Paoay Church, Paoay, Ilocos Norte.

The Paoay Church is included in the Unesco World Heritage list.


Construction of the church started in 1704 and was completed in 1894 by the Augustinian friars led by Fr. Antonio Estavillo.

It is probably the best-known “earthquake Baroque” church in the Philippines. Large coral stones were used for the lower level while bricks were used for the upper levels of the church. The walls are 1.67 meters thick and are supported by 24 carved and massive buttresses.


The Church is a unique combination of Gothic, Baroque and Oriental designs.
The bell tower near the church, dating from 1793, served as an observation point of the “Katipuneros” during the Philippine Revolution in 1896 and again by the guerrillas during the Japanese occupation.

Where: a few km to the south-west of Laoag.

My rating: 10/10: very impressive church.

Info from: My Sarisari Store

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  • beautiful church. hope to visit this place in the future.

  • mia

    im from dumaguete, and it was an opportunity to see this great church.. the travel was sooo worth it!

  • Niv

    I love this church as well. For something so old, it held itself pretty well. Nice photo-op. I have a few of them on my site as well.


    Check it out!

  • jestony

    Paoay church,,,here i met friends from ilocos and they were very kind and cheerful

  • Crisanto

    Paoay church… my.dream wedding church.

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  • gemlyn

    nakapunta na ako jan!
    kaso sa panaginip lang…..hehehe
    i want friends! =)

  • Julian Ferdinand Syah

    I’m from your neighbor country (Indonesia). I was realy amaze when I saw that picture on the internet. That church remind me of one of the oldest church in Indonesia near to my Grand parent’s home town. This summer Im planing to go there, since I’m already tired of visiting my other neighboring country such as: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam. Philippines….Here I come,wait for me..MABUHAY..(Am I spelling it correct?)

  • hey! i want to go here! I’m really interested can you teach me how to go there? and what bus i should ride in the bus terminal?

  • this is my hometown, i was in the choir of this church for 16 years, it is really a beautiful church in and out……
    Year 1993, when proclaimed as one of the World UNESCO’s heritage site……i will encourage you to come and visit the church..

  • BJ

    we were able to visit here during my class trip. unfortunately we were only able to admire it from a distance cause a couple was getting married inside. It was so huge. and the cross outside was huge as well. ;chills;

  • MIKE

    ang ganda 1st time ko to makita s pic.actually assignment namin to kay sir supendio grabe ang lufetttt..
    ok tong project sana papuntahin kami ni sir supendio d2 tapos libre nya kami..heheheheh.

  • mary grace

    We’ve been to Ilocos for a week now.And we heard that Paoay church was one of the spots to be seen in Ilocos. My friend and i took a shot inside the Paoay church. Infront of the altar there’s an image appeared like an angels. If u wanna see just take a look at my friend’s friendster account (http://www.friendster.com/photos/59978485/1/461477037#pic=7291662721461477037…although it’s blurry u could still see the two angels beside guarding the altar..take a look deeper at it.

  • janice

    there’s no place like home.

  • Church of Paoay – Parish founded by Agutinian Missionaries in 1593. Cornerstone of Church laid in 1704, of Convent 1707; of tower 1793. Used before comlepletion an kept in repair by the poeple in joint auspices of the church and the town officails. Inaguration ceremonies, 28 february 1896. Chuch damaged by earthquake was 1706 and 1927. Tower used as observatio post by the katipuneros during the revolution, by guerrilleros during the Japanese occupation.

  • paoay churh was built for 190 years!!!!!!………..

  • pinx

    hey guys,this is my hometown.. our house just infront of the church.. as in sa pangalawang kanto diretso sa main door.. so if ever il get married, hndi ko na kailangan ng bridal car… just need a red carpet from our house to the church then mag ma2rch na lang ako diretso sa altar.. long march… hehe.. saya dba? ka2iba!!

  • hunny

    i dreamed of getting married in this church… kaso ang layo eh.. hehe
    we’ll visit again this october…
    its a nice place

  • Dave

    this is my hometown guys….its really beautiful to visit in there…espeacially today because there is a new restaurant called the “Herencia” just in front of the Paoay Church…o well..i wanna go back to my hometown…im in Canada right now…

    i miss this place alot!

  • noemie

    nices picture… we when there but i didn’t manage to take some picture for we’re in a hurry to see the marcos museum. so just admiring you pic…

  • catherine

    When in Paoay, check out the Herencia Cafè in front of the Paoay church. I hear they serve really good native Ilocano and other Filipino dishes with a twist.

  • neti

    naka punta na kame dyan!!

  • I love this shot. Beautiful!

  • Jim

    nice shot!..