Bell Church: Baguio’s Hidden Secret

On the last day of my stay in Baguio City, I decided to visit one of Baguio’s hidden secrets. The Bell Church. This Taoist Church is located at the border between Baguio city and La Trinidad, Benguet. The Bell Church is usually not included in a typical Baguio city tour offered by tour agencies. As some would call it, this church is already off the beaten track.

Baguio Bell Church

At first glance, I really thought I was already in heaven. The structure reminds of the beautiful Taoist Temple of Cebu. Red is the most dominant color here.

There is a large arch at the entrance with two dragons facing each other. There is also a lotus pond, and a fish pond where you can say your wish there.

Aside from the main temple, there are also pagodas located on top of the hill. Unfortunately this section is open only during weekends and holidays.

The main temple is so serene. One can have a quiet time with himself here. On the main altar, stands several gods of the Taoist faith. Picture taking is not allowed while inside the temple.

Baguio Bell Church

Baguio Bell Church

Baguio Bell Church

Baguio Bell Church

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  • zildjan

    -how to get their if i’m staying at the burnham park?


    how to get there in bell church baguio city

  • mikke

    Most of the time when we make field trips we visit Bell Church. But I haven’t tried to have my fortune reading for such a long time. Maybe one of my next trip I will try…. indeed it is a very interesting place to stop by…

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  • hi hi hi

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  • James Gan

    Hi everyone i know the fortune teller sa Bell Church he is the student of Master Co of Hsien Tiak Temple. Famous and well known Taoist Master. This person make my business prosper and also help me win the lotto.

  • wicked chad

    hey guys im a person thats a member of bell church wow such nice people replying when you guys go to bell church you will always see us practicing or doing kung fu
    hope you guys go tthere

  • sweethearts

    Hi, we planned to get married but we decided to do it a secret wedding. do you have any idea where is the place?exact place..please answer.. and please help us..Thank you..

  • biboy

    I have lived in Baguio myself for 8 years, operating a computer shop right in the heart of Baguio, Session Road. During those years, i have been to the Bell Church 4 times, to accompany friends and also to ask for a reading of my fortune hehehehe. I am now based in Manila and occasionally go up to visit. However,I have been bitten by the travel bug and has been doing a lot of traveling. I know of a website which has helped me a lot – http://www.hoparound.net. It gives you an excellent listing of destinations within the Philippines. Whatโ€™s great is that you will also see a list of micro tourism service providers per location. So you can plan your trip to the point of interest you want to visit and arrange for the services you would need during your stay even before your leave your place by using the internet.

  • There was a time when the Bell Church was the only structure standing across that bridge down Magsaysay and it looked more solemn and picturesque. Those were the days when mountains had more trees than houses.

  • I’ve been to La Trinidad as well as the city proper several times, but I never knew such a beautiful Church to exist! If I’m going to Baguio a trip to this place shall be first in my itinerary. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My wife and I went there to have our fortune read (she’s part chinese)… they advised us what is a good day to hold our marriage based on the month that we chose… and they gave us some marital advice on how we can have a harmonious marriage based on our astrological sign… ๐Ÿ˜€