Cottage Hunting at Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera is one of the most popular destinations especially by local Metro Manila tourists because of its proximity and accessibility to Manila on top of budget-friendly rates. A bus ride from the Jam bus terminal at Buendia cor. Taft. Ave to the Batangas Pier costs Php146 and could take about 3 to 5 hours depending on traffic and season. Boat tickets to White Beach, Sabang or Talipanan is another Php140 for 2 hours (May 2006 rates).

Puerto Galera, Mindoro

The accomodations on the other hand will vary depending on two things — the season (off peak and on peak) and the day of the week.

To help you get the best off your money’s worth, here are some tips to bear in mind when hunting for cottages, rooms and other accomodations at Puerto Galera:

  • Peak season starts at March to end of May but lately, more tourists are coming to Puerto Galera that this season extends as early as February to end of June. (June being a favorite month corporate outings.)
  • Favorite spots are White Beach for the party goers and Sabang Beach for the serious water aficionados. There are lesser known beaches around like Talipanan but you will need a land trip to get there (usually costs Php100 for a special tricycle ride).
  • Room rates will double and even triple during these peak season (oftentimes even higher). Imagine a one bedroom (good for 2-3 people) accomodation 50 meters off of the beach can be had for Php500 per night during the rainy season but could get as high as Php3,500 per night on summer.
  • If you have the money to spend, get your reservations early on. Two to 3 weeks notice is good enough but they will ask you for 50% down payment so you better get your schedules pegged.
  • If you are coming in on a Friday or a Saturday on peak season, they will force you to pay two straight days for that week-end. Their worry is that they won’t get bookings if they leave Sundays free so a two-night deal will solve that.
  • Locals will offer their own houses for groups of 4 and up and they usually costs around Php4,000 a night and up. This is good if you’re in a large group as you could save a bit more.
  • Backpackers usually bring their own tents to camp at the beach although some resort owners would charge a “cleaning and maintenance” fee of Php100 per night.

Puerto Galera, Mindoro

If you are not really particular with the sleeping quarters and on a budget, I suggest you try Talipanan Beach instead. It’s quite there and the rooms are still affordable even if White Beach is already full to the brim. Usual rates at Talipanan is around Php1,500 for a decent room or cottage. There’s only one boat trip to Batangas to and from there during the day but the place fairly accessible by land (jeep or tricycle) from White Beach. A tricycle ride for 4 or 6 costs Php100 and takes around 15 minutes only.

Puerto Galera, Mindoro

At Talipanan, most the cottages and rooms are situated in from of the beach so you get a piece of the white sand and lots fresh cool air in the morning. It’s quite there as well and works best if you don’t like the too crowdy and noisy White Beach. You can always contract a tricycle driver to pick you up anytime if you want some round of drinks and disco at White Beach and the money you saved from the rooms can be well spent on a banana boat ride and a snorkelling tour around the islands.

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  • http://n/a amhuirnin

    anyone know mariner’s contact nos?cant access their website kc thanks!

  • skyechill

    I agree! MENGIES/White Sands resort is the dirtiest resort in Talipanan! Cockroaches and spiders galore! ewwww

  • ren rivera

    Never stay at MENGIES. It’s the worst place in Talipanan. Try Mariners instead.

  • ren rivera


    We just came back from Talipanan in Puerto Galera. We had a horrible experience in MENGIES resort (White Sands Resort). That place stinks and the rooms were really dirty. The owner also overcharged us! Horrible!

  • jhonai

    just wanna ask if there’s any house that we can stay in for 3D & 2N.. how much? me and my colleges friends are planning to go to puerto on May02..

  • may

    Hi! balak namin punta ng Puerto galera sa May 16-18 kaya lang wala pa kami reservation..meron ba kau contact sa White Beach..ung me aircon sana..thank you

  • beau

    Good Day!
    I am planning to take my wife to a summer vacation (3D & 2N)this May in Puerto Galera, probably at white beach. It will be our first time in puerto. But my budget are too tight. Can anybody suggest a name of a decent inn (with a/c & Bathroom)that would cost between 1.5k-2.5k per day?

    Your response will be of great help for us.
    Thank you very much!

  • cha

    Hi patricia & avatar.. i think there are some a/c cottages at mt beach.. You can contact this number for more info, 09065146782. That’s Epay Sandoval’s number, our contact there at mt. beach. there’s also mengie’s white sand beach resort still at talipanan, here’s their contact number +(63)(0916) 3000068 +(63)(0920) 4032173.
    Again, if you’re looking for night life with other beach people, I won’t suggest Talipanan.
    You can check out some our photos here:
    to make sure that the place’ll suit your needs.

  • patricia

    Hi Cha ,

    I actually have the same sentiments as with avatar. just that I need that place for my team. please do contact me : 0922-8163550 Thanks !!!

  • Avatar

    Hi Cha, does the cottage at mountain beach resort has an aircon?

    kindly suggest a place to stay at Puerto Galera having a cottage w/ aircon for 12 persons(7 adults, 5 kids). Please include rates per night.

    I am planning to bring my family this April 19.


  • cha

    its not easy to suggest a place to stay at Puerto Galera,it really depends on what you want to do when you get there. we went there last march 15-16 and stayed at Mountain Beach Resort at Talipanan Beach, that’s the third beach from white beach. we rented two cottages,w bathroom, w/o kitchen, 1400Php each, and its good for 5 pax. there’s one bed with an extra matress. there’s no prob with regards to shower water and electricity. there are less people and you’ll have the beach by yourselves.
    but if you want a crowded place, there are lots of inns at white beach. my friends stayed at sheryl’s inn and paid 1500Php/room, good for 5 pax also. its an airconditioned room, typical apartment type room. no kitchen, one bathroom.

    for add info you can visit my site,

  • nikki

    Can you give me a cheap place where we can stay at galera? good for 7 people. thanks so much!

  • lani

    summer time!!! puerto galera!!!

  • ian

    my concern is that your website, pinoy travel blog should be responsible in accepting comments from other viewers that leave such opinions. any offending comments shall have corresponding understanding or clarification to the management concerned before posting. This is to inform you that if you do not review all the comments in this website especially those who leave a such negative comments without any proof, i will file a case against the person and the person behind this website.

  • arnoldjfr

    Beware of this Resort – Sand Bar Boquete Beach Club Puerto Galera
    Last May 2007 we traveled all the way from Manila to Mindoro
    to escape from the hectic schedules and demands of work. Unfortunately, instead of relaxing we encountered several incidents with the above mentioned resort that really frustrated our trip. Below are the incidents that had transpired:

    1. Before Arriving at Muelle Pier you will be mesmerized already with the beauty of the cove. After passing CoCo Beach Island you will be enchanted with all of its surroundings. This made us think that we will really enjoy our stay in the resort that we booked known as “SAND BAR BOQUETE BEACH CLUB.”

    2. Arriving at the resort, the place was not that cool as advertised in the internet. You will be deceived by pictures that you will find over the net.

    3. Upon arriving in our room, you will find the that room was spacious, open the air conditioning unit and let it on for several hours you will find out that the room will still be hot as hell. We even requested for an additional electric fan because our kids can’t sleep because the a/c unit was not sufficient to provide the right temperature for the room.

    4. The swimming pool looks like that it hasn’t been cleaned for a week. You couldn’t see the flooring anymore. The flooring even has green substances attached on the tiles.

    5. Eating at the restaurant, well this really made our day, we ordered sodas and food from them, food was ok though it’s kindda expensive. I requested a bucket of ICE to be utilized for the sodas that we ordered and guess what happened? ICE WAS NOT FOR FREE EVEN IF YOU ORDERED DRINKS FROM THEM. DRINKS ORDERED DOESN’T SUPPORT ANY ICE. ICE WILL BE CHARGED AT P30 PER BUCKET. Imagine that we were informed about it after we consumed the ICE. Some kind of service! Will I pay for it? OFCOURSE NOT!

    6. Most staffs are OJT who doesn’t know a thing in terms of customer service. They will just ignore you or answer you they don’t know because “OJT lang sila”. They don’t even want to talk to you.

    7. The resort provides an internet access. Funny thing about it is that they will charge you with the amount of P30 for 30 minutes and P50/hour which was supposedly ok. What’s bad about it was, when one of our kids was the one accessing the internet, he was told that “boy, umalis ka na dyan at mag uupload pa ako ng pictures” by I think the owner of the resort, and come to think of it we are paying for the service. I was only informed of it when we left that fuckin resort, so I did not get any chance to confront that individual anymore!

    We were supposed to stay there for 3 days but it’s a good thing that other resorts are accessible via tricycle that will drop you to your preferred destination with around 20 to 30 minutes travel time. So we transferred to a much better one.

    So if by chance you are planning to check out SAND BAR BOQUETE BEACH CLUB, think twice before doing so.

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  • kathy

    just wanna ask.. if we can find a house or 3 big rooms for rent! for 50 persons ^_^

  • Tima

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