Picking Strawberries in Baguio

My last trip to Baguio was in August of 2005 but I must have made the most out of our week-end visit there than any place else. It was the middle of the rainy season so half the time, we were forced to stay indoors.

Strawberry fields in Baguio

Most of my friends tell me that one of the must-visit places we should check out is the strawberry fields as farmers would allow us to pick the strawberry ourselves. So, even if the strawberry plantation was a good 45 minute taxi ride (and I have to shell out Php200 per hour to the taxi driver), we head off to see the place for ourselves.

Straberry fields

Unfortunately, there was nothing to pick — maybe because they all had to harvest early to avoid the fruits being damaged by the continuous rain. Not sure really so we had to contend with ones already in their baskets.

Baguio Strawberries

Must really be a bad month for starwberries as the ones we got were not really that good and weren’t cheap at all (I think it was Php 280/kilo). I don’t eat strawberries though.

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  • Haven Trespuer

    My friends and I are planning to visit Baguio this coming May, can u give me some ideas where we will have cheap accommodations and tour package…thanks.. im hoping for ur response…

  • aya

    hmmm.. im from baguio and only got to pick strawberries when i was in my mid-20s.but i enjoyed it,but expect the per kilo price to be more expensive.let’s say they sell it in the market for 120 pesos a kilo,they’ll charge you 240pesos a kilo in strawberry farm.why? simply because tendency is some of the fruit will be ruined due to “amateurs” picking (strawberries are delicate fruits) and you get to EAT some while you pick!i think when i picked strawberries I ate about 1 1/2kilos and took home less than a kilo of LARGE, PLUMP, SWEET strawberries!

  • william

    im planning to go to baguio this december before christmas together w/ my family to unwind, can u give me some ideas where we will have accomodations and tour package in baguio.
    thanks.. im hoping for ur response…

  • randomkid

    we’re going to baguio to spend the holy week this year, and i’m really excited! I can’t wait to go there as I’m a really big fan of strawberries! 😀

    and milet, the banana cake sounds yummy! I’ll try to check that out 🙂 thanks!

  • milet

    Hi, Abe.

    I believe the peak season for strawberries in Baguio is the month of December. I remember buying a kilo for as low as P50. If you go to the La Trinidad strawberry fields again, you can buy the “not so perfect ones” for as low as P35/kg.

    You may also want to visit the Benguet State University bakery which is just across the road. They have delicious banana cake at P80 and some other goodies made by their own staff and students (peanut butter, honey, candies, and other baked goods).


  • I would just like to add that the strawberry plantations are located in La Trinidad, Benguet which is around 30 mins away from Baguio City. 🙂

  • markteng

    sir Abe,
    i have an offer for you, maybe you could consider this..

    bagiuo accomodation rates:

    1 to 5 person – 300 per head (for 24 hrs)
    6 and up – 250 per head (for 24 hrs)

    package includes 2 bedrooms and 2 comfortroom..
    with television cable ready and sala set..
    like living in your own home..
    you can use the kitchen for cooking purposes..
    just add 150 for gasul for 3days..

    available dates are from dec. 1 to 19 and whole month of january are still available..

    promise to snd the pictures before november 11.. sorry for the delay..

    i also accept car rental..
    6500 for 3days..
    with driver..
    without gas and tollgate..

    toyota revo vx200..
    picture are available on request

  • abe,

    i also had the chance to pick fresh strawberries. pero tagal na yun! we were housed at the Dept of Agriculture Guesthouse. syempre may sarili silang taniman. ang saya ng feeling. and i want to experience it again. just dunno kung ano ang peak season for strawberries.

    my baguio plans are always sidetrakced due to work and other more-relevant trips. sana before year end maka balik ako

    1998 pa last kong baguio.. 🙁

  • im from baguio and i can only say nothing compares to its beauty amidst pine trees which unfortunately is now replaced by concrete and GIs…

    i’ve been to several remote areas of the cordilleras and may i suggest you guys also go there and immerse yourself for a month or so? the good thing is, it is not the tourist spots such as sagada caves and ifugao rice terraces that are beautiful… but the untouched rural barangays, the community and its members and their lifestyle or say culture – that is what makes cordillera special. 🙂 sama na rin ako ha? 🙂