namin ng 2500.
    hatid na nila kami papuntang corregidor! hay sobrang ganda talaga ng lugar nila!
    u can contact miss sonia @ 09054897056
    sya yung kausap namin about banka pa corregidor eh and kung kakain kayo dun sa mcarthur’s cafe please try their chicken ang sarap hehe 450 lang sulit sya!

    someday makakbili din ako ng house jan…
    hopefully nakatulong konting info na to senyo at maenjoy nio din gaya ko ang bataan escapade! ayii!


  • meldz

    is there any entrance fee,f u have hw much?,going to Mt.Samat……salamat

  • lily

    okay,…i hope you will enjoy your visit to Mt. Samat. Bv the way do not forget to sign our feed back form…this is one way we can gauge what are the areas we need to improve and maintain…..thanks again… c”,

  • Richard

    it’s ok! thanks for the info! one step closer to the trip na kmi!

  • lily

    i am so sorry..dyan ako walang alam… c”,

  • Richard

    i see! that is most helpful thanks! do you have an idea kung magkano ung aabutin ng rentals ng mga banca? and yes the information has been very informative thanks!

  • lily

    hi richard….if you will be coming from corregidor…ang alam ko hindi na operational ang ferry service..hoever meron pang mga motorized bancas na nag ooperate sa area na yun and sa cabcaben ang “terminal” i just dont know kung ganon pa rin ang route kasi the last time i took that way was more than 10 years ago na.. c”,…from cabcaben you can take a ride up to the intersection of bgy ala-uli..its somewhere in Pilar yata…i beleive merong mga jeep na dumadaan along that road going to Bagac/Morong Bataan.. You can ask around…(may gasoline station sa corner yung intersection) kung ano ang pinaka magandang option going to the shrine. As far as I know kasi, from Balanga, maraming transpo na available para maghatid sa inyo sa shrine.

    I hope, the little information i know has helped you somehow… c”,

  • Richard

    hello i would just like to ask kung ano ano ung pede sakyan papuntang mt samat. Me and some friends of mine was thinking to head to mt samat from corregidor to continue the wwII experience. how can we go there by commute from the southern part of bataan? thanks in advance!!

  • heitrid




  • lily

    hi mr. oranian…nope, we are not from bataan…we are both from manila…actually ang office namin ang nagme-maintain ng mt. samat shrine kaya we feel obliged to answer quieries relative to the shrine…

    you are most welcome to contact us anytime….my e-add is [email protected], our office contact info is:

    Veterans Memorial and Historical Division of the Philippine VEterans Affairs Office located in Camp Aguinaldo, Q. C., telephone nr is 9114296

    all the best!

  • Oranian

    Good job Heitrid!!!
    Good job Lily!!!
    Thank you for all your efforts and taking extra time in going beyond your office works and answering their inquiries.

    Are both of you from Bataan? Where are your offices located?
    I am a seafarer for almost 4 yrs and being able to see different places all over the world helps me to realize that Philippines will always be my best country. I have a plan of bringing a group of people to Mt. Samat as my first step in promoting “patriotism” and not being dayuhan in our own place. I will contact you through email to make all this possible with all your help.

    Again, Thank you very much!!!

  • lily

    hi there kae…i suggest you try contacting sun cruises first if the ferry to corregidor from bataan is still available…the number is 5269626,5268888 loc 9511, 8318140,8346857 to 58

    if the ferry from corregidor to bataan is still available, i believe both your options will not be a problem…but if no ferry is available going to bataan it means you have to ride a motorized banka as a means to get to bataan. if that will be the case… i wont suggest taking the ride in the afternoon kasi medyo maaalon na during that time…though people who frequent the island wont be bothered by the waves but first timers (like me) would find the situation quite scary.

    I suggest you ask around the CCP area kung meron pang ibang mode of transpo na available aside from the sun cruises ferries….

    i hope you will enjoy your visit to mt. samat

  • kae

    hello, good noon,

    may plan kami magpunta sa corregidor and mt. samat this february.

    if i am planning of going in mt. samat and corregidor.. which is the best way

    cpp- corregidor tru (ferry = papunta) – mt. samat (bus pauwi)
    (bus)- mt samat – corregidor (ferry)

    anu yung mas easy way po?

  • LILY
  • sylvia

    hi ms lily can you be my contact there for Mt. Samat at Corregidor inquiries?Im looking forward that you can help me a lot.hope tp hear from you soon. Tnx.

  • sylvia

    hello can i know any accomodation in mt Samat, the cheapest one.tnx

  • heitrid

    hello cye,

    u can reach mount samat shrine by taking a ride through Genesis or Victory Bus Transport. the terminal is along Edsa. U can easily see it. U get down at Balanga, Bataan and hire a tricycle or motorcycle going up the Dambana Ng Kagitingan. For more info, please call 9114296.

  • cye

    i am planning to visit krus ng kagitingan how can i get there thru land transpo if i will be coming from manila? and f possible are there any historical places with the area that i can also visit? thanks

  • heitrid

    hello joi,

    no, walang land travel from bataan to corregidor. as u know, bataan is an island, so u could reach it either by bangka from cabcaben or by a private plane (if u have one). it would be safe if u go back to manila at ccp terminal complex and ask for the schedule of the mount samat ferry. pero hanggang orion lng un. kailangan mo pa rin mag travel by land going up to the shrine. i guess the fare for the ferry will not exceed 300 pesos. jeep or van rental from orion to the shrine will not exceed 200 pesos also. entrance fee of the shrine is 10 pesos for students and 20 pesos for adults. world war II veterans are absolutely free. just ask for a tour guide if u need one.

  • joi

    Hi… we’re planning to go to corregidor after mount samat. pede ba land travel dun? we’re from tarlac so di na kami punta ng manila. can u please enlighten us how we’re going to go there? mga how much po kaya budget per person? Thank you.

  • rowze

    wow! thanks a lot!:)

  • heitrid

    hi there rowze!!!

    entrance fee consists of free tour around the mount samat shrine premises. please visit the shrine museum. we have a museum guide by the name of mr rizaldy mamuad. he can help enlighten u on all ur questions about world war II.

  • rowze

    hello po, the entrance fee is for the shrine po diba or when you enter mount samat ayun n ung fee? thank you! 🙂

  • heitrid

    Ms Jasmin,

    Hi there!!! there’s a bangka going to and from Cabcaben to Corregidor. I dont know how much is their rate this time but i wont advise it since its already rainy season right this time and its too risky to take that kind of transportation.

  • heitrid


    I suggest u also visit the subic bay metropolitan area…theres a lot of good beaches there where u can enjoy, relax and unwind…

  • heitrid

    hi there alex,

    about the rights of the picture, i guess u should ask permission from sidney…good day!!!

  • heitrid

    hello melo,

    please read my reply to ms caren regarding on ur querry. and if ur asking for the entrance fee, its only P20.00 per head for adults. if u have a student companion, its only P10.00 per head and if u have a world war II veteran with u, its FREE!

    About the fare from manila to balanga, bataan, i think it will not reach P200.00 per head and that is already with aircon. U can ride through Victory or Genesis, they have terminals at EDSA but its only until Balanga. U still have to rent a tricycle or jeep going up to mt samat shrine. I guess it will cost u another P100.

    If you have a rented vehicle, rental fee will cost around P8,000 to P10,000 per day.

    If you have a vehicle, P1,500.00 of gasoline is already enough back and forth.

    There is a Sun Cruise Ferry with their terminal at CCP Bay Complex, Roxas Blvd but its only until Orion Pier and im not sure if its still operational right now. U still have to rent a vehicle going up to mount samat shrine.

    I would suggest its either u ride the Genesis or Victory buses or u rent a private vehicle for convenience.

  • heitrid

    hi there ms caren,

    from cubao, u can ride through genesis transport then rent a tricycle or motorcyle going up to the shrine. or u could rent a van from ur place going straight to mt samat shrine. it will take u 3 hours to commute using a private vehicle but be sure to turn off ur aircon while approaching the foot of mount samat in order to avoid overheat of the vehicle. and be careful coz the road have sharp curves and is winding going up the mountain and slippery during rainy season.

  • jasmin valencia johnson

    Hi! We are living in Abucay.THe family of my husband is coming over from England. We would be visiting Mt.Samat and Corregidor but im just curious kung may way from Bataan papuntang corregidor kasi kung nandito na sila parang ang hirap naman kung luluwas pa sila para sumakay sa Sun Cruise to get to Corregidor.Please help me solve my problem.

  • Jonathan

    hello…i’ve been to mt.samat 4years ago and it is a great site to enjoy the scenery around the mountain and also a place to learn!

    with the opening of the supercat ferry to orion, it would be easier to re-visit the place. we are planning to go there, next month, my question is, what are the other nearby sites that we can visit? and how much is the van/jeep rental to mt. samat? thanks. =)

    [email protected]

  • Alex

    Good day! I work for a local publication and I was wondering if I could use the picture you have of the shrine of valor? We’re writing about it in the June issue of our magazine. Please let me know if you’re interested.

  • ask ko lang from manila to bataan..pano po makapunta at magkano po maggastos..we’re celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and we wnt something diff. please send me reply thru my email add. ive heard there is a ferry going there? is it true?

  • caren

    hello po papaano po ba magpunta sa mount samat po commute lang po kami at magkano po ang magagastos po namin.. thanks po sana magreply po kayo thanks po

  • heitrid

    Hi there Gilberson!

    Mount Samat Shrine is open from 8am to 5pm everyday…even on holidays, too!!!

  • heitrid

    hi mario,

    mt samat elevator is working properly. but we cannot deny that due to summer season and too many visitors visiting the shrine, the elevator sometimes is experiencing minor breakdowns and overheating of machines. sorry for the late reply…but we do hope that u have pushed through with ur visit at the shrine…

  • Mario Rotea

    Hi, will be going to Mt. Samat on Sunday, April 11, 2010. Will have some elderly with us who would like to go to the top. I gather that the elevator is open only on certain time of the day. Pls let me know those times as we sill come from Manila in a convoy and would be a big disappointment if we miss the chance.

    Thank you,


  • Gilbert Son

    we will bring a group of 150 youth to Bataan to see Mount Samat as part of the exposure program of our church to involve the youth into service and talk about the martyrdom of the people in the Death March. on the dates of april 8 – 10, will the mt samat shrine be open on those days?
    thank you

  • lily

    hi rommel.. there are commercial buses plying manila-bataan route. You can take the bus up to balanga city and from there hire another vehicle that would bring you to the shrine. I am just not sure if there are available transpo you can hire from the foot of the mountain. If there are any, tricycles are the only means they may have in that area.

    If I may just ask…please e-mail me your comments and suggestions on how we may improve our services/facilities. Thanks. My email add is [email protected]

    Thanks and I hope you will enjoy your visit to Mt. Samat. 🙂

  • Rommel Sumagaysay

    Hi Lily how do we go there if we don’t have a vehicle of our own, is theree a transportation at the foot of mt. Samat to take us there??

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  • lily

    hi ann…i am glad that you enjoyed your visit to Mt. Samat. I just would like you to know that the elevator at the memorial cross is in good working condition as of this date. however, the elevator is only available on certain hours of the day..in order to allow the machine to “rest” for some time and prevent any damages as well. Unfortunately, we have restricted the usage of the stairs in going up the cross for safety reasons.

  • Ann

    the last time i’ve been to Mt. Samat was 1996. i love the view from the top of the cross. my aunt used to work as a teacher in Philippine Refugee Processing Center (Morong, Bataan). and i’ve spent several summer vacations there, that’s why Bataan has a special place in my heart. i love the beaches because they’re free — just bring your own towel and food and you’re on a frolicking adventure. oh and back to Mt. Samat, if you guys are scared of heights — haha — you’re in for the ride of your life! imagine a spiral concrete that’s a little too tilted you’d feel your lunch lurching sideways. but the the view from the top is all worth it. i don’t mind if the elevator’s not working anymore. half the fun is climbing the stairs anyway. but for veterans who want to see this landmark, of course the elevator should be fixed. after all this place of remembrance was made for them.

  • Dan

    Hi there! We’re planning to go on an excursion this weekend to Mt. Samat. Just want to ask two questions: One, Aside from Mt. Samat, are there other cultural places we can visit there in Bataan or on our way there from Manila? And two, are there picnic grounds there where we could possibly take our meal? Thanks a lot for the help! I hope you get to read this message soon. 😀

  • lily

    hello dahonpalay…your comment is noted. ACtually we have enough air conditioners in the museum to keep the place comfortably cool, kaso nga lang, this quarter, may mga problema sa aming budget kaya napending ang pagpaparepair ng air con. But rest assured na bibigyan namin ng kaukulang atensyon ang bagay na ito. Salamat sa paalala… 🙂

  • dahonpalay

    ate lily,ang init ng mt.samat museum..kailan madadagdagan ng aircon…..

  • Anna

    hi! good eve po! im going to bataan on october 3, saturday night because i need to attend the basptismal on the 4th..my plan is to drop bay in mt. samat.. wana know po if la vista resort is near sa mt. samat..and inal minutes/hours yun travel..thanks!!!

  • keren

    hello po… may plan po kasi ang high school department namin na magpunta sa mt.samat on september 19,2009. okay po kaya ang services that day? Thank you po.

  • lily
  • michelle jasmin

    hi there. im hoping you can reply to my email. were planning to go to bataan this coming 15th of aug, but no definite place yet where in bataan we will stay, but where planning to got to mt samat any place we stay overnight and approximately how much will it cost ort resort? and how long will be the travel time from balanga – mariveles? thankyou.

  • michelle jasmin

    hi there. im hoping you can reply to my email. were planning to go to bataan this coming 15th of aug, but no definite place yet where in bataan we will stay, but where planning to got to mt samat any place we stay overnight and approximately how much will it cost ort resort? and how long will be the travel time from balanga – mariveles? thankyou

  • Raul A.C. Obach

    I’m currently in the process of writing something about World War II exploits of our silent heroes and I’d like to include your photo (above) plus your description of the
    Mt. Samat Shrine.Will this be okay?

    Thanks in advance.

    Raul A. C. Obach

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  • lily

    hi victa, i’m sorry, i wasnt able to respond to your queries…hindi kasi ako nakapag-online e..but i hope your stay in mt samat was a pleasant one…just keep coming back..

  • victa

    we are planning to go there on Dec. 28-29…where can we stay po in Pilar town na resort na rin and what are other places to visit there?

  • kwin

    hello, we visited the shrine last tuesday.actually its our first time na pumunta dun.unfortunately hindi gumagana yung elevator that day gustong gusto pa naman sana naming umakyat.20pesos entance fee.

  • msjlyn
  • lily

    hi msjlyn…i will have to ask the people from the provincial tourism office regarding your query..i will give you feed back as soon as i can….

  • msjlyn

    hi! we will take public transpo (bus) from cubao via bataan ba? then saan kami bababa? meron ba kami pwedeng sakyan going up to mount samat? please advice. thanks again.

  • msjlyn

    we’re planning to go in Mt. Samat by public vehicle on dec 26. we are from cubao, quezon city. please advice. thanks.

  • lei

    hi..thanks for the the info here bout mount samat , really apprciate, am a tourguide and tomorrow il be visiting the shrine for the first time with some students from manila.

    thanks again..

  • lily

    hi michael…i’m glad you enjoyed your visit to mt. samat shrine… we, in behalf of the gov’t of the philippines, make sure that the shrine and all shrines under our administration are given due care and attention as what other hallowed grounds should. hope you keep coming back…thanks..

  • Michael Koffler

    I visited this site in early November 2008 on a foggy morning. The top of the cross was obscured for a short time. After the sun came out, we viewed the monument and it is a fitting tribute to the fallen heros of WWII who fought against the Japanese. The grounds were in immaculate condition, grass very green, shrubs trimmed, and no litter anywhere. Hope this can be maintained by the government of the Philippines for future generations.

  • lily

    jayr, hi, i already sent you an e-mail regarding your query. thanks.

  • lily

    hi anne, okay naman ang elevator sa Mt. Samat as of today. The entrance fee is 10 pesos for students, 20 for the local tourists and 30 for foreign visitors. I hope hindi pa late ang reply ko for the oct 24 field trip nyo. 🙂

  • jayr
  • jayr
  • anne

    Good day! Ask ko lang po kung gumagana po ang elevator sa cross and kung magkano po ang entrance fee? Nag oorganize po kasi kami ng field trip para sa school naman on friday, October 24. Thank you!

  • marilyn san juan

    yung biyahe sa ccp yata nag taas na last na check ko sa internet is 500 na yata pero balikan na yun. nakakatakot bang sumakay sa ocean jet? takot kase ako ei. di marunong lumangoy ang boyfriend ko. sa bus naman sobrang layo from cavite to orion. hai pag punta me dyan susulitin ko talaga… mga clasmate ko sa balut pilar bataan im back on october 18 or 19 see you guys. hir is my number 0908698662. hi kina rica diwa. miss you guys. 13 years narin di ako nakakapunta dyan since in grade 4 ako.

  • marilyn san juan

    hi.. napaganda ng lugar na to sobrang mis ko na bataan hope na someday i meet the shrine miss you all.

  • lily

    im glad you enjoyed your visit…i’ll inform you when the museum is all ready for viewing…we are rushing up things to speed up the rehab works there..in fact we will be going there tomorrow with an expert from the NHI to assist us in the arrangement of the items there…thanks again for patronizing the shrine… 🙂

  • raymond

    hi lily,

    yap, was able to go up the viewing gallery and had a great time….. museum still under renovation….another reason for me to go back when it’s done…. still very amazed at the structure that i didnt want to leave the place.

  • lily

    raymond, sorry wasnt able to give my feedback on time…were you able to visit the shrine? if you did, i hope you were able to go up the viewing gallery…and had a great time…sorry bout the museum..

  • raymond

    hi lily,

    we are planning to go there this friday sept 19, 2008. i went there in 2002 and was not able to go up because the elevator was not working but was able to see the museum. hope this friday the elevator is working. would the museum renovation be done by friday? tia

  • lily

    karlo…from what i know hindi na yata bumibiyahe ang ferry going to samat..pero just to be sure tawagan mo nalang ang sun cruises..8318140, 8346857 to 58…ung shrine fee naman is as follows:

    student P10
    local tourist P20
    foreign tourist P30

    hope you could visit the shrine…but may I add na hindi pa din tapos ang renovation ng museum…but the elevator is working proporly as of this date… 🙂

  • lily

    hi cogito…thank you for your comment and observation…we will work on your suggestion and try to improve on our delivery of service…again thanks…

  • karlo

    does anybody knows kung magkano ung fare sa ferry dun sa ccp?
    then meron po bang masasakyan papunta sa mt.samat dun sa port of orion? is it too much expensive? magakano po ung entrance fee?
    thanks a lot..

  • cogito

    hello lily, thanks for your reply. but i belive that the public should be be properly informed at the gate that the elevator is not working due to power outage, just like when we were in the shrine. the same is true with the closure of the museum because of renovation works or something. in the first place, people, esp. those from other provinces go there to see the museum and be at the viewing deck atop the cross. i think its not right to collect entrance and parking fees from people who could not do what they intend to do at the shrine. thank you.

  • tin

    may entrance fee be?
    how much?


  • lily

    andy..hello…im sorry to say but the museum is still undergoing renovations..but we are doing our best to speed up the works….the elevator is in good running condition, but you still have to wait your turn to get accomodated specially if there’s a long queue of people wanting to go up too…its a first come first served basis..

    yes, you can use your own vehicle going up the shrine… we allow vehicles to park inside the shrine.

    for queries and comments please feel free to call us up at 911-4335 or 9114296

  • andy

    hi, are the repairs and rehabilitation works finished now? we are planning to go there on september 13. is the elevator working? can we use private vehicles to go there?

  • lily

    manny, hi, Mount Samat Shrine is open 7 days a week but from 8am to 5 pm only. 🙂

  • lily

    hi cogito…firstly, in behalf of the office, i wuld like to apologize for the discomfort you went through when you visited the Mt. Samat Shrine. The museum was closed that time because it was undergoing some repair and rehabilitaion works. As for the elevator, it is stil in good running condition. In fact it is being maintained and checked by expert technicians from OTIS every month.

    I am glad that despite the sad experience you had the last time you were there, you still plan of going back to visit the place.

    Additionally, the shrine is open on Saturdays and Sundays and even on Holidays but from 8am to 5 pm only.

    thanks and God bless. 🙂

  • manny

    is Mt. Samat Shrine open 24/7 ? i would like to pay my respect and give many thanks to all who sacrifice their lives for a blanket of freedom that we enjoy now and for the next generations to come…

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  • cogito

    We went to the shrine last Aug. 1 but to our dismay, as well as of the scores of other tourists, the cross was closed due to power outage. The museum was also closed for some reasons. We spent some P1,500 worth of gasoline and paid P20 parking fee and P20 per person entrance fee to see nothing. It was a very disappointing trip.

    We want to return there someday, though, and hopefully the museum and the viewing deck will be open.

    By the way, is the shrine open during saturdays and sundays?

  • mark defensor

    the place is a resemblance of heroic act, a nature’s gift and fortress of courage. Visit the place and you’ll see the difference. climbed it and feel the spirit of power, love and dedication.

    We went there last June 1 and 2 and it was a memory of a lifetime.

  • neri

    Went to Mt. Samat (Holy Tuesday) , to see the Memorial Cross as part of my Lenten Passion.. We went by foot, climb uphill and endured the steep of the mountain; It was fun coz there were families w kids, sweethearts, and groups w/ us.. More than an hour walking, I’ve seen the metal white curve fence and that was the marked, NOW u can view the Cross along the road as u go on…there was a bit happiness and I said to myself “ I’LL EMBRACE U” again, it took us another hour to reached. We decided to do some mountain climbing short cuts as others do. One, two slopes; WOW! It was a great adventure…the 3rd, I doubt; there was no visible sign that its passable and it’s a much higher slope, I said to myself, GOD will guide us thru.(snake or a trap). And finally, saw the well trimmed grass, thanks GOD!, that was the last slope of the mountain to see the entrance of the Shrine …. I never thought it was a 6.5 kms way uphill and took us about 2 hrs and 45 min. It was a sacrifice, tiring and worth experienced

    I was amazed , and shouted it was for REAL and EMBRACE it!, As we move around , the gallery, the museum; the more I’ve understand. In memory of my late father who was a WWII veteran, I recalled all the stories ( I was bout 5 yrs old sitting on his lap ) during the war, leaving behind my 2 brothers and my late mom on a dug hole, like when they were on a Death March going to Capas Tarlac, wherein at this point he was one of the lucky enough managed to escaped , suffered from Malaria and recovered..

    Thanks GOD he had survived! I am now a Registered Nurse granted as scholar from the PVAO Educational Benefit Fund. With heartfelt gratitude, as I owe my first breath to my parents, the greatest achievement I felt in my life is to resigned from my job, gave them the best of what they needed and be with them ( both of them died of Lung Ca.) till their LAST BREATH which is the hardest thing to see them leaving …..

    I salute all the WWII veterans, truely great heroes!

  • eric

    Im wondering if mount samat shrine still open during holy week. Appreciate your immediate feedback. Thanks.

  • andy lyiscott

    I am trying to find Randalie (Gumba) Kaiklian who may be the mother of my daughter, Merry-Kris. Merry-Kris may have been born in 1985 when I was in the US Navy. Can you please direct me to a private investigator or other organizations who may be able to help me? I was recently informed they may be living in Bataan Province (Bangal or Dinalupihan).

    Anderson Lyiscott
    email: [email protected]

  • heitrid

    and yes i have to confirm…THE ELEVATOR IS WORKING!!!

  • heitrid


    good news for u. our office has just received a fax message from the tourism office of bataan requesting for the availability of mount samat shrine for another prayer rally on december 01, 2007.

    i was also there last year to celebrate the eucharistic mass and danced with the students coming from different schools. its a very memorable event to think that thousands of people of all ages have sacrificed to walk from Brgy Diwa going up to the Mount Samat Shrine. So tiring, yes, i agree with u, that u must have already thought of quitting but bataan people are very strong-willed. they endured everything just to reach the memorial cross. the event was highlighted with the lighting of candles. so solemn u can really feel so close to God. Hope to see u there once again!!!

  • heitrid

    maria chona,

    yes, u can reach mount samat shrine by ferry at the CCP terminal complex, roxas blvd through the mt samat ferry. but u will just be docked in the port of Orion. from there, u have to rent a van or a jeepney that will take u to mount samat shrine. again, yes u can go to corregidor from bataan. just go to Cabcaben, there are some bankas in there which will take u to corregidor…just a warning though…dont do that during high tide or rainy season, it might be dangerous. i suggest u get back to manila and get another ferry (Suncruises) which can take u to corregidor also in CCP Terminal Complex or call the Corregidor Foundation Inc. for further information and reservations. Contact nos. 8318140 or 8346857 to 58.

  • heitrid

    this is the first time ive opened this link and to my surprise!!! the shrine is already so famous and so many people have already gone there…i am so proud to be a part of the office that is administrating and maintaining it…for all u people who wants to go there but doesnt know how…just try to call me or email me on the following contact numbers…the shrine is under our administration. Our office is Military Shrines Service and we are under the Department of National Defense. Our contact numbers are: (02)9114296 and (02) 9114335. Mobile number is 09215966955 or 09156685200. Please feel free to visit our office anytime and we will gladly accommodate you and would be happy to give you additional information regarding the Mount Samat Shrine…its good to know many young people to be so interested in history…at least we have educated history the easy and fun way!!! see you at the shrine one of these days!!!

  • hello kitty girl

    grabe i was there last sept sobrang nice nung place at nakakatakot sa elevator ha imagine 30+ floor at very accomodating ang mga sundalo don kakaibang place mabuhay tayong mga pilipino,i never really forget the place i would never forget my experience there…its so great

  • maria chona


    I would like to visit this memorial . How can I reach it by ferry from Manila ( where and which ferry to ride?) and from this place can I go to Corregidor Island also by Ferry? if not, where in Bataan can I ride a boat going to Corregidor island. Thanx.

  • Bataan, lalawigan ng mga BAYANI”T BANAL

  • Lucile

    the steep ascend to the mountain overwhelms but the shrine will not disappoint… it is a beautiful place… the weapons used are displayed… very informative museum… but the best part of my visit was sitting inside the arms of the cross feeling the cold air and it is not just a breeze. the moment made me not want to leave…

  • I was wondering how the area looked. My dad too was a survivor of the Death March and the Prison Camps. I have
    thought about coming there if I could afford. I would also like to maybe sponsor for children of the survivors and those who died.

  • im so proud to be a bonifide citizen of Bataan. My grandfather is also a hero during the second war and he managed to survive. I have really good memories in Mt. Samat when i was young. And now that I’m grown up, I still have the chance to go there when a mass and prayer “rally” is held there led by our Bishop Socrates Villegas. and we actually climb the Shrine by foot. so we spend like 2 and a half hours before we actually reach the cross. But it’s an amazing experience. Really..:)

  • rich fernando

    Yes you can be froud to your father and froud to those people who offered thier lives during the world war II, they are true hereos in our heart and mind. And to tell you the truth elevator is working, because i´ve been there a couple months ago and its running and it was realy organized now and its totally beautiful, it must be….. because its one the most beautiful tourist spot in BATAAN….mabuhay!!!!!!!!

  • nice site….thankss….Mabuhay ang Pilipinas

  • You can be proud of your father. From what I read it was a nightmarish time of hunger, disease and death. It is almost impossible for our generation (and the generations to come) to comprehend the suffering of all those soldiers. They were true heroes.

    Yes, the elevator is working and you are not allowed to take the steps up to the top of the cross anymore.
    The place is now well maintained and it is a very beautiful spot with great views of Bataan.

    I am only a contributor to this site and don’t post very regularly. Please feel free to visit also my photo blog (http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com) about the Philippines which is updated every day.

  • when that place was dedicated, long time ago, during the marcos era, i was there with my parents. my father was part of the guest invited because he survived the death march and had the Gen. Douglas McArthur medal and all those who survived the death march. it was beautiful place before. there was even elevator service. 10 years ago, i returned back and the elevator is not running. i have to climb the stairs and almost have a heart attack when i reached the pinnacle of the cross. i hope it is being taken cared of by the dept of tourism. that place should be a place of remembrance, for those who fought and defended the phils for freedom sake.