All Hell Will Break Loose in Boracay This Long Weekend

If you are like me who booked a 3day/2 nights package in Boracay this coming weekend, this is what awaits you in the so called paradise island of the Philippines.

Expect to see member of Pinoy bands such as Pupil, Mojofly, Freestyle, True Faith, Sandwich and more, roaming around the island starting this evening and probably until Monday.

And here are some last minute tips that might help all of us Boracay bound this weekend;

  • Arrive early at the domestic airport to avoid last minute hazzles,
  • Wear comfortable clothing,
  • Bring less sets of clothing (do not bring denim pants, you won’t have a need for it)
  • Change your footwear into flip flops or rubber sandals if you are wearing leather ones, just before loading the “bangkas” or small boats that will ferry you from Caticlan to the Island proper, nobody touches the white sand of Boracay without getting their feet wet,
  • Prepare loose change to pay for some “required government dues”,
  • Bring one of those small sling bags to carry your cellphones, camera, wallets, keys,
  • and most importantly, don’t forget your sunblock lotion, unless you want to come back in Manila, toasted and roasted from the heat of the sun.

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  • when i went there last year
    there was a beach volleyball competition (hosted by nestea)
    then, some concerts too 😀
    plus a fashion show hehe