Carabao Festival, Pulilan, Bulacan Province

In the Bulacan town of Pulilan, the Hispanic feast of San Isidro evolved into the Carabao Festival.


Preparations for the Carabao Festival begin early in the morning. The bovines are shaved, their horns and hooves rubbed with oil and given shine. Some farmers paint their animals while others dcorate their carabaos with flowers and pieces of cloth. Beside the brass bands, the traditional dances and the procession of decorated floats the highlight of the Carabao Festival occurs at the end of the festivities when hundreds of carabaos march in front of the church. A lot of the carabaos will not only kneel but also walk on their knees like penitents in front of the chuch.

Note that a carabao race is usually organized the day before the Carabao Festival. Due to lack of money and participants the 2006 race was cancelled.



For more information about the activities during the Carabao Festival in Pulilan you can phone to the Provincial Tourism Office.

Mrs. Rosette B. Ramos Office: (044)791- 7335 Fax: (044) 662-7635 Hiyas Convention Center, Malolos City, Bulacan 3000

Where: Pulilan in Bulacan Province.

When: Every year on May 14-15.

My rating: 9/10 Very colorful festival. Well organized with a lot of brass bands and dance groups. It is a very spectacular sight to see all those big animals kneel in front of the church.

Info from: My Sarisari Store

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