Moriones Festival, Marinduque

Marinduque is a small island 170 km away from Manila. It is a marvelous island with some pretty beaches, old churches, caves, butterfly farms and very friendly inhabitants.


The total land area is 95.000 hectares and is inhabited by about 200.000 people. Most of its inhabitants are into coconut farming or fishing.

Legendary stories narrate that the original name of the island was “Malindik” describing the gentle sloping terrain of the island’s highest mountain, Mt. Malindig. When the Spaniards came, they found it hard to pronounce the word so they called the island Marinduc. By common usage, Marinduc became Marinduque.

Try to plan your visit during Holy Week so that you are able to watch the unique Moriones Festival, an animated Easter tradition featuring masked men dressed like Roman soldiers. Marinduque has other interesting Lenten traditions too.

The story of the Moriones Festival goes back to 1807 when Padre Dionisio Santiago, parish priest of Mogpog, organized a group of players to re-enact the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
The staging of the play evolved around Longinius, the Roman Centurion, who was assigned to the execution of Christ on the Calvary. Upon the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, Longinus thrust a lance into the side of Christ and in so doing caused the precious blood to flow around whereupon a drop fell into Longinus’ blind eye and miraculously cured it.
Still later, Longinus, serving as one of the guards of Christ’s tomb, witnessed the Resurrection and rushed into town to spread the news.
Immediately, the Chief Priest and the Scribes hurried to have him silenced by bribing other soldiers to kill Longinus.
The story continues that Longinus gave up voluntarily and as he was being led away by his captors, he revealed how he was miraculously cured and how he, himself, had witnessed the Resurrection. As he was thus praising the Lord, one of the soldiers struck him with a sword and cut his head off.

During Holy Week the Moriones roam around in the streets of Boac, Mogpog and Gasan. They will also re-enact the beheading (pugutan) of Longinus


Where: 170 km from Manila. With a JAC-Liner bus you can go directly to Boac via the port of Dalahican. Ticket price: 480 pesos (includes your place on the ferry).
A nice hotel with friendly staff in Boac is Tahanan sa Isok. Tel: 042/3321231 (Reserve bus/boat/hotel well in advance if you want to go there during Holy Week).

My rating: 10/10
A charming little island near Manila. People are very friendly and helpful. Nice beaches, old churches, caves and small islands to explore.
Moriones Festival during Holy Week is fun and unique!

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  • HNMorilloJr

    I’m proud to be a Marinduqueño.

  • http://jane Jane

    Hi Folks!…I’ve been away for 6 yrs already from my hometown Marinduque…Although, I’m in US, I’m very proud to be a Marinduquenos.I missed the days, celebrating the mahal araw in Marinduque. Hopefully, in 2 yrs time I could come and visit and share this 1 week celebration to my family who never had the chance to witness this “SENAKULO”..If ever that will happen, I’m pretty sure,I’ll be bringing with me my foreign friends and relatives…They will enjoy it absolutely!! congratulations sa lahat ng cast ng senakulo! I’m proud of you guys!

  • lily

    hello guys. i really wanna visit marinduque. may alam b pwede mag tour sa akin pag punta ko dun? thanks guys!

  • Jeff

    Sarap talaga sa marinduque. Matagal na ko hindi nakauwi dito almost 2 years na. Sarap ma meet yung old friends at syempre yung mga activity and places dito sa marinduque. After nitong holy week talagang parang relax na relax ako and ready na ulit akong bumalik sa work sa Manila. Thanks god talaga nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataon makauwi. About cara, hayaan na lang natin sya mga guys. anyway last year pa ung comment nya patawarin na lang natin sya. Baka nga nag visit na yun sa marinduque eh, this holy week. Guys malapit na raw mag bukas ang Elephant Island so big addition na naman ito sa marinduque. See you guys…

  • Mynard

    hi. i am the guy portraying Jesus Christ every holy week here in marinduque.. I am mynard peñafiel.. Sa ‘yo Cara, Sana pag-aralan mo muna ang mga sasabihin mo bago ka mag-post ng comment mo. Madaling sabihin ang mga salita, kahit sino ay maaring magwika ng ganyan, pero magpaka-tao ka sana. Magnilay-nilay ka sa sarili mo. Galangin sana natin ang kultura ng bawat isa.

  • lillady_06

    i came from marinduque, particularly from sta. cruz, so i really love this is a beautiful and peaceful place..we are known for our good companionship on our visitors..we really want our visitors t0 enjoy our place..even if someday i’m going to leave philippines, my heart would stay specially on marinduque..i would still return on my hometown!!i love it..!!

  • cholo

    Cara dear, your comment reeks of smelly ignorance. Could it be possible that your mind has been festering in red-neck culture? I pity youre kind of FLIPS (oh dear, what a term to call yourselves as this is what we call deranged people) who have no appreciation for the richness of Philippine culture..a culture richer and more interesting than the history of YOUR AMERICA, which , may i remind you is not your own :0 The marinduquenos would take one look at you and say, “ay ati!” hahahahaha

  • thea

    cara, you should visit the python cave in marinduque.
    pythons are waiting for sick flip like you

  • clariza

    cara, you are such a flip. and sick. how can you make a comment like that when you havent even seen it and obviously didnt understand what its all about. ?!#@. i bet you havent travelled, you are stucked with your nice secluded village in north america hence you have no respect for other people’s cultures and traditions. how pathetic!!!

  • catherine

    For the holy week, a friend and I will visit Marinduque and to hopefully finally watch the Moriones festival. I think it’s important that we keep our traditions alive. It’s sad to say that some Filipinos born abroad has very little knowledge or reverence for such traditions. Heck, they don’t even know that they ought to stand up for the “Lupang Hinirang” whenever and wherever it’s played. Congratulations also to the Marinduque Youth Volunteers Corps for promoting their province. We from Manila are eager to learn more about Marinduque. See you guys there!

  • ewolks

    tara na biyahe tayo sa Moriones Festival sa Marinduque

  • ewolks

    as a travel nurse, i recommend to my client to visit my hometown marinduque, this is a place where you can unwind and relax, so that nex day you wake up, you have gain strenght for day to come,

  • mark

    marinduque is one great destination! promise! it’s simple yet ecologically-diversified. it has nice beaches and promising mountains. it has beautiful falls and caves and most importantly… warm people.

  • ricky

    ariel, please check my posting…you are is not me.

  • aizza

    thanks for featuring Marinduque!!! This is my humble hometown. Ganda talaga dito, very hospitable ng mga tao!!!

  • ricky

    ariel, bro please reread my previous posting..di yata ako yun… peace!!!!

  • orly

    thanks for featuring Marinduque.I just wish this island should be known for more not only with festivals but with its people and the numbers of beautiful beaches and places..

    visit the ULONG BEACH
    …….AND….. MANY…… MANY….MORE

  • _tObatz_

    thanx for publishing my hometown’s moriones festival in this site…to all the adventurers out there…
    i encourage you to visit marinduque……

    tara na..punta n kayo dine ngani baya….

  • ariel

    To this sick RICKY who said he’s a Flip born in North America, yeah your right!!you are indeed a flip. You don’t get the whole picture do you? Because you have a brain size of a pea. Don’t you ever dare go to the Philippines especially Marinduque – once I saw you there I’m gonna have your ass kicked real hard you wont’ able to get up. You’re doomed!You mo#%#%$#%$ bu#%#%#5# ass%#%3535#%$#%$#%$!!!



  • hannah

    Ooh…Moriones must be very cool!
    Thanks for publishing a site like has been a great help to me…

  • melvin

    thanks to all for publishing this site but, hope that youll show the real morions which is “bulaklakan morion” coz my grandfather was one of the original person who started this in town of mogpog.

  • ricky

    culture and time is a part of life..sick people are those who have narrow minds and have no faith on what he can contribute for the goodness of the community…this culture is unique and i salute these people of marinduque for this contribution to mankind…i must visit the place before i die..

  • cara

    I am A Flip born in North America. I just want to say that this Moriones Festival is twisted and distorted. Who out of their right mind want’s to dress up like Jesus’ Murderer and then reinact what should be a Holy situation. Phillippines is too far from Jeruselem, no one there even wants to play the roll of the murderes of Jesus. This whole Moriones this is Sick!!!!

  • Ederic

    Thanks for featuring Marinduque and the Moriones Festival. I’m proud to be a Marinduqueño. :)