The Best Thing About Boracay is Still the Sunset


Yes, all hell broke loose in Boracay last weekend. There were lots of people (both foreign and local tourists), loads of noise coming from party events, tiangge stalls lining up the inner part of the shore from station 1 to station 2, and trashes everywhere. Good thing there was still the magnificent Boracay sunset.

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  • katrina

    Hey there! i love reading this blog..makes me closer to home..
    we’re planning to go to boracay by first week of june.
    Will it be safe for us to travel with kids?
    thank you so much!1
    and keep it up!

  • jhenny

    i agree! sunset is best in bora :D

  • kimjoyberna

    hope there is affordable place there!!!!=kim
    i want 2 go there n! kim, ate berna punta tau dun ha!!=joy
    ok lng=bds

  • philippinesunsets

    awesome awesome!!