Picture Perfect Trekking to Bomod-ok Falls, Sagada

Trekking To Sagada Big FallsEvery adventure-loving Pinoy would have already heard at least a little bit of something about Sagada and its wonders. This summer I had a chance to once again visit this awesome place. Among the many Sagada sites popular to visitors, the trek to Bomod-ok Falls, otherwise known as the “Big Falls” is something no one can afford to miss.

While the actual falls is really beautiful and breathtaking, the trek to it is equally amazing. The trek starts near the basketball court of a town called Bangaan. It is mostly a downhill trek along surprisingly cemented pathways, slithering through rice terraces and a quaint little bunch of houses which I later on found out to be called Fidelisan.

Kids in Fidelisan en route to Big Falls, Sagada Picture Picture To Big Falls Picture Perfect Site En Route Big Falls Sagada Bomod-ok Big Falls Sagada

When the trek passed through Fidelisan, our group was pleasantly surprised to see kids playing, in my eyes all looking alike, with plump cheeks, chinky eyes, and cute dirty faces, chanting, “Penge piso…? Penge piso!” We also saw (and smelled!) a queer looking baboy damo (wild boar) snorting as we passed its pen, sitting right beside the house of its owner.

The cemented pathways were so helpful as we trekked through the rice terraces. Green rice stalks were dancing with the occasional blowing wind, and seeing that throughout the trek made it such a wonderful experience! Many picture perfect sites sit along the trek that my camera was working on high gear, especially whenever my trek mates start shouting, “Uy! Uy! Picture! Picture!”

The trek lasted about an hour and a half. Upon arrival at the Big Falls, our guide got us banana leaves which we used for a “kamayan-style” lunch. Sarap! We swam, took more pictures, and enjoyed the powerful (and cold) waters of the falls.

The trek back up to Bangaan was expectedly much more exhausting, as it was mostly uphill. Our group stopped in many more resting areas this time but the experience was really worth all the pounds we shed off!

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  • Tiny

    Right so picture perfect!

  • the
    pictures are great

  • trabel

    Im planning to go there sometime next year, toto ba na tolerated ang marijuana sa sagada? heard they have one of the best quality in Philippines

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  • Sagada’s Great indeed. The people, the place the hike, the trek. I will prefer this as a good summer getaway for people who likes adventure and exploring.

  • jaidy

    my god…. ive been to sagada last may 1 to may 4 2008…. grabeh the best… ganda, lamig at presko yung hangi… nkakapagod nga lng papunta sa bomod-ok falls…. ang dali bumaba ang hirap ng pabalik… hehehe

  • jaidy

    my god…. ive been to sagada last may 1 to may 4…. grabeh the best… ganda, lamig at presko yung hangi… nkakapagod nga lng papunta sa bomod-ok falls…. ang dali bumaba ang hirap ng pabalik… hehehe

  • mavic

    yeah, sagada’s just great. been to sumaguing and the burial cave… grandeur of nature..peace of mind.

  • kenshin

    maganda ang sagada im proud na taga doon ako n im proud to be an igorot maraming pasyalan doon tatlong cave pero ang sikat ay sumaging cave pero sa akin mas maganda ang balangagan cave
    yun lang po hehehe…

  • blueclouds

    i’ve been to sagada last year during the typhoon Reming here in the Philippines which was 1st week of December. Unfortunately, we came there at the wrong time, the rice field was not as green as above picture shows 🙁 walking towards the big falls was really tiring that i almost fainted on our way back haha because of dehydration…So bring water!!!

    You can settle the trekking through the municipal hall along with the other adventures in sagada. The walk to the big falls is approx. 2 hrs down then going back 2 hours also depending on your pace. Its really tiring though…

    as for the budget for the sagada trip…we approximately spent 4K each without the pasalubongs. we stayed at tita mary’s place which is near the yoghurt house. she is very accomodating! try it out and their rates are fairly low compared to others and its a newly built.

  • Bheng

    Yes, ive been to Sagada also. The weather is cold especially during nighttime.

  • tin

    ..been to Sagada & its truly one of my favorite places that i’ve visited…the people are kind, the air refreshing, the scenery is just wonderful. Sagada is an experience… i especially enjoyed going to the caves. We also got to drop by Rock Garden Inn & picked oranges! The hot choco/coffee by the bonfire is an added bonus after the picking of oranges! I just truly enjoyed Sagada & is looking forward to gong back.

  • anne*

    Hi there, may I know how you got in touch with the tour guide or how the tour was set-up? Did you research on it and find your way or had acquaintances who do tour-guiding. How much also is the budget required say for 4 – 6 persons? How long is the trek? Im really interested. Thanks so much

  • Jerry Smith

    Good point about using the word chink. Being a white american male, the word chink has always been a slang word for chinese and you are absolutely right, it is not politically correct. But really, I don’t think she meant it in a racist type of definition.

  • Wil

    hey there. good to hear you had a great time in sagada. btw, is ‘chinky’ eyes politically correct? maybe i’m wrong, but some people may be offended by such seemingly racist characterization. I’m Fil-Am so I’m aware of these terms being used against the Pinoy to discriminate here in the States.

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