Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

Definitely the most popular beach resort among the locals of Davao. Located in Samal island off the coast of Davao it owe’s its huge visitor base to it’s accessibility, friendly staff, affordable price, pristine waters and powdery white sand.

It’s parking area and jump off point is located near the old airport in the Lanang area. You will feel secure leaving your car in the parking lot because it is guarded 24 hours.
At the jump off point you will ride on a 20 capacity boat which will take you for a 7 minute boat ride to the resort. The fare for the ride is Php 10.00/head. But you need a minimum of 7 passengers before the boat will take off. If you can’t wait that long, you can pay for the entire boat ride by yourself, which will cost Php 70.00. Access to the resort however is only from 5 AM to 5PM due to strict Coast Guard restrictions. Entrance fee costs Php 60.00/head, from there you are free to use the tables and chairs as well as roam around the zoo.

Because of its proximity to the city, one could actually go there on a lunch break and enjoy a meal there then just have about enough time to head on back to work. It pays however to come there early as their cooking is dastardly slow. I am going to assume that some TLC is being done during the cooking hence the long wait. *snicker*
You will be amazed at how obssessed the staff are with cleanliness as you will immediately notice the absence of litter in the area. Not to mention the constant raking of the fine sand at the beach to maintain the symmetry of the beach front.

You will notice how long they have been at the resort business as they have perfected the craft of customer service and making the guest feel welcome. Upon arrival, the guard will assist you and even call a porter to help carry your baggage on the boat. At the resort itself people will assist you to carry your things into your table.

Definitely a trip to Davao is not complete without visiting Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort

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  • Carol Kevina

    Wala talagang tatalo sa Philippines Beach Resorts! Can wait to see Davao! No wonder they call it Paradise. 🙂

    • It is indeed Carol! May back link talaga ha.. Hehe.

  • Carol Kevina

    Wala talagang tatalo sa Philippines Beach Resorts! Can wait to see Davao! No wonder they call it Paradise. 🙂

  • rya

    How much is the entrance fee,the cottages,and can we bring foods?me i know your contact number as well.

  • rya

    How much is the entrance fee,the cottages,and can we bring foods?

  • fate

    how much is the entrance fee if morning? night swimming huw much din? and are we allowed to bring food?

  • meloboy

    who owns, operate and manages the resort?

  • danny boy

    Paradise is maintained to a high western standard the boat over is around 10 peso each way. It is now about 100 peso entrance, the cottages start around 1000 peso a night, they are very clean and gardens well maintained. they have a little zoo at the back and is well worth a visit. They are always upgrading the place both in the water and on the land. They have taken all the broken coral and stones out and you are always walking on a bed of sand in the water. They have staff which are constantly cleaning and combing the sand so the place always looks spotless. You can bring your own food or you can eat their food served on banana leaves and is always great to eat. If you like a quiet resort go monday to friday, on weekends the place is very crowded because it is that popular with everyone. To get to the ferry from the city you will need to get a taxi or a jeepney and ask the driver to let you off at paradise crossing. You then walk down the street where an employee who looks after their car park will direct you to the ferry which is down a narrow path by the side of the large oil tanks. From my experience unless it is a public holiday or weekend you do not need to book in advance for a cottage i have always managed to get a cottage when i have decided to stay overnight.

  • rubylyn jacinto

    please kindly send us your contracted and published rates. tnx!

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  • regina

    i would like to inquire how much is the overnight room on december 22… i need your reply asap. thanks

  • ang ganda dito ha.. ok i will just tell my friends aout it.

  • Lor

    Hi, reading on your comments, i think this is a good place to spend time with my family. Can you please give me an idea on how much the boat fare, entrance fee, room fees for groups and other fees for amenities as of this time Oct 2008? we are planning to budget our expenses. Thank you.

  • bluesky travel

    henge naman nang hotel for august 19 to 23 deluxe room tenks ito contact number 009183500486

  • bluesky travel

    ask ko lang wala ba kayong manila reservation kc ang hirap na makontak kau dito kc kame manila kc may client kame na gusto dyan mag stay hindi rin kc kayo nagrereply sa txt eh so ihope mabasa nyo to tenks

  • BO Chong

    hi Pili

  • Mr&Mrs. J. Smith

    we’ve visited this resort last feb 2008.. as my hubby would say it is truly a paradise island..it has almost every thing..you wont get bored here..the food is amazing! we couldn’t get enough of their pineapple fried rice! we ordered it breakfast, lunch & dinner the whole time were there! haha.. also love their seafood delight with lemon sauce…
    their staff are very accommodating even my request for a birthday cake was at the last minutes..
    we will surely come back..

  • ton

    hoi mga bahong otin

  • BO Chong

    hope you had a wonderful birthday last 12th of April.

  • Bo Chong

    Paradise Island was my weekend retreat when I was there in Davao City way back in 1985-1987. Davaoenos should be proud having a resort like this. I was a medical rep that time. The place is very memorable to me for it brings back the most important part of my life. I met a girl there and she calls me by the name of “Bo Chong”. She’s the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met, has a very beautiful smile and splendid personality. I’ve tried several times to get in touch with her hoping that one day we could drink starbucks together. Happy Birthday on the 12th of April.

  • pinay ako

    I visited Paradise Island November 2006 for a late breakfast before taking my flight back to Manila and I really liked the place, especially the food and the drinks which were also reasonably prived. Now, we are looking for overnights accommodations in Samal Ilsnad for our family holidays this December – reading the entry and the comments, especially by Shark above, I am now definitely comvinced this is the place for my family and me! In addition to the facilities, it seems that : walang magugulo, mga lasing, walang abusado at walang maiingay! Fantastic – we can enjoy ourselves! Paradise Island, here we come!

  • female_expat

    HI Shark

    You were possibly one of those annoying or irritating customers who does not have the courtesy to Others.
    When you are going to the resort and there are others who are also staying and relaxing, being “noisy” amounts to disrespect. It is right for the Paradise staff to reprimand unwanted customers who are inconsiderate to Others.
    You will be charged corkage, just like any other places. Remember, the resort is operating on a “profit” basis. The company pays “beautification, clealiness and maintenance labour” – where do you think this money came from?
    Please stop complaining and bring your “gang-bangers” attitude somewhere else.
    Paradise will not be the way it is, if it tolerated the kind of customers like you are!

    California, USA

  • shark

    masasabi ko lang sa resort na’to! napaka mahal.. ultimo tetra pack ng juice may corkage! hanep!! hndi pambarkada and resort na’to ksi bawal d2 and maiingay na tao.. sa madaling salita hndi ka mag eenjoy! lalo na pag gabi.. naninita ang mga personnel nla lalo na pag nagkakasiyahan na. last time pumunta kami d2, overnyt. nag inuman kami.. sabi ng isang tao nila, “bka pag malasing kau mag iingay na kau”.. tanga! may barkada bang nag-iinuman na tahimik..? ulol! kahit sa umaga dn bawal mag ingay. nag lalaro lang kmi ng cards nun sinita ulit kmi ksi nag sisigawan dw kmi.. tanga! pasensya na. masaya lang!
    dapat sa susunod mag lagay sila ng “exclusive for pipi only” wahaha.

  • Rubie

    Hope na masaify tlaga kmi sa service new..
    thnx tlaga

  • Rubie

    We want to go there in paradise to have our field trip..
    hope we will enjoy the days of spending in that resort.

  • christine

    we’re planning to go between oct.31-nov.3, are you open on these dates? Also, can you advise us how we can go and take the ferry? We are a party of 11 people and a baby. Thank you very much.

  • dianne malinao




  • HElo mr. paradise..i love u!!!!!

  • I have no idea!!!IT _____ VERY MUCH!!!!






  • roger solo

    i’m planning to go there on sept. 2007 and I want to know how much is ur room rate if i’m going to bring my family there about 8-12 persons, do u have a room that can accomodate them? and how much the entrance fee? pls reply soon. Thanks alot!

  • randy cortez

    i do appreciate your nice security and accomodations especially your “harana” during dinner…we do agreed with my friends that it was really great and unique!!!


  • mark

    how many perosons are allowed in their rooms ?

  • cel

    My husband and i have plan to visit in davao and would like to stay in paradise resort. I would like to ask is there diving and how much per dive includes equepment?

  • cymbie

    i just visited this resort and its really truly amazing.i will surely recommend it to friends to saved 2 or 3 days of their holidays to explore the place and the whole davao city

  • roseann

    For everyone’s info:

    the 7 minute boat ride is now at Php12 per head and the entrance for the resort is now at Php 85 per head (excluding kids aged below 2 yrs. old)

    I am bringing my whole family this weekend, hope the resort experience is as good, if not better, than before.

  • Jun D

    Hi Gie,

    They cook great food and can even cook you special meals not found in their menu so you do not have to bother bringing in food. They still discourage room occupants to bring food and drinks in the resort.

    If you go there on a day tour, you may bring food and stay at the non – restaurant area although they will charge reasonable corkage fees on the drinks you bring.

    They are about to launch a company slogan which is geared towards customer service. It is called P.A.P and they will be donning the world famous smiley as part of their uniform. PAP is an acronym which stands for P – Pahiyom ( a local term for smile), A – Abi – abi (pamper), and P – Pasalamat (thank you).

    As the saying goes, Get PAPped at Paradise!

  • gie

    hi i’ve been in paradise before but i have question.are we allowed to bring food there ….is there any reservation for the room .and how much is it and also per head..thank you

  • Jun D

    Hey you guys, they have just opened eight more de luxe rooms. Room rates are reasonably priced @ 51.50 USD for de luxe, 43.50 USD for superior and 34.50 USD for standard. Prices may change without prior notice.

  • chay
  • Travis

    For those that are asking about room rates, they are around 35 per night. My wife and I usually stay there for a month in the summer. If you want a bigger room I think they are a little more. Its a great place to stay. If anyone knows why their website is not up can you please let me know when it will be. Thanks

  • Benny Lim

    I’ll be in PI by next year around March time frame. How can i get a reservation at Paradise Island?

  • Judi

    My husband and I would like to make reservations at your resort for July of 2007. How do we go about taking care of this matter. Thank you

  • how much are the room rates in paradise?

  • Travis

    Hey, How can I contact Paradise Island Park and Beach Resort? I tried clicking on their link but it takes me some were else. My wife is from there and wants to contact them via email. We usually stay there for a month in the summer. Can you help?

  • MaAn

    How much are the room rates at Paradise Island Resort?

  • Sorry but I have no info on that… but the Rodriguez family still owns the place if that’s what you want to know 😀

  • thad

    Is Balot Rodriguez still around?