Cebu Pacific 1 Peso Fare Promo

Piso lang!

After the success of Cebu Pacific’s Php10 fare, an even cheaper/lower fare of Php1.00 is up!

About 50,000 seats will be made available for Php1 only for all domestic destination. Selling period is from March 29 to April 2, 2006 only, for travels scheduled from June 20 to October 18, 2006.

cebu pacific promo fare

Just book and print your e-ticket from

Remember though that your total fare will still include surcharges, taxes, airport fees and the lot. Still, you can save up to Php1,400 on a single flight.

For more inquiries, you may also call (02) 70-20-888 or the nearest travel agent.

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  • ado aguila

    I have availed your P99 promo last Feb. 24- 26, 2007, Although there have been delayed in flights but I really enjoyed your services. I’d like to avail the P1 promo going to Singapore.

    Keep up the good services.

    Thank you

  • Leo Dacudao

    i have availed of your 99 pesos promo. i’m planning another trip to avail your 1 peso promo. good strategy. keep strong… fly high and mighty.

  • http://yahoo trixie eloja

    when are you going to offer the P10.00 promo?

  • http://yahoo trixie eloja

    would like to know if the P10.00 promo of cebu pacific is still available up to this time. we are planning to have a family trip to manila-davao this coming march 31, 2007. please reply. thanks.

  • fe soriano

    what will be the total fare for Hongkong to include taxes and other charges?

  • http://yahoo marilou of QC

    yeah, just like delia, would also like to know if the 1peso trip for HK is still time is june 8-11, 2007.

  • delia of cavite

    I would like to know the 1 peso fare for hong kong if it is still available. thanks we’re travelling on June 9-12, 2007.

  • Joyce de Guzman

    Same as others I wish to know if you have Promo this year?
    Heard from a friend that you have promo, but can’t find in the web? We’re planning to go on trip to Cebu, how much will a round trip cost for 2 adults and a 4 yr old child?

    Feedback please. Many Thanks

  • Nylma

    I want to know about the 1 peso promo. We are planning a family trip Manila – Bacolod this April 4, 2007 3 adults and 1 child.

  • ime

    I want to know about the 1 Peso promo of cebu pacific, we are planning a family trip Manila-Tagbilaran on April 14, 2007 (6 adults and 5 children).thank you very much

  • ime

    is this 1 peso promo of cebu pacific is still available up to this time april 14, 2007? how much the total fare for the family trip Manila-Tagbilaran (6 adults 5 children)
    Can i avail the promo? Thank you.

  • LV


  • elaine rosca

    do you still have promo available on march 27, 2007 manila-bohol then bohol-manila march 30, 2007? this is for 3 adults and 2 children. thank you very much

  • LV

    is this 1peso promo of cebupacific is still available up to this time? how much the total fare for the family trip.Manila-roxas (5 adult 1 children ) this will be on March 30,2007.Then Roxas-manila 12 0f April 2007.
    Can i avail the Promo? Thank you very much…

  • sigrid t. ferrer

    is this one peso promo of cebupacific is still available up to this time feb 4, 2007 ? pls reply because i am a frequent flyer from kalibo, aklan and iloilo city to MANILA

    thank you very much….i hope i could avail it regularly

  • gretchen dacillo

    i would like to asked the total fare for a family trip in this i peso fare promo. davao-manila then manila-davao. we are 3 in the family {1 adult 2 children}this will be on march

  • concepcion agan

    i would like to asked the total fare for a family trip in this i peso fare promo. davao-manila then manila-davao. we are 6 members in the family (3 adults and 3 youth). this will be on april.

  • jojo

    the management of cebu pacific air,
    i hope hav a fligth in iloilo / cagayan soon
    or cagayan /iloilo onces a week …..

    respecfully yous

  • cram cabilino

    how much does it cost to travel from Manila to Caticlan on December 27 and we will be back on Dec. 29, 2006.I’ll get the ticket by next week and that is good for two (2)person. Can i avail the promo?Airfare how much?

  • allan abisamis

    How much will it cost to travel 2 way to Davao and VV including all the charges. What are the requirements needed for mw to avail of that promo.


  • ericd001

    juvy the promo’s ended already.. selling date was march 30-april 2 only travel date between jun 30-october 18

  • juvy

    How can i avail of this promo?Do i need to booking first before i can get my ticket?

  • juvy

    How come its so cheap?Till when is this promo end?How about the fare from MANILA to BUTUAN?

  • ericd001

    yeah!! i didt get my manila-bacolod ticket for only 808pesos, taxes included. that’s more than 1000 pesos off the regular fare.