Tagaytay Picnic Grove

If you are looking for a getaway place that is not heavy on the pocket, try the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. The place is located just a few minutes away from the Tagaytay town proper and it is overlooking the Taal Volcano and the coastal towns of Batangas.

Entrance to the 13.5 hectare of rolling land area is 25 pesos per person. Inside the Picnic groove, there are a lot of cottages available for rent that costs from Php100 to Php250 depending on the size. Overnight accomodation in cottages ranges from Php 1,400 ($26). As an added attraction, the Tagaytay Picnic Grove Eco Trail which takes tourist to a more exciting view of the Taal Volcano, via a more rigid pathway , would surely challenge one’s stamina.

For more details and other attractions visit: http://www.philtourism.com/tpg_interest.html.

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  • irish

    magkano po yung entrance fee??may discount po ba kung 50 pax kami.?tnx po

  • irish

    at pwde poh makuha no. nyo ur else poh bigay q poh contac q paki contac nlng poh aq ask q poh kong magkano ang cottages 2 poh no q, 09391834509

  • irish

    hi poh pwde magtanong kong magkanu ang rent ng cottages nyo..

  • ismail

    gusto ko po pumunta jan pwde po ba makuha un number nio pra mkapg tnong…..at mkakuha ng more info….

  • densmark

    pwede bng maglu2 jan sa my picnic grove? at ska magkano ang mga cottages?may electricity dn ba sa mga cottages available? kc balak nmn jan na lng maglu2 sa picnic grove..thank u sa magre2ply..

  • Ludy

    ask lang po kung pwede pareserve ang cottage dyan sa loob?
    magkano po? gusto kasi namin dyan magspend ng xmas …maybe 3 days //

  • hermie

    i just want to inquire how much would be the budget for 30 persons overnight stay, riding in a cable car and everything would be included, mas makaka tipid ba kmi kung magluto, pls give me any suggestion asap. thank you

  • music team

    magkanu po ung room na pwede mag luto at sa mga 15 person na tao kanu po ung rent ng overnight, tnks.

  • Jane

    i want to know the entrance fees at Tagatay zoo and sonya’s Garden… thank you

  • desi

    plano nmng pumunta sa tagaytay picnic grove sa jan 1, hnd kya mraming fog nung tym na un?at ska pano ba pumunta jan qng galing kmi sa cainta rizal?

  • How much is the entrance fee? What is your contact number and the person to be contacted?

  • josalyn

    ask ko lang po how much is the accomodation sa picnic grove my mini pool po ba jan?and your contact number pls i try to contact your phone but not available is there any phone number?

  • Armin

    just want to inquire if there’s a room available but we will not stay overnight…we’ll going to stay for about 10 hours…tnx poh..

  • valteng

    Hi, do you rooms for overnight stay? txt me tnx.. pupunta kasi ako dyan… 09188040402

  • kester

    50 pesos na po ang ticket .

  • Jamie

    Kano po ba talaga entrance fee?
    Saka, what is the fastest way from imus cavite to there?

  • Archaile

    sa picnic grove po ba nandun na ung ZIPLINE at CABLE CAR ?

  • uly

    ask lnag sa picnic groove meron ba kayo rooms para sa over nyt…

  • Bukas ba yung picnic groove(including the zipline and cable car) ng Holy Thursday.

  • Vincent

    The entrance fee is 50 pesos. I myself was surprised because the last time that we have gone to picnic grove, the entrance fee was only 25 pesos.

    They do have a zipline and cabl car.
    Zipline ride cost 100 on one way and 200 round trip during regular days. For holidays and weekend, it was 200 and 300 pesos.

  • kala q ba 25 pesos lang ung entrance fee ?!

  • anong oras nagbubukas at panu pumunta pag tag las piñas ako.,

  • dominique yulo

    —ask ko lang po qng wat tym ang open ng picnic grove????tnx

  • travel

    100 entrance fee, nagbibiro b sila.
    Naku anong nangyayari sa tagaytay.
    Ang mahal mahal ha. Baguhin sana to.

  • Hey guys, was just wondering if there are actually any existing picnic spots in the Tagaytay Picnic Grove. Can anyone help?

  • jhenn

    50 pesos entrance fee.., last week lang aq ngpunta..,:)

  • varetz

    need info
    how much is the entrance fee now?
    is there a room for an overnight?
    where to call for a reservation?

  • jenny

    Hi, is it really 100 pesos is the entrance fee?
    really.. before its only 20 peson why became so expensive?
    Please advice how much. Thank you

  • nympha

    hello!,..,super saya d2,.,,.promis!,,.

  • Lexlie Olaguer

    hi me and my schoolmates were planning to have a trip in tagaytay picnic grove. can anyone tell me how much is the entrance fee and its exact address?

    [email protected]

  • Lexlie Olaguer

    hi me and my schoolmates were planning to have a trip in tagaytay picnic grove. can anyone tell me hoe much is the entrance fee and its exact address?

    [email protected]

  • desz

    what is the exact address of tagaytay picnic grove?

    from cubao how can i reach tagaytay picnic groove?

  • otsiravelemir

    The rate here is so under-rated. P100 na po ang entrance dito. Not to mention may bayad pa ang parking. Pati bata may bayad. What a shame sa local government ng Tagaytay. Biro mo, P100, wala ka naman mapapala. Mag-Star City ka na lang.

  • Great blog design. Nice job presenting the best this archipelago can offer. I’ll check out ur site often.

  • dave deriada

    please send me picnic groove tel number. i’m from cebu and planned to visit on april 25 with the family. i need to make reservations for overnight stay. need to directly talked to authorize agent/office for inquiries. ASAP

    [email protected]

  • shin

    gwabe sya din khit nwalan kmi ng digicam….lmig pa….

  • Jas

    Can anybody send me the exact address of this picnic grove in Tagaytay

  • You’re right. Tagaytay Picnic Grove is good. The Eco-trail is one of the best in that place. we have once go there and have our leadership training. Its Really nice.

  • glimpse

    ask ko lng my room b sa picnic grove

  • Hi!

    @ Ashly as far as I know, Picnic grove is open all days!
    @ Faye where are u from cavite?

    As a food service provider in Tagaytay, we can say that this place had many attractions including Picnic Grove.


    You can visit our Tagaytay Caterer if you want more informations

  • ashly

    bukas ba picnic grove ng monday to sunday all day? makano
    entrance pag sunday each?

  • Faye

    I miss This Place even though i live in Cavite.. We have no time to go there.. Did the facilities improved? Do they have now cottages where you can sleep or rest?

  • weeeh!!!…4 me baguio s still d best…tagaytay s not so exciting…wejeje!

  • honey

    Yes! TAGAYTAY is the best Place today for homes!

    We are selling promo lots! new subdivision lots in tagaytay 100sqm for only P10,000!

    Yes Grab your own lot now! well give you free trip to the site! just near rotonda

    contact us, Tagaytay D heights, [email protected]

  • mira

    we really like to go to ur place, can i have your exact address? tnx.

  • elsa

    very nice spot…. i reqalyy like all the view there…. after my wedding ill visit there to celebrate my wedding….

  • mona

    can anyone help me get the number of picnic groove reservations?

  • kaka fieldtrip lng namin dyan nung sept 24 2007 kya lng d ko nalibit lahat ng lugar eh kc namili ako ng gamit pasulubong heheh hahah ^~^

    //_[^] \m/ RoK ON!

  • Aleth

    Paano papunta sa Highland from Picnic grove? help…thanks

  • ianne

    any idea ifthey are open during mondays and holidays?

  • ianne

    any idea if the picnic grove is ope during mondays? what time do they open the park?

  • oh yeah!…ang sayah po tlaga d2 yeah!!! woohoo! heehee… ganda tlgah s picnic GROOVE! it’s a perfect place 2 relax … gandah as in super! believe me or else… heehee =) beautiful view of taal volcano pa ah! and mlamig super nkkarelax! hayzz! =)

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  • what is the exact address of tagaytay picnic grove?

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  • this has been really helpful. pupunta kasi ako dun mamaya eh. salamat ha 🙂

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