The cheapest tourist attraction in Davao…

No money to spend on food or an entrance ticket but in drastic need of entertainment? Don’t fret, all you have to do is take a jeep to Matina Hills then walk upwards till you see this place.


For Php 7.50 and a fifteen minute death march, you get to see a breathtaking view of the city.
shrine view.jpg
I would have pitched also that you could knock yourself out breathing in the fresh air, but fresh air is common already in Davao *snicker*

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  • kiki

    i’m so lucky i live near that place when i was a kid, my friends and i used to go there every morning during summer. i miss davao so much!

  • Jing

    i’m from davao and am glad to have read a review so accurate. kudos! i love this spot too and to be away from home for a year now is such a bummer. with traffic and the pollution, there’s definitely not a place like home!

  • I love the view too. 😉 Visitors should come by this place during the Holy Week to witness some works of miracle.