Feast of San Roque, Barangay Mabolo, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila.

Yearly fiesta in honor of San Roque. Unlike other parts of the country San Roque is celebrated here on May 12. San Roque is the patron saint of the sick and the invalids.


San Roque was born around 1295 in a rich family in Montpellier, France. Tradition says that San Roque had a birthmark with a red cross on his chest.

His father died when he was 12 and his mother died when he was 20. He joined the Franciscan order soon after that and distributed his fortune among the poor.

San Roque then set out for Italy as a mendicant pilgrim and stopped along the way to care for the victims of the plague that was ravaging Italy at that time. He was reputed to have performed many miracles of healing everywhere he went.


According to some accounts the history of the feast of San Roque in the Philippines started in 1637. Residents of the town of San Roque came down from the mountains where they had contracted malaria. But they were miraculously cured after holding a procession in honour of San Roque. It is said that the procession was held in a fiesta atmosphere, with a lot of dancing and singing.

In Valenzuela San Roque is also known as the Patron Saint of the unmarried. It’s the day for single women to ask for help in finding their true love. There are countless tales of single girls who danced and prayed in the procession and who claim to have found their husband during the fiesta.


Where: Barangay Mabolo, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila

When: Every year on May 12.

My rating: unrated.

My visit was spoiled by heavy rains. The procession and the street dancing started on time and the participants kept their cool and enthusiasm under the rain. I was invited to dance in the procession several times. Too bad, but I am already married… ;-)

In the afternoon, after the street dancing and the parade, at around 2 pm was the start of the palarong Pinoy (Filipino games) with among others juego de anillo (shadow play), palo sebo, pabitin, galapong wrestling and swine-catching. At 7 pm there was the Prusisyon at Sagalahan (Maytime procession). A firework capped the festivities.

For sure I will go back next year and hope for better weather.

Info from: http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com/

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    Right now is May15, 2012 pero bakit Fiesta ngayon sa Mabolo? O_O Hindi ko magets. hehe.

  • Roque Santodaw

    1. Dahil sa hindi nila pagkaalam ng salita o katuwiran ng Dios at nagsariling kalooban gaya ng nakasulat sa Biblia sa aklat ng Roma 10:2-3 “Sapagka’t sila’y pinatotohanan ko na may mga pagmamalasakit sa Dios, datapuwa’t hindi ayon sa pagkakilala. Sapagka’t sa hindi nila pagkaalam ng katuwiran ng Dios, at sa pagsusumakit na maitayo ang sariling kanila, ay hindi sila napasakop sa katuwiran ng Dios”.
    2. Ang sinamba nila imbes na yung lumalang ng lahat ng bagay, yung nilalang ang sinamba tulad mga rebulto o diosdiosan, santa o santo gaya ng nakasulat sa Roma 1:21-25 “Sapagka’t kahit kilala nila ang Dios, siya’y hindi niluwalhati nilang tulad sa Dios, ni pinasalamatan; kundi bagkus niwalang kabuluhan sa kanilang mga pagmamatuwid at ang mangmang nilang puso ay pinapagdilim. Ang mga nangagmamarunong ay naging mga mangmang, At pinalitan nila ang kaluwalhatian ng Dios na hindi nasisira, ng isang katulad ng larawan ng tao na nasisira, at ng mga ibon, at ng mga hayop na may apat na paa, at ng mga nagsisigapang. Dahil dito’y sa karumihan ng mga pita ng kanilang mga puso ay ibinigay sila ng Dios sa kahalayan, upang alisan nila ng puri ang kanilang mga katawan sa kanikanilang sarili: Sapagka’t pinalitan nila ang katotohanan ng Dios ng kasinungalingan, at sila’y nagsisamba at nangaglingkod sa nilalang kay sa Lumalang, na siyang pinupuri magpakailan man. Siya nawa”.
    3. Sinasamba at kinakausap ang mga imahe o rebulto gaya ng nakasulat sa Jeremias 2:27 “Na nangagsasabi sa kahoy, Ikaw ay aking ama; at sa bato, Iyong ipinanganak ako: sapagka’t kanilang ipinihit ang kanilang likod sa akin, at hindi ang kanilang mukha: nguni’t sa panahon ng kanilang kabagabagan ay sasabihin nila, Ikaw ay bumangon, at iligtas mo kami”. at sa Habacuc 2:18-19 ” Anong napapakinabang ng larawang inanyuan na yao’y inanyuan ng manggagawa niyaon; ng binubong larawan, na tagapagturo ng mga kasinungalingan, na tinitiwalaan ng nagaanyo sa kaniya, na gumawa ng mga piping diosdiosan?Sa aba niya na nagsasabi sa kahoy, Gumising ka; sa piping bato, Bumangon ka Magtuturo baga ito? Narito, nababalot ng ginto at pilak, at walang hinga sa loob niyaon”.
    4. ito ang mga nakahiligan nila na sambahin ang mga diosdiosan sa Awit 115:4-8 ” Ang kanilang mga diosdiosan ay pilak at ginto, yari ng mga kamay ng mga tao. Sila’y may mga bibig, nguni’t sila’y hindi nangagsasalita; mga mata’y mayroon sila, nguni’t hindi sila nangakakakita; Sila’y may mga tainga, nguni’t hindi sila nangakakarinig; mga ilong ay mayroon sila, nguni’t hindi sila nangakakaamoy; Mayroon silang mga kamay, nguni’t hindi sila nangakatatangan; mga paa ay mayroon sila, nguni’t hindi sila nangakalalakad; ni nangagsasalita man sila sa kanilang ngalangala. Ang nagsisigawa sa kanila ay magiging gaya nila; Oo, bawa’t tumitiwala sa kanila”.

  • lol

    Is their San Roque festival in Sikatuna Street Cebu city??? Because I heard some people saying that the festival in Sikatuna Street is also San Roque festival and when I researched it I could not find any single report in google, yahoo, and in wikipedia and we have a project of what the origin is and I don’t know anything about it can anybody please help me???

  • yoshie

    what are the games in the palarong pinoy?

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    Good site!!!