5 Things To Do in the Island of Bohol

Relax, unwind and commune with nature at the Panglao Island Nature Resort.


Visit the Loboc church which was constructed during the Spanish era.


Have lunch at the floating resturant traversing the magnificent Loboc River.


Meet the famous Tarsiers.


And of course, one should not leave Bohol without seeing the Chocolate Hills.


I won’t write much about my recent trip and will just let the pictures speak for themselves. Take a look at the other pictures I took during my trip last weekend.

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  • Carol Kevina

    Can’t wait to see those gorgeous Tarsiers and the remarkable Bohol Beach Resort!

  • Carol Kevina

    Can’t wait to see those gorgeous Tarsiers and the remarkable Bohol Beach Resort!

  • lynette rubico

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  • how much will it cost me?

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  • Go on an extreme adventure in Danao, Bohol (ziplines, suislide, etc.)

  • this place sounds amazing!i cant wait to visit Island of Bohol.Thanks for the information!

  • Jayson Gilay

    its beaches stretching to infinity smartass lol.. i miss bohol.. my island

  • i didn’t know there’s a resort with infinity pool in panglao island… planning to go back… thanks for this post!




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  • wenggy white

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  • Bohol is one of the lesser know tourist destinations here in the Phils. There are a lot of things you can do during your stay there. If you want to know more about Bohol, try visting my site.

  • anne

    me and my barkada would like to have vacation in bohol.. is there any one here who can give idea how much would it cost if we just rent a boat going to pamilacan island??? hope someone can help me with this. thanks n godbless to all

  • Oh! I see Loboc Church and the Loboc River! We stayed in Loboc (in my cousin’s house) during our vacation there. It was real fun being there and riding the famous Loboc Floating Restaurant. 😀

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  • claire

    can anyone suggest any hotel or resort that will be really affordable will bring our kid kasi and can you also tell me if it would be better to get a travel agency or just buy tickets na lang abd find a good hotel. maganda kaya ang weather this september

  • dhanny gulilat

    bohol i now the number one tourist spots in the philippines..i surely f u visit in bohol you will enjoy and you will say that nothing cud compare in bohol…bohol is the best place…thats y bohol called them as city of friendship…..so njoy ur picnic in bohol….

  • JJ

    If you are going up to Choco hills, one more great place to stop and visit is SIMPLY BUTTERFLIES CONSERVATION CENTER in POB BILAR. With good access just 20m off the highway in Poblacion Bilar, you will see all the color flags along the highway.
    Every group gets a free tour guide to explain all about the butterflies, the guides are really informative and funny.
    They have many butterflies inside a large wall-in enclosure and also nice open gardens where over 100 species of butterflies come to visit naturally! Including the biggest butterfly in the Philippines. This is a great place for the family, and there is a picnic area where you can bring your own food and watch the butterflies flying free in the open garden. The food in the restaurant is also very good, and affordable and they have nice cakes too.
    You must also try their home made ice cream – it is amazing!
    Simply Butterflies Conservation Center is the best butterfly garden I have ever been to in the Philippines:-)

  • Tess

    hi angel,

    R u the moderator of this site? or should i say the webmaster? I wanna visit Bohol soon and go to the places uv recommended! Hope i enjoy my stay there!

  • clownfish

    Bohol is great! if you want to tour the whole of bohol, rent a motorbike ( if you how ride one) and tour the island..it is less expensive and be available to appreciate the beauty of bohol, just like we did with my with wife 4 years ago..


    one great thing to do when you are in bohol to look for the man of your dream way lain si jayson gilay lang……….

  • Bohol is a lovely place. My wife and I went to bohol in April 2007. The water is very clear and the air is clean. We stayed at the Bohol Beach Club while we where on the island. Bohol is a must see if you are going to travel in The Philippines.

  • jhulie

    The five things to do her in Bohol:
    First is you can visit the most oldest church which is found in Baclayon, second is the blood compact which is found in bool, third is the man made forest which is found in bilar, a thousands of trees you can see in this forest, fourth is the well known chocolate hills which is found in carmen,there are 1,268 cones form..chocolate hills is the most popular tourist atrractions her in bohol and lastly is the floating restaurant which is found in loboc, many tourist attract to come because of the rare beauty of river

  • jeff

    If you’re planning to visit Bohol’s tourist attractions (Chocolate Hills, Tarsier, Beach Resorts, or Dolphin/Whale Watching), you may find the web site below helpful (contact on van or car to take you around Bohol).


  • Things to do in Bohol:

    go shopping in Tagbialran City at Island City Mall, Bohol Quality, Plaze Marcella

    go to Panglao Island to visit Hinagdanan Cave in Dauis, go scuba diving in Pamilacan Island, have a nice white sand beach stroll at Alona Beach, or enjoy great food at Bee Farm

    go to Chocolate Hills Complex in Carmen Bohol and enjoy the display of nature at the observation deck with 360 degrees view of the chocolate hills spread all over the town

    go boat riding at Loboc River and enjoy the scenery along the long water flow heading towards bansai falls and take a dip and enjoy the fresh water

    meet the smallest monkey in the world, the Tarsiers

    observed the stone architecture of Baclayon Church

  • piper

    wala lang

  • Other Things to do in Bohol:

    1. Visit and stay at Alona Palm Beach Resort too

    2. Dine at Miravilla Restaurant. You can swim there too (for a fee) so bring your swimming gear.

    3. Visit the other churches like Dauis Church and Baclayon Church

    4. Find out when the Loboc Children’s Choir will have concerts and listen to them — they sound heavenly

    5. Visit the Blood Compact Site and the home of Carlos P. Garcia (now a museum)

  • visitor_lng

    pangit nyo mag festival hindi nmn ako sa nanlait no peru yon tlaga na experience ko last SANDUGO 2006. parang napaka bastos lang nang dating nyo sa mga bisita nyo.

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