Pahiyas Festival, Lucban, Quezon Province.

In the Quezon province town of Lucban, the festival in honour of San Isidro is known as pahiyas, meaning « precious offering ».


San Isidro Labrador is said to have worked all his life for the same wealthy landowner named Juan de Vargas. San Isidro was always in church so his co-workers complained that his piety was keeping him from his work. Vargas went to see for himself and saw that he actually came later than the others; but as he advanced to reprimand him, he saw not only San Isidro’s plow, but two others, pulled by teams of snow-white oxen, guided by invisible plowers. He realized that San Isidro was getting supernatural aid and fell on his knees. Most representations of San Isidro depict this scene.

During the Pahiyas Festival in Lucban all the homes in the procession’s itinerary are decorated with fruits, vegetables, agricultural products and kiping. The kiping is a leaf-shaped wafer made of rice (similar to tacos of Spain) and dyed in bright colours. No one really eats kiping anymore and it is solely used as a decoration.


The celebration is a form of thanksgiving for a bountiful harvest and in honour of the patron saint of farmers, San Isidro de Labrador. A procession of the image of San Isidro is planned long before the festival and it is said that houses along the route of the procession will be especially favoured and blessed in the coming year. It is from this belief that the lavish decoration of the home began.


The Pahiyas Festival attracts a lot of people. Make sure you arrive in the early morning (around 7 am) so that you have the town almost for yourself. From 11 am on the streets of Lucban are so full of people that you can’t appreciate the decorations of the houses anymore.

Like many important Festivals in the Philippines, the Pahiyas felt pray to commercialism (posters of a cell phone company was plastered all over the town) and it might be a good idea to visit Lucban in the morning and move on to the town of Sariaya where they have a similar Pahiyas Festival which might be more authentic.

Lucban is noted for its delicious foods such as the famous pansit Lucban, the Lucban longganisa (local sausage), atsara, pinangat and delicacies such as espasol, kalamayhati, tamales, tinapa and more.

When: Every year on May 15.

Where: Lucban. Approximately 160 km from Metro Manila via Lucena City or 133 kilometers from Metro Manila via the Sta Cruz-Pagsanjan route in Laguna.

Travel time is three and a half hours.

My rating: 10 /10. Extraordinary house decorations with agricultural products. A lot of time and energy are put into those decorations. A must see. Sponsors and commercial establishments should be more discreet in their advertisements.

Info from: My Sarisari Store

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  • chanty

    ananie dela roca mortilla…when will you stop fooling my friend, your husband…kahiyahiya ka sa ating bayan…ive seen you too with another checking in a hotel…ang kati mo naman

  • kam usta mga nakidalo ng pistahan….wariy pinag adya na di maganda ang panahon upang kaunti laang ang mabiktima ng mapanlinlang na MORTILLA DELICACIES AND PASALUBONG ngunit iyay nakabuti sapagkat ang may ari ng factory na mapagkalunyang ANANIE DELA ROCA MORTILLA ay di naragdagan ang kanyang inaakit na asawa ng may asawa…ikay magkasya muna sa 2 mong kalunya at 1 asawa ananie mortilla

  • tama ka riyan zenzen.ang ANANIE MORTILLA na iyan ay inakit ang aking asawa at kalunya nya ngay on.sinira ninya ang aming pamilay.bakit wariy hindi nabubuko ng asawa?marami na iyang pingpasapasahang mga may asawa at wariy maligaya ang ANANNIE MORTILLA yaang kapag nakakasira ng pamilya

  • maging mapaghanda sa napipintong pagkasakit kung kayo ay kakain ng produkto na MORTILLA DELICACIES AND PASALUBONG na tinitinda ng mapagkalunyang ANANIE DELA ROCA MORTILLA

  • kamille

    i hope you have the translation in tagalog..it would be very helpful 🙂

  • where to stay? madami. may tatlong resort and hotel dito. at may tatlo ding hotel lang. depende kung gusto mo ba sa loob ng bayan yung hotel o medyo sa labas nung bayan. pahiyas na naman dito sa isang araw at ang dami-dami ng mga booths sa gitna ng bayan. nagta-traffic na naman. kaso lang maulan kanina. nitong mga nakaraang mga araw maulan dito, sana di umulan sa isang araw. magdala na lang kayo ng payong. kilala din kasi ‘tong bayan namin na maulan na bayan.

  • ronald

    hi to all. im from manila and i’m wondering if someone could tell where to stay in lucban? i’m searching for a resort with room and i cannot find any in the website. thanks a lot.

  • Charlotte

    :p 🙂 😀 :L

  • Charlotte

    Liaaak this is relli kool 🙂 ns pretti

  • kino andalus

    lucban, quezon – my dream place wherein my dream house will be built as i build my dream family together with my dream wife and dream children…

  • lyn oles

    i do really miss the event of pahiyas festival,i used to raoming around the whole town during the festival with buches of friends in Highschool.Life is good in my own hometown and i do miss all of those colorful kiping and the food i still do know how to make a coroful kiping and i miss the suman…

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  • jay

    napakaganda ng lucban at ng pahiyas!!!! someday i’ll live here dito ko kse nakita ang babaeng mahal na mahal ko!!!!

  • dani

    this will be my first pahiyas…im really excited!!!

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  • gil, Philippines

    i always love pahiyas its very beautiful and colorful my parents are leaving there in quezon thats why every summer i go there

  • As always, Lucban “Pahiyas” is so colorful. I was raised and grew up in Lucban and now leaving here in california for 27 years, in my mind every 15 May of the year “kiping” ang sarap. “HEADS” family forever.

  • when i was studying for the priesthood (long time ago) at St. Alphonsus Seminary in Iyam, Lucena…i always visit Lucban, Quezon. There are three of us seminarian who are assigned to do our apostolate there, at the old church of Lucban. The Racomas of Lucban is always very accomodating to all seminarians. we also help to do some of the buri hat, which they call LaLa, to create beautiful buri hats.

  • Wow! The colors!