Golden Mosque, Globo de Oro str., Quiapo, Manila.

The Golden Mosque, so-called because its dome is supposed to be in shining gold, was built in 1976 under the supervision of then First Lady Imelda Marcos for the visit of Libya’s president Muammar Khadafy. His visit was cancelled but the Mosque has become the biggest Mosque in Metro Manila.


The Golden Mosque is situated in the heart of the Muslim district. Here you can find hundreds of shops and stalls selling pirated DVDs, VCDs and music CDs for as low as 30 pesos. It is a huge business and the counterfeit items are openly sold. It is obvious that this illegal trade is tolerated by the police and the authorities.

The last time I visited the Golden Mosque some (needed !) renovations were under way. The tall minaret is completely rusted and the general impression is one of neglect (probably due to lack of funds). As of late it looked more like a Rusted Mosque than a Golden Mosque. Hopefully this huge Mosque will regain some of its past splendor. The inside of the Mosque is huge and beautiful.

You are free to roam around the Golden Mosque complex. People will automatically join you and act as your guides. A donation will be asked when you leave the Mosque.

You are free to take all the pictures you want.


Where: Globo de Oro Street in Quiapo

My rating: 7/10
The Golden Mosque is not particularly beautiful but well worth a visit. Don’t forget to roam around the side streets of this predominantly Muslim district. Filipinos will warn you that this is a very dangerous neighbourhood but the people I encountered were all very friendly and hospitable. I only got into trouble once when I took pictures of the illegal trade of pirated DVDs.

Nearby: Quiapo Church; Ilalim Tulay Market; Hidalgo Street Photo Shops.

Info from: http://my_sarisari_store.typepad.com/

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  • inggih p. sapakkat

    GM is not only for the worship of Muslims here, It’s also for both local and foreign visitors who would like to see its defamed beauty.

  • abu zeeyad

    i plan to visit the Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Manila in Dicember 2012. Pls advice me the 3 stars nearbay hotels

  • abu zeeyad

    i plan to visit the Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Manila in Dicember 2012. Pls advice me the 3 stars nearbay hotels

  • Eman

    .. I’m a converted muslim recently hir in saudi, and sudden got saudian fiancee, we’re planning to get married dis coming month, i would like to ask what are those especial documents to be needed or where we are going to inquire for the processing of marriege.. Thanks!

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  • I am Filipina Nurse working here in saudi Arabia and my fiancee is Egyptian physician,I want to inquire if what are the necessary documents to prepare muslim wedding ceremony in Golden Mosque?
    Please send me some information about this matter.

  • hayam


    Assalamu Alaykum

    You can leave your email address here so I can contact you. We can discuss the basics of Islam if you like. I’d be more than happy to share with you, inshaAllah 🙂

  • janine

    do we need to wear scarf when i will visit the mosque? but im not a muslime yet… i want to learn..

  • melanie pamintuan

    hi..i want to learnd about islam can u help me how or wer i go to study her im a pilipina woman getting married to muslim thats why i want to learnd the islam..thankyou so much

  • Maxmmed 2500 klm

  • Zahid Muneer

    My sons are going to cebu for education.
    Please inform is thier is any halal food resturant. or pakistani resturant.

    they will study in southwestren university CEBU.

  • Edrei

    Hi!! Peace be upon You!! I am a muslim from S’pore. Will be going to Philippines, Subic Bay and also Mangaldan, Pangsinan to visit my wife’s family there in October. I would to know the mosques around the area, particularly for friday prayers. Could anyone help me on this matter? Thanks in advance. Peace be upon You!

  • James

    Dang, that guy that posted before needs to get that stick out his rear. The writer is writing about his experience in an urban environment. If he wrote about the illegal crap that goes on outside the Quiapo church, i wouldnt be mad, its just the way the setting is in the city. The fact is that he takes the misguided advice he got from people and proves it wrong by saying the neighboorhood is actually a very nice place to visit. I didnt see a bias at all.

  • rolly

    The personal experience of the student-writer about the Manila Golden Mosque and Cutural Center (MGMCC) is more subjective rather that objective. The writer should have emphasized the noble purpose and lofty benefits that the said Center has catered and continue to provide in the promotion of national unity,development and peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians specially in the Metropolis.

    Therefore,in the interest of goodwill and better understanding,we earnestly request that the writer remove from his description of the Golden Mosque or Center the alleged piracy outside the Center and the attitude of the Muslim he encountered, who may not be necessarily a practicing and faithful one of the religion of true peace and universal brotherhood-Islam.

    Thank you.

  • Very nice photo! I find it hard to believe it can be so very dangerous in a Muslim neighborhood, to be honest, but yea, kudos to you for going there anyways. =D Also, lol @ the illegal stuff. =P

  • Would you believe I haven’t been to this place, yet?