Philippine Eagle Center of Davao

The Philippine Eagle Center is the place where the Philippines National Bird is bred in captivity in order to increase their numbers. It is also one of the more popular destinations in Davao. It is located at the Davao City Water District’s (DCWD) Watershed Park in Malagos.
Philippine Eagle Center

From Davao you can reach the place by travelling southwards on the road to Digos and General Santos. Take a right to Calinan once you reach the Ulas-Calinan junction. After about a 20 minute drive, make a left heading towards Malagos and then you will find the Center on the right side of the road. All in all it is about a 40 minute drive. Along the way you’ll see the Philippine Science Highschool of Davao as well as the Malagos Garden Resort (which I will post on some other time :D).

Once you reach the DCWD watershed, you will have to pay a small fee (not more than Php 10.00), then an entrance fee for the center itself(Php 50.00 adult/Php30 child)
Aside from the premier attraction, which is the 32 Philippine Eagles, there are also other species of birds and animals indigenous to the Philippines (assorted hawks & falcons, monkeys, crocodiles, deer and wild boar to name a few) found at the site.
At the entrance of the center we chanced upon a young boy with a baby boa constrictor. My friends were able to have their picture taken with it and they donated some small cash for having the chance to drape a live snake around their shoulders. He said that he could go and get the mother if we liked, but we decided to opt out on that one *snicker*
A tip for would be travellers: if you have binoculars or a telephoto lens… Bring It!… the cages of the Eagles are located very far from the trail. I am assuming so that this is not to disturb them.


And at the souvenir stands at the entrance to the park, the going price of a t-shirt is a hundred bucks, so if they charge higher, haggle!


For Php 100,000.00/year you can adopt a Philippine Eagle in captivity. On a special place in the park you can see plaques of appreciation for the companies and person’s who’ve sponsored an eagle.


Further information on the Philippine Eagle Center can be found here.

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  • nice place kaau ang Philippine Eagle Center of Davao, I been there last dec..cool!